Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Confucius said:A man of wisdom delights in water.

Jeeez Lady! Quit playing with facebook apps/ checking your googlereader, and get to blogging!

There has been SO much going on the last week(week? hmmmm the wee hours Wednesday/Thursday , to the next Wednesday/Thursday I must get really board on Wednesdays nights? -- sure, lets say a week then )..

Well, in any case, I'm not sure where to start.
All I really know is that, Rory wants the internet and told her I was busy writing a blog...
so, I'd better sit here and look busy so she stops asking.

She has been sort of difficult.
As if ignoring me won't get her in trouble-
and when did she start thinking rephrasing a question would change the answer?huh?
I'm gonna lose my mind!!!

You'd think a day our is the sort of thing I would love, and that a day away would leave her missing me , and me just happy to be away from her?? You'd think that,right??

Saturday, Rory got invited to her 1st ever sleepover. She stayed the night with her friend Emily- We weren't sure if she would do well with it all.. We really feared she would call wanting to come home.
Ri and I were afraid to plan much for fear she would get scared and we would need to go get her. But no.
I wanted to call and check on her one hundred times an hour. I would call( I limited myself hoping not to drive them crazy... that and Ri hid my phone from me-well, his phone died and he had to borrow one from a friend, and then another from his sis) ,
...but every time I called Rory would be too busy playing to even talk to me and I would sniffle about how big she was.
They spent their time swimming in the pool ,and playing with barbies.Rory didn't even keep them up too late( I was sort of worried she would pull the nocturnal overtired act on them).

So Ri and I had the whole Saturday to ourselves!
It should have been awesome.
Did I tell you our AC broke?Yeah , it is still broken. And it turns out, I can't sleep without it.Ri and Rory did fine. I ,however,was on day four of not sleeping.
Also, Ri found a new home for Sweets.We had been talking about giving up the cats. With the plans to move to a St.Auggy apt (most of them ARE dog friendly, but oddly not cat friendly) and Sweets ' health finally starting to improve. I do understand we MUST figure out what to do with the wild stray cat who appears to now be preggy( I still don't know what we will do with her),
I just wasn't as ready to give up Sweets-