Friday, November 27, 2009

Let us rise up and be thankful

"Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful." -Buddha
You know that tradition where you list off the things you are thankful for?
What? You expect such posts BEFORE the holiday,psh!
What do you take me for?
You must be new here.
Besides,it's much easier to think about the things you are thankful for on a belly full of carbs, a few hours of sleep and with photographic help.

I am thankful for friends who stop by in the small window of time we have before fam holiday chaos- to wish us happy thanksgiving-
and bring their daughter, to help me wake up mine.

I am thankful Rory has so many friends, so many kids this year who have played with her and
who she played so well with (90percent of the time?'s a holiday thing let's be giving)
I am thankful for their parents who have been friends, or became friends- for playdates and crafts, and helping our kids have that friendship

I am thankful for my camera..even when it takes stupid pictures.
When Malik looked soo cute in Gramma Grapes arms

I am thankful for photoshop..
for brightening up this picture of Rory showing off her hair thing- just enough for me to see Jay in the background ,and laugh hysterically.

I am really thankful to have both my Grandparents this year.More than I can say.
I am not so thankful that I didn't get enough pics of them.grr.

I am thankful for my siblings.
My brother's humor.
baby sister's wit
and Lissy's support.
all three are good for all three.If we could all tone down the sarcasm we would probably get along better,
but that wouldn't be near as fun.

I am also thankful for chunky baby thighs.
Lissy's arms are probably not so thankful..

I am thankful these two guys were able to come this year,
Missy's hubby and Mandy's baby D...
I am also thankful I wasn't the one getting the stink eye from him. for once.
Lil D marching his dad around the room like a body guard was about the cutest thing ever.

I am thankful for my clone of a daughter..
not so thankful she took up my eating habits on Thanksgiving and is giving me the "fine,I'll taste it" look.

I am thankful to have these people in my life.. even if I suck at taking pictures.
Do you know how irritating it is for someone to take your picture while you are eating?
I know, I am generally irritating- but I gotta give them some space.

Who isn't thankful for baby cheeks?

Nickolai is thankful for sweet potatoes... and relatives who give him LOADS of attention and food.

I am thankful for squishy baby kisses

Nicko prefers open mouth slobbery kisses, with a hair pulling bonus,
Rory is not amused.

I am thankful another babe is on the way- and I will get to be aunty again, and smell newborn head
and then hand her back to her parents and sleep at night.Auntiness is awesome.
(Sorry for the eating pic Aaron..we are pretty much inlaws now, so I think I am contractually obligated to annoy you)

I am really thankful Alurra didn't make her appearance into the world right after thanksgiving dinner.
Amy has been having contractions - she isn't so thankful for that one

I am really thankful to have these people in my life ,too-
They crack me up.

I am thankful for pretty little Florida girls that accidentally wear matching outfits- and demand to wear sandals/flipflops with long sleeves. ..and fix their hair and pose when they notice I am taking their picture.

I am thankful for this boy(and his brother)'s spirit. They are crazy high energy but they are very entertaining.

and for Tristan who is painfully shy.
and Missy( who was also a sometimes painfully shy kid) of all people, trying to coax him out of his shell.

I am thankful for little girls that were too shy to hang out at 1st that are sad to have to hug goodbye.
I didn't get enough pics to encompass all I am thankful for from my family. I don't think I could ever list it all.I am blessed to have them all.

We ate some and had to head out to Momo's.

I am thankful for safe rides and not so scary holiday traffic.

I am thankful for strange people that get my sense of humor.

Like this guy, he gets it.
I am really thankful for this guy-who doesn't look half bad in sunglasses, too bad he left them at Momo's.

I am thankful for carbs, and car naps.

I am thankful to a little girl who should have been grumpy being a perfect angel instead.
I am thankful to have seen how happy BOTH Momo and Rory were to see each other. I am really thankful to get to see Momo. I am thankful she looked so good after that big scare.

