Friday, January 1, 2010

Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account. ~Oscar Wilde

So- yeah. A whole new year is here!
It sort of snuck up on me..
I know I say stuff like that all the time, I guess I should really stop letting time pass me by so fast on one hand-On the other I guess thinking about all we have done, and how much we have grown in the last year does make me realize it HAS been a whole year, and is time for another.

Time to put that old party hat on Rory:

I didn't have much luck getting a straight on pic- but it still turned out great. She is such a great model :)

We got cleaned up and headed to Val's house to ring in the new year. She was having a little get together.
Mostly her fam, and us.
Rory was excited to see Va's nephew Damien...
though Damien may have been more interested in Sponge bob

..and Seth and Brad were running around with all sorts of boy energy. I can't believe Seth will be 10 soon! It is soo crazy to think of those clear seeming memories of Val preggy were all of 10 yrs ago.

Rory was being sorta pouty- while the boys roughhoused
She joined in on the fun eventually.

I was really surprised Rory wasn't interested in playing RockBand with Val's lil sis.
We mostly just sat outside munching on snacks and chatting..
and watching Nova be cute

Nova reminds me soo much of how cute Rory was at 2. That is a good age. 2yr olds are soo fun , easy to entertain and cute..
but trouble too.Thinking on it, all that easily entertained into everythingness- is the same thing that means you need hands on direct supervision at all times.

Happy New Year!

Where is my hovercar?
I feel old. It seems like it took forever for midnight to come. We were all getting soo tired by 9pm. LOL

Ray(Val's broinlaw) built a HUGE BONFIRE -
a see from space sort of bonfire,lol- and we moved the party to the yard from the porch.
The kids entertained themselves with a box
LMAO. what is it with kids and a box? There were four kids in that box! They were taking turns getting in it and knocking each other over.
Then all four climbing in and seeing how long they could keep it upright! Until it finally gave out and became a play mat.

We kept meaning to start playing games- but never did we just lounged around talking. ..and drinking a bit. Ri didn't really drink, but I did. I had some evil headache(I really need my eyes checked) - that i just figured I would drown in caffine and alcohol..
um. yeah.
I think my sort of vague resolution last year was to quit drinking.
For the most part I did, save the very rare occasional indulgence. the truth of the matter is that my body just doesn't like it so I don't often, but the rare occasional indulgence is something I allowed myself without too much guilt- (just being aware my body will punish me for it..).. it's sorta like eating eggs .
My digestive system is as aged as my mind feels, apparently.

FINALLY, midnight was almost there

I think the kids really loved the countdown to the ball drop.

mostly little fountain ones- they don't sell the others down here anymore.


even Rory tried it..
(that pic would be awesome if I knew someone named Cj)
Damien had to do it too if everyone else got to- poor kids I think all the adults hovered over them telling them to be careful the whole time.
Then Val's dog Pepe started trying to steal sparklers- he somehow managed to snatch one right out of Damian's hand I still can't believe the fuzzy little dog didn't catch fire

Some of the small crowd


Everyone pretty much started to clear out- even Seth kicked Rory out of his room so he could sleep. When Rory fell asleep sitting upright we decided to head home to.
I still can't sleep with any sort of buzz though.
I begged Ri to stay up with me. He thought he could use that time to win at scrabble-
Mwhahaha- I drunkenly beat him by 60 points before deciding to try and sleep.

- I did some how manage to fight past alcohol insomnia, but I ended up sleeping in Rory's bed.. she had a nightmare and I just curled up with her instead of bringing her to our bed.

I called to check on Lissy and got a very talkative Broinlaw instead-He said Nico had to go to the ER after taking a header off of their bed- but he is ok, just had a nasty scare :(

Poor Rora was exhausted today- she did wake up at something close enough to considered morning... and she helped me take down the christmas decor..
but then she tried to nap in the evening
I called Ri for the encouragement to not just curl up and nap with her. Instead we had one of our music cleaning parties and she woke up. She helped me make pasta and wore a box on her head pretending to be a very hungry robot.
The hungry Robot, that was still very hungry after eating "the cat and the fiddle, the dish and the spoon, the laughing dog, even the cow AND the whole moon!"
bwhaha, I don't know how she came up with that but she kept that act going long after Ri came home.
I should have made the hungry robot blackeyed peas- but I totally spaced on that tradition :( .

The weather is nasty and it is gonna be FREEZING the next week-
Tomorrow(Saturday, which at this hour is technically today)- is Seth's birthday party. Ri picked him up a cool little gift- I hope he won't mind the xmas themed giftbag-
and Rory is super excited to go..

maybe I will dress her in snow gear at this

I just can't believe it is 2010. It seems soo weird.
I mean, look at that number there it even feels funny to type.
And WHERE is my robot maid??
...she's probably off playing cafeworld , or farmtown on Facebook , cause she certainly isn't vacuuming up the leftover xmas tree needles off of my floor!

We vaguely have the resolution to move to St.auggy.
We NEED to move to St.auggy and the the heck out of Putnam, but I haven't got a clue how we will do it.
.. and I hate to even apply the word resolution to that need.
I am starting to think resolution is just a word that means an intention you have no plan on following through with.
you know.
like quitting smoking or dieting.
neither of which I plan on doing, either.
I am going to bed though.
Can I claim that as a resolution, maybe it will make me feel productive.

I hope your 09 was awesome,
and if it wasn't I hope the big '10 is better.



or ..
um a few footnoty sidenotes:
big thank you to anyone who made it through my ridiculously long xmas blog post...
and to those that didn't I do NOT blame you.

also- I have been soo lazy since the holidays I haven't done much beyond laundry and screwing around with photoshop- on the brightside, I do feel inspired to do more and more with my new blog so hopefully I will keep up that end of year burst of creativity all into the new year and new blog.


J.J. Devine said...

I quit making New Year's resolutionns years ago when I realized, like you, they are just an excuse to not follow through, :) Major changes now I usually hold off to later in the month or Feb.

Have a great 2010!!! And keep those creative juices flowing!!!

Libby said...

I loved the pause for fudgesicles! lol

I quite making resolutions, too. They say it's better to make clear step-by-step goals. I just took a moment to breath, "we made it thru 2009"

Anonymous said...

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