Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I haz tiny internets !

Surprise! It's me- on the thing, in the show- doing a blog... from the internets.

Ri did finally pry the broken mouse laptop out of my white knuckled addicted fists,
and NO, dell didn't already send it back.

Lissy let me borrow the little netbook they got with their plan.
It's cute.tiny ,and sloooow and the mouse is almost as tricky as the two mouse deal i was dealing with before sending ours into repair.
but I am online feeding my television and net addiction as I hang laundry and clean.

Ri thought the lack of internet would leave me deep cleaning the house.
take a minute to soak that in,
me.cleaning.the.house...out of boredom.
In fact, I found it really hard to get up and started to even do such things with the cold and no radio. I didn't even realize I had no radio in the house until it hit me I couldn't turn it to pandora(internet radio) before I did dishes :O
Then.. when the mood struck me to cook something, I realized I had no recipes. -gasp. I'll have to wing it! That isn't something that I do, that is something that Rian does!

but. that was later in the weekend, before I sent out for back up to keep me busy.
Friday ,we rode with mom to Nico's ped appt. It was so cold ,I could almost swear I could see teeny tiny snow flurries as I put the car seat in moms car.

lunch at subway on the way, ped visit and some shopping
= Nico vids & pics

(this pic is trippy)

Lissy spoiled Rory at the dollartree buying her a bunch of candy and a balloon. Rory was thrilled.

Mom took Lissy and Nico home.. and we probably would have went home too- but Ri forgot I lost my house keys and double locked every door and window.
So we went to moms, ate some dinner and hung out waiting on Ri to pick us up.
They were sleeeppppyy..

Saturday we DID wake up to a thin layer of: "OMIGOD You have to be kidding me it doesn't do THAT in Florida" Snow ! We woke up too late to actually see it snow, but it was pretty neat.
That lack of internet thing did seem to get Ri to clean the house.He also planned a veggieloaf dinner for us, but needed a few ingredients..
Which had us stuck at the grocery store a lot longer than planned, Ri couldn't walk past the sign on the blooddrive bus about needing O blood without donating. :) .. the idea of him giving blood did freak Rory out a bit though. Well, they took soo long even I got a bit worried.

Val stopped in to have Ri try and fix her little netbook but she needs and aircard or something.

Harvey , Hether and Miranda came over for dinner-
Rory was soo excited.
Harvey and Hether even tried veggieloaf and liked it.
The real mashed potatoes were the big hit though.
We drank rum and coke,watched the simpsons, and played some of that boardgame we got for Xmas while the girls played..
and I gave them candy bracelets and lipstick
They played a little too rough - throwing toys-
but I am amazed how well they play together, they both seem so used to playing alone and a bit bossy and demanding, yet somehow they play wonderfully together.

Ri had to work the next morn...
but I.
well.I drank way way way too much. All the sudden. yuck.
I think Hether did too.Harvey had taken them home by the time I got out of the shower.

Needless to say, my Sunday was very very lazy. So much for Ri's hope of me cleaning. It was sort of nice to have a lazy day drinking mad quantities of water and hanging out inside with Rory.

Monday JJ brought me Lissy little netbook. oo yayyyy internets.
I can hold it in one hand..
and it only takes me four hours to make it through an episode of Fringe- a really crappy one-.
beggars can't be choosers.. but I will be more than thrilled to have my BFF back with my photoshop and open multiple windows and play music.Hurry dell.hurry.
Ri compared it to Lissy bringing me some pain killers while I am suffering heroin withdrawl.lol
I'm still sweating and wetting myself, but I feel better about it.yeah.

Tomorrow it looks like we are spending Ri's day off in Gainsville for Rory's overpriced dental cleaning appt. .. and today Ri gets off work early , I really SHOULD clean the house.
I wonder how long it will take that new scrubs episode to buffer so I can watch it while I clean the kitchen?


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Joye said...

Oh, girl, I feel this blog. I go one day without internet and I am completely lost!!! I feel like my whole day has been turned upside down, LOL.
Here's to hoping your dell arrives back home soon and safe!!!