Rory is thankful for lime green ,her new fave color.
and her two future husbands Asher and Damian - and her three future kids ,
she told everyone about, oh dear.

I am thankful for Rory's two Santa Grandads this year

I am thankful for rambunctious little boys that are still nice to Rory. (I can't believe how much they have grown!!)

I am immensely thankful for Ri's family- those pictured and those not-( this is his father,stepmother and stepsiblings)
I am thankful for
and blondes.
I am thankful for hula girl dances

I am thankful for little boys named Conner..
a little one to play cars with Rory..
and a bigger one to show her how to fish.

They really caught a fish, too.I am thankful they threw it back....
and thankful Rory accepted that she needed a "huger" fish and accepted not being able to bring one home for Noobie like she wanted.

I am thankful for Ri's cousins who are beautiful ,funny, and have always made me feel welcome.
..and who I didn't get many pics of

and his Aunt Cindy .. Who did most the work- horrah for her!

I am thankful for WAY WAY overtired kids who can be entertained by an Iphone app.
..and to Kelsey for being able to handle them both.

I am thankful for pretty eyes- I swear all Ri's cousins have freakishly pretty eyes.

I am thankful that I got MOSTLY compliments about my hair. I am really thankful I haven't got near as hard a time from people as I prepared myself for.

(I am fully aware this pic is awkward, thanks)

I am thankful for Momo's hubby Who Rory thinks is AWESOME.
I am thankful that Rory was soo happy to see everyone.
She has soo much love.She hugged everyone ,and told me as we walked to the car " I love everyone"

I am thankful for BIG GIANT totebags full of leftovers.
I am thankful for quiet rides home and xmas lights!

I am NOT so thankful for the creepy ghetto place we stopped to get a drink with no ice ..
..but I am thankful for coming home for a nap- a really hard nap. And waking up to a soda WITH ice in the fridge.And thankful for the awesome hubby that did it.
I am thankful to Val for having cranberry sauce to complete Ri's leftover feast(seriously, no one had cran sauce this year?).
I am thankful for a fridge and freezer full of 100 different types of pie(and cheesecake).
Did I already mention I am thankful for pie?

I am REALLY thankful for the friends and fam we didn't get to see.I am thankful to all my net friends I never get to see.
All the people in the posts from the past few years.
All the kids Rory has played with , all the inlaws who treat me as their own(I guess they have to now after 10 yrs..but they pretty much always did) ,(hopefully we will get to do a late dinner with Ri's Mom and sisters sooon)
all the old friends, and new ,who have been there for us for good and bad this year.
I am thankful for the dog who is snoring in a turkey coma,thankful for my cat who is purring wickedly at the warm door- and even the stray that is laying with him.
I am thankful Ri is off today..because didn't do that sleep thing.

I am also thankful for hulu and playhouse disney online..
but that is another story

As much as I bitch and moan I have some awesome things to be thankful for.
I think the pie is getting to me. I am off of here before I get misty eyed.



The Godfther said...

that's a lot of thankfuls, but glad you had a good time. btw i put hamburger in your stuffing lol

Veronica V Photography said...

Great post and pictures. Rory looks so much like a big girl now. One of the prettiest I've ever seen! I love your hair...oh and I'll have to steal the Buddha quote to post on my blog. Hope you don't mind. I need as much positive as possible right now. :)

babyhellfire said...

LOL godfather!

Thanks soo much Veronica !!
That is one of my fav quotes :)

✩Molly✩ said...

Ok this was definitely my favorite of your blog posts, Hands DOWN!

So many parts I liked. I always love the pictures of you. I loved the way you did the thankfuls while accurately explaining the pictures in a fun and interesting way.

That vegetable pie cartoon totally cracked me up! and I am thankful for you. Though we don't know each other that well, I take pride in the fact that you are so cool, and that you are my friend. :) I would love to some day come out there and let our daughters play... however, I'm not sure I will ever have money for that, So i will just imagine us into a few of your blog posts...

wow that sounded creepy, lmao.