Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A birthday party,clowning around, and a goodbye note to my laptop

Hey folks!!

I'm gonna blog. Because I should be doing dishes- but this blistery gross cold is NO fun to do dishes in. I don't know how people who live in actual cold climates get anything done in this.
All I have wanted to do the last few days is sleep and eat.

I did manage to vacuum the floor today finally...
without vacuum bags, I rigged it to blow the tree needles out the front door with the hose.LOL.

Saturday was Seth's BIG 10 birthday party.
soo crazy.

His trampoline arrived on New Years Eve- Val expected it AFTER Seth's birthday. So she was really thrilled it came earlier- and trying to figure out a way to keep it hidden from him, and get it set up to surprise him..
I imagine it is hard to surprise a 10 yr old..
they have big ears
He did see and read it on the box.. but he was still really thrilled.

Saturday was insanely cold. I bundled Rory up loads- but even the cold cold weather couldn't keep the kids off of the trampoline- even the little ones

I was surprised how well the little kids kept up with the bigger kids, and how careful they were. We had planned on keeping them separate but Brad &Seth are soo great with the little kids- and Rory and Damian are such rough and tumble kids they didn't need to be separated much..
Though I did need to to remind Rory not to actually punch when wrestling with the boys... though that is a hard thing to tell a girl when she is keeping up with 10 yr olds.
Damian was grumpy though, he wanted the entire trampoline to himself.

Nova just wanted in it more than Jen would let her.
She is sucha cutie
time for presents
I had hoped Ri could find some sort of inflatable toy that would be cool on the trampoline-but he had no luck and got him a cool spygear dart gun thing instead
10 yr olds are hard to shop for.. it is hard to find TOYS that aren't too babyish.
We almost gave him money..
everyone else gave him money though , so I ended up glad we got him something.

Seth told me new year he was going to have a football cake- I guess that makes the party extra awesome
I think the balloons worked for the kids tho

I swear there was no cake in that icecream cake.
Rory LOVED it though- she was the only one to eat the vanilla half of her slice before the chocolate lol

Val's dad remembered my name! twice. LOL

Since Rory and Damian broke up on new years she decided she loved another boy at Seth's party named Micheal

they were soo cute.. but I had to keep telling them to play and NO KISSING please.
...but then Rory started using the kissing as a wrestling move. She figured out she could pin any of the boys by trying to kiss them.
but trouble

They let Rog&Alicia's dog up..but Pepe got jealous
despite the fact that Pepe did not want to be up there at all

it was sooo cold we didn't stay long. Before it even got dark the temp dropped more and we brought the kids in to get ready to leave.

Rory was NOT ready to leave- she was really sad. Micheal tried to comfort her

and Nova even gave her a hug and kiss.
Rory begged to go to Jen's house and play(because she has never been)- and Val offered to take her one day. That did cheer her up a bit
We waved bye and ran to the house.

I made some butter beans-but Ri went ahead and ordered pizza so we could eat.
I am telling you. this cold makes my body want to eat everything in sight.

Val said she got sicker after the party and couldn't take us to Jen's sunday- it was soo nasty out I had already explained we would probably be spending the day indoors ,anyway.

The net is killing me.
The mouse on the laptop died on XMAS -shorted out and got stuck clicking everything
.. we thought it might just be more of windows7 trying to destroy the dell from the inside out.. but newyears day it all started working properly,except the mouse. Ri chatted with dell tech support.
They sent us a coffin box- to send our NEW (used) laptop back in for over a week until they fix it and send it back.
I morn the loss of my internets and we haven't even sent it out yet.
bad enough the mouse quit working.
we plugged the laser mouse into the usb port - which worked great,until the laser went POOF.
So, here I sit editing this post moving the mouse with the mouse pad and clicking with the mouse.

Rory and I did play dress up..
and i discovered dress up in our world has become "dress up and photoshop this"

I was clowning around

Rory was being a water fairy.She has decided they are her favorite sort of fairy.

- I am supposed to add a spiderweb and dewdrop in there...

Like this:

"You've heard of a dewdrop, we call this a DONTDROP- that's water fairy humor"

I couldn't do much PS magic before my double mouse system drove me insane..

Needless to say I haven't done as much online.
Just watch The GreenWing and read FB.
Mostly I just pumped music through the house and pretended I was cleaning.
Talked to mom for awhile.
Sort of worried about her, she just seems soo down. I wish there was something I could do for everyone right now.. the world seems to harsh and cold this winter.I'm allright for once, which almost makes me want to save everyone.

Even Rory has been super disobediant and left me grumpy- between the mouse and the neverending pile of chores and breaking things it is hard not to feel overwhelmed...
it is tooo much to add thirty million toys and crafts all going at once on my livingroom floor.
I am going to blame hormones for me being a nag.
Seems half the people I know just had a baby- and,as if in competition I have a early visit from a very violent aunt... and I think she brought some illness with her. bitch.

Well damn... between this and the minimal cleaning I just spent the day uploading a billion pics to myspace.
...yes,I must admit to Ri googlecrome IS a pretty fast browser.

Rory just fell asleep- I am not torn between waking her up and keeping her busy until at least nine
or taking a nap
either way

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