Monday, March 29, 2010

Why my stomach is in knots- and the taking loads of pictures is contagious

feeling overwhelmed with life, and stomach achey, I sat down to blog.
The dishes can wait.The vacuuming can wait. The dinner can wait.. maybe I will feel better if I just throw something up online instead of cleaning. Or, you know,instead of literally throwing up
I have some cool pictures to share. Right?Right.

So. I open my lil blogger picture uploader.Only to find after 3yrs of blogging here I have used up all my free space in my pricsa album.
I know. That IS crazy! what?
recleaning a house I had spotless last week and is now COMPLETELY upsidedown??
Hells no!!
I just went to Flickr.
So feel free to click each pic and leave a comment on it, if you have an account there.
So yay pictures.
Before that though there is MUCH to tell.
Ri's continuing plan to fix the house up is making me go a little nutty.I spent most of last week cleaning,like really cleaning not the daily regular crap that piles up but the things like laundry deep scrubbing, and organizing Rory's room- that I so rarely do.
It looks the same though.
I even found time to get in some awesome workouts on the wiifit between it all- i am so sore-.

We did finally find someone to mow the yard.. but it was his buddy Gil instead of another guy we originally called.
Ri spent his day off Thursday fixing up the rest of the yard - he got a burn barrel and burnt as much of the pile of old fence as he could with some help from some of his friends.
He still hasn't done anything with GIANT pile of 18 bags of mulch. He is waiting thinking he might stain the outside of the house 1st.
Saturday was by far the most stressful though. His father and stepbrother came over and my once nicely cleaned living room and kitchen got squished into the center of the house as they tore down the 20 yr old textured 80s style wallpaper that has haunted our existence in this house.
The stress was enough to put my stomach upside down - it still has not righted itself.
I had to escape the crapped space once known as my living room. I took the dog and child to the park.

Odd pic so i made it her fav color

The weather been really nice when it isn't raining.
Daddy's girl

Spring is here in all it's high allergy, hot rainy glory.
She says we need these trees

baby face

castle tower

Green Eyes?

Why do her eyes look sooo green??

Pop brought her bubbles when he came- she hardly put them down all day


I love this

Thiller bubble attack dance

I had planned to stay longer at the park- but the child and dog were DONE with the humid prerain heat and begged to go home.
where everything was packed cramped.
where musty wallpaper was being peeled from the walls and leaving my clean floor not so clean... and where Bailey Sweets decided to catch a fully grown squirrel and bring it to me.

and Rory decided to take a nap - to torture me and stay up late.. again.

Her schedule.. well.
she is still pretty nocturnal . sadly.

help me.

The wallpaper project took a bit longer than I think they had planned. but. it is gone. gone gone. and they are planning on painting it next weekend.
Hopefully , I will not be here to fight the need to vomit for round 2 of livingroom/kitchen upheaval.
They did get the house put back to functioning while before the end of the night. It really is an improvement.

Rory has been shockingly super big lately. She plays by herself so much more. She amazes me what she learns. She was showing me how to spell a few words today.

She spent Sunday stealing my camera and taking cute vids- and shockingly amazing pictures.
Ri found these two under the fridge(who wallpapers behind a fridge??) .
They are her favs and have been missing for months- we almost planned to buy her a new chinchilla
black cat& chinchilla

Bratz cat

How does she take such amazing pictures??? I can't even master this sort of small picture..


My little pony
...and I think these pony toys look cooler in these pictures than they do in real life....

My little pony


When I was a kid.. I loved setting up my toys(and I had MyLittlePony toys too) , and pretending to take pictures. It is cute to see her do the same.


Crazy dog

not even a fraction of her little pets collection...

... I am not even sure what this is, but it looks neat!:

I'm not even sure what this is

I am feeling so much gut wrenching stress.
I miss St.Augustine painfully. Ri has been riding his bike around town there after work with his buddies- I am soo jealous I miss our night time rides through town.
With every 5 yr old thing Rory astounds me doing I think of how she should start school soon and how badly we need to move...
and yet planning for that move, and every action Ri takes has me soo on edge.
It seems there are a million plans for the up coming month and I am not ready for any of them.
Instead of taking any physical action to help ready myself I have done the opposite and balled up in a mass of unproductivity .

It will all be worth it.
it will all be worth it.

Well. I am sure there is more I could whine about, but I obviously have things to do.
I am off to go not do them elsewhere.



Joye said...

You make me want to go back to St. Augustine myself!!! Shoot, those pics make me wish I was there, instead of still waiting on the flowers to bloom here, :)

Good luck with everything!!!

✩Molly✩ said...

She does take great pictures, but yours of her at the park impressed me the most! I really need to buy a decent camera one of these days...

I am also the queen of wanting to avoid all things horribly difficult... non-productivity is so much more my style... :)

NE-NC Mom said...

I cannot believe the pictures Rory took! It is so hard taking pictures like that, my favorite is the one where you can see her little hand a bit.

I love the blossoms, the picture you have that looks black and white with the purple is lovely, I just started taking pictures of blossoms around here today!