Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh dear... the bed has spread, the pillow has slipped, and the pigs have flu.

Hi there - Sorry to have not updated you sooner..

I WAS feeling better though. I thought I was over the cold.

Wednesday was a nice day and though my head still throbbed of sinus pressure, Rory wanted to go on a bike ride ,and I decided we should.
I am glad I listened to her, Autumn feels HERE and the its just cool and comfy out, the air even smells a little different.. if you can make it inside before the GIANT mosquitoes the weather has been amazing..
Rory was the cutest thing ever at the park. She was being an investigator, matching leaves to trees.. and following "clues"

The we saw a huge bald patch in the grass- and decided it was a giants footprint. It was fun, and I got awesomely cool video BUT the computer won't let me upload it. GD I have been fighting with it all day. grr. grr.
We did leave the park a little earlier than I planned though. There were a bunch of random people walking around our neighborhood(understandable in the nice weather) but then some went down our dead end road..
One guy really bugged me- standing in front of my house on his cell phone..even after we went home. I locked the doors...
I'm so paranoid. Pretty sure it was just the neighbor who lives on the otherside of the substation building looking for cellsignal or something.

Thursday, Ri called his buddy over to help him kick down the rest of the old fence. Bye bye old fence!
Terah stopped over for a little while with Lynixx and Lyric.

they had soo much fun.

Though Rory did get into a bit of drama not sharing with rambunctious Lyric.. "NO pushing, Rory!"
Rory HAD to have them watch monsters V Aliens..when she saw and advert for it on the junkfood treats Terah had brought over for them to share.
It was hard to pry them apart.

Despite the fact we really need to go shopping Ri order pizza. We hung with Tristan and gorged on pizza.

Friday was a super dull day. Rory played outside a little while -

before deciding it was too cold for sprinklers

It rained after that.
GAH- the ants have been horrible! We have sprayed and got rid of most ever other sort of critter(thank goodness)- and we have managed to keep the bastards out of the house..but you can barely walk into the yard without getting bit. I was glad Rory didn't stay out long with the vicious little monsters.She managed to not get bit.

We spent most of the day cleaning.. and yet I swear the house was a mess by the end of the night.. the more neatly I put up her toys the more she NEEDS to play with.It seems so counterproductive.

Saturday , Ri was off - and mom had planned to come over. I needed to give Amy a bunch of baby stuff, including Rory's crib/toddler bed
She had something huge for Rory....

Wooohoo bunk bed.
It is ooold. and crickety. Ri and I put it together.. then added loads of ducttape to the bottom.LOL .. also, aren't we missing the top rail? -It is probably better though.. Rory gets down by sliding slowly to the bottom bunk and she couldn't as easy with the rail. We only use the top for toy storage- she isn't to play up there, and she sleeps on the bottom. She LOVES it. But considers it a club house to play in..and is a little nervous to actually sleep on it.
I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up her room....again.I had to rearrange everything for the bed.
Ri and I made veggieloaf dinner.

... and then the cough that I thought was just an allergy slight cough proved itself to be more of that terrible sinus rotting bug.WHY?! I thought it was gone!I thought I was better!For days.
and now COUGHING ! not able to sleep AGAIN. Sore throat.again. Sinus headache .again.. still with the funk.. and now new weird chunks of stuff coming up. It's not effing swineflu..
alright, so maybe it is.suck.
Dad called today, heard how sick I am -and told Lissy she NEEDED to take me to a dr.
Maybe if I don't get better- or if I get dehydrated, but probably not I doubt they could do anything right now.I am probably pretty much over it, right?RIGHT?!

I try to comfort myself with the reminder that I am just coughing up the yuck, which means it is almost gone, and I am almost better..
Unfortunately, that comes with a terrible guilt. I thought I was better. Instead I was probably pretty damn contagious. I saw kids and relatives, and preggy sis. :o !!!

Fortunately, this bug seems to have been making the rounds and I may actually be the last one who has it.
SisInLaw Sari even took poor baby Lily to the ER (she SHOULD have taken her to a PED..but Never mind).... Worried she has swine flu.She has some virus, fevers and such as well.
That made me feel bad- like what if I gave it to her?!
.. but I haven't seen Lily for awhile, and both of us were healthy so I don't see how it could have came from me.

Out of everyone sick/just over being sick
... Ri and Rory aren't among them. I feel like a dangerous weapon in my own home.. and every noise Rory makes has me rushing to check her temperature.

Sunday and Monday not much happened at all I did laundry-
and cleaned a bit in between being a zombie and choking up pieces of internal organs..
my room -storage for all things of everywhere.. looks almost decent

Ri messed up his back at work somehow , pinched nerve or something and came home SORE.

That's really it.. if there is more I am to tired or sick to remember.

I think Thursday I will drink a bottle of nyquil , lay in my bed and hand Rory off to Ri. ..sorry Ri.
At least he has most of next week off work- (his taco stand boss is taking a vacation, and Cowboys cut his hours to almost none)... hopefully he won't spend that week getting my sick.

Fingers crossed I last through tomorrow without collapsing
I am going to go toss some random things in the crockpot and hope it comes out edible.

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✩Molly✩ said...

Yeah, it is such a hard transition from baby bed to big girl bed..... *sighs* i dont think my daughter ever sleeps. Hope you feel better. we are battling a cold with the Scooby right now.