Thursday, September 24, 2009

You are the only flower of meditation in the wilderness, okie dokes?

Rory says Okie Dokes all the time .. the rest is what her fortune cookie told her.

10 days...10 days ago I left you whining about my neverending flu bug.
Nope. I did not die of the swineflu
Though, the laptop might of...
well, in the sense that the panic over swine flu is equivalent to the panic over Y2k ,
and I can blame any unfortunate occurrence on it, can't I??I can right?

Basically.Ri came home, I handed him the laptop and the thing went ~poof~ blackscreen. Some goggling on dinoputer showed us how to get the lights on it to show us an error code-which revealed fried videocard, and being a beautiful dell that she was had an integrated the motherboard also pretty much went ~poof~
On the bright side that means we may still have a harddrive from the old beast, assuming we can find away to get into it. .. So . Ri dusted off the dell card, that we had JUST paid off mind you, and went back to the refurbished list to find us a nice little laptop,even better than the last one- for fairly cheap(though more money that I wish to not have to spend ,when we just said things about belt tightening grr grr grr)

Soo- three days shipping time was set,we have the mute dinoputer... but its best for checking email, a forum or blog if you are lucky- slow and glitchy for that even
, so no tv , no youtube no games and no fun no fun. Me still feeling crappy. Coughing soo bad I needing meds to sleep.. I hate taking crap.
Rory continued her streak of being an awesome (yet nocturnal)kidlet, so we played outside, and took pics instead of internet games)
PLus the autumny evening weather is nice(still 90s in the afternoons tho )

We played with Noobs, and with chalk
-Rory is such an art junkie lately she spend the day drawing pictures and letters or hiding in her clubhouse/bed with littlepets or baby dolls.
The season mural was Rory's idea. She says her favorite season is summer, because she loves swimming...
.so she needed to go swimming..
I could fix the colors in these pics and make them soo awesome-but I don't have photoshop on here yet :( -- just when I am up early and could really have fun making pics for my other blog)

I was trying to clean her pool and let her swim.. she thought it was the coolest thing ever

In other news... Ri's mom finally decided to move to the apts she has been considering for years.She says she is just DONE with having a yard and all that maintenance, plus the big place is pretty much unnecessary for her with all her kids grown up and moved out..
I think Sari is going to move into her place though, so even cooler all around.
Lissy and Bo are having friends move in with them.
Ri started his short vacation.. woot !!
He mostly just hung around the house.. worked more on taking the fence down. Woke up before me every morning unable to get out of the habit.

Somehow the laptop made it here on FRIDAY- I was really thinking it wouldn't make it here before the weekend turning our five business days into more

old and new.. its so much smaller it is weird to get used to -but the screen is better so tv surfing hooray!And Wooo hoo a fully functioning keyboard I have a working letter K!!

Saturday I woke up from a stupor of crap I took to stop coughing long enough to fall asleep- to see a clean kitchen, a big bucket of soda and a clean dog. Ri had woke up, washed the dog, cleaned the kitchen, taken Rory on a bike ride and to the store while I napped. awwww!
I have been soo sore from coughing in my sleep and coughing all day long.. it is terrible.

Terah invited us over to let the kids play and do art projects ...Well, someone has gotta do craps* with Rory, I've never been a huge fan of craft projects, art yeah- projecdts, not so much.

*I miss when Rory used to call crafts

I didn't really want to go see the kids coughing up a contagious storm, on only a few medicated hours sleep .
I asked instead to drink a bit more nyquil and stay home while hubby took Rory... it was hard. I did sort of want to go. I packed a bag of art stuff and a drink for Rory, I even gave her the cam.. seeing the pics the kids took was totally worth the finger prints on the lens

She had an awesome time and colored and played.
Unfortunately, I was woken up by Rory running in the door crying hystericallly for me...
she was a bit traumatized seeing Terah go to swat at what she thought a fly, but was actually a wasp, and it stung her.Rory has been a bit extra bug phobic lately, and that thought- bugs biting someone back, was too much for her without me.

Ri had to work a little on Sunday.. and called and left some odd message about going to TN during this four day vacation..what??? the man who earlier in the week said we couldn't afford a zoo trip?
at the same time Lissy left a message telling me she was on her way to spring, did I want to come, AND did I have any advice about good springs to go to- call her- she said from an unlisted cell number....

I swear I woke up from odd nyquil oversleep cough dreams to think that the virgos in my life had lost their sanity..or were trying to make me lose mine.
I was half waiting for mother in law , and tata to call with cryptic messages too.

I zombied around the house finally catching up chores and tv... man, its nice to move the laptop to the kitchen - stream hulu and do dishes.

Midnight the kid tells me her tummy hurts, and her head hurts. I try feeding her- and take her temp(nothing) ..I give her tylonal just in case the bug is trying to get to her.. sure enough she soon runs a fever..

she was up and down all night after that,as soon as the tylonal wore off she would wake up and run another fever. One was complete with the fever nightmare...
--Did you know if you tell someone a nightmare it can't come true?? Well, thats what Rory says.. therefore, I don't hear about her dreams ,
but I do hear about nightmares-ones where glowing rainbow cats that drive big gray boats and kidnap little girls ..fever nightmares always seem sillier than scary once you say them outloud.
she woke up extra early in the morning suddenly hyper.We made muffins

She seemed to feel a bit better and was happy playing all day after that.
Ri had to run to Radioshack in search of a part for the hard drive...they didn't have it..
we walked around a bit

Rory was being extra good holding her skirt like a princess..
We stopped in wally world to get the LPS journal she wanted.. though there was a battle because she wanted the peacock toy and they didn't have it.
Ran into my cousins- Missy and Mandy.. who said they have also been sick, I swear everyone has.

Ri treated hungry Rory with krytal chiks on the ride home.. he got me a bk veg.

Rory fell asleep early..which excited us, since we were going to go to Ri's boss/friend staycation rental the next day and she was seeming healthy enough to give it a go...
but I was nervous to meet his coworkers ,boss,friends and all..she soon woke up realizing we were still up.. and then it was a struggle to get us all to bed...
a bigger struggle to wake up
I think I was asleep most the way to st.auggy.

We feared bad weather driving through a little storm but it was clear and perfect when we got there.

It was super cool to meet and spend time with everyone finally.
Everyone was funny and nice as expected :) (expecting such doesn't mean I was less nervous tho)
Food was awesome- veggie kabobs , sweet potatoes , fruit, salad , artichokes- I was stuffed. Rory ate as fast as she could to jump in the pool with their little boy..
OMG! he is like boy Rory. Some of the words/phrases they use are even similar, they both seemed so big talking and walking through the house like adults.. omigosh,my baby she is soo big~sniffle~
She was soo big in the pool with him ,too. He has just
learned to cannon ball and belly flop into the pool. He was trying to teach her, she wasn't interested, but she was far less afraid to swim into the deep end once he was there.

It wasn't long before everyone was jumping off of the porch deck into the pool
...everyone except me and the kids, tho Asher did really want to try.
I got great vid of that but a last I can't get vids up today , another day another post.
Hilarious great fun,food and convo.

Rory and Asher spent a long time in the room watching tv and playing with matchbox cars- they are apparently his equivalent of Littlest Pets and he told Rory about every one.They also played hide and go seek AND tag. soo cute.
She said she loved it.

The guys decided to go out on the paddle board and kayak ..

Ri had even tried the paddle board a bit earlier, he did better than expected, he fell trying to do a quick turn.. but he said it was easier than he thought to jump up on it.

... they said they freaked some guy out coming back into the canal. He had seen their heads through the bushes and thought it was three guys in a canoe- and that one -jerry- was standing up fishing..He couldn't see the board and thought Jerry was Jesus walking on water.
We joked about how it wasn't a vacation it was a bonding seminar , a team meeting, a food tasting- and so on. It is defiantly the best place Ri has ever worked , and seemingly the best group he has ever worked with/for. - I didn't know until the next day but the even gave them bonus and sweet thank you cards

While they were gone I chatted with Bobbi and Rory swam with Asher more..

He taught her the "inchworm" going around the pool holding the side inching a long..
the WHOLE pool.

I took a vid too, the way he said inch-worm with each hand was soo cute.
The kids ate some more and watched tv. Then decided it was time for dessert as we were leaving. LOL. the D word was spoken. ..and Rory declared she wanted oreos,actually she wants Ri to deep fry an oreo for her,like we saw on conan the other night- we said maybe another day. We did stop by the store and pick up junk food including oreos for the ride home.

I was soo tired. Rory slept a little on the ride home. And said she was tired, you could SEE she was in her eyes. We layed her in bed with a movie on, but she fought sleep.. in fact she fell asleep for a second, then woke up and cried and tantrummed for HOURS over everything from the air vent, to the blanket ,to her eyelashes - and then to me not loving her when she screamed, all because she was so so overtired. WTH- just go to sleep! I ended up convincing her that the only reason she was soo upset was because her body was tired and nothing will be right until she gets some REST at least rests.She eventually fell asleep while resting in her bed.. thank god.

Today, we had dentist appointments.Ri and I both at the same time. We had asked Lissy to watch Rory for that hour or so, but there was a lot house fixing stuff going on there .. so we asked Ri's mom sort of last minute. Luckily she was MORE than thrilled.Rory was just as excited to go to Grammy's as Nicco's tho she did make a point to mention that it has been to long since MY mom has babysat time I guess.

We woke up later than planned and ended up dropping Rory off and racing to the dentist.Still ended up spending a long time in the waiting room.. but hey! it was on headline news instead of foxnews.-which is something, they even talked about the on going local news case drama.

Filling sucked - and it was cold, and I forgot to bring a jacket- Ri got numb and grumpy. Now,He needs all of his wisdom tooth taken out and has an appointment for an oral surgeon which he is pretty stressed about . :(
Rory had an awesome awesome time at her Grammy's.Swimming, snacking ,playing- It was hard to get her to leave.
Came home zombied out. I clewaned the kitchen and Ri made lunch.
Rory threw another oversleepy tantrum,ate and felt a little better. Terah stopped in a little while to chat while she was nearby and her mom had the kids.
Lissy came over after she left. We played with chunky Nico
He was like" Oooo puppet show"
"this is awesome"
..then he wondered about the box

He also tried to eat Rory's hair and slobber on her toys.
He is getting sooo big!!!
Rory says she even heard him say Rory ..and he might have Lissy says he has been saying little words. Like "Ho-ho" for Rosco their dog.
Rory also stole the camera and took loads of pictures, while me and Libby chatted

I look terrible but I am posting it anyway

Rory decided she had to put him in a box before he went home to bed

So they were on a train.. he thought it was hilarious! I love his excitement soo cute

Aww sooo cute!!

Ri ordered chinese for dinner and took Rory out to get it.LOVE chinese food- we ate soo good.
I am soo tired.ugh.The house is a WRECK
I have no idea how Rory has enough energy to be awake now.
Well. I'm out of here before I pass out on the keyboard.
HOPEFULLY I will have photoshop and all my lovely hardrive stuff on this laptop soon- please please please be intact.
Sorry this is soooo long.


sandra said...

Man i wish i could write like you can... Your post are always so damn interesting. Rory sounds so much like Andrew. He is nocturnal too, but it works great for us since all 3 of us are like that. Thanks god we are homeschooling him, there is know way in hell he would ever make it to school in the AM part of the day. Andrew also get a crappy on us when he's tired, well, i do too when i'm tired. There are times when were too tired to stay up any longer and tell him that were going to bed now but make sure he turns out all the lights before heading of to bed. It always works, he comes runny to bed with us. I also wish i could be more open on Andrew's blog but Don's mom is very religeous and prim and proper, she would loose it if i dared wrote everything that goes on. Perhaps it's time i start my own blog without her knowing about it. For instance, we just adopted a 1.5 yr old cat this month, long haired black cat, Isis, she's beautiful, but if i were to tell her about it right now she would loose it on us. Oh my i'm just rambling now. Anyhoo, i am glad you are both feeling better. Still no dreads here. Ok i will shut up now.

babyhellfire said...

Omg sandra- we are soo parallel its eerie - we just got a cat too!!- You may have to start a private blog just for me to read lol

sandra said...

haha, except you have beautiful youth upon you... (not that i'm complaining ;) )

Ya, i should get one going... Just too lazy. But i will e vent u ally.

How is Rory with the new cat? Andrew won't leave our poor little girl alone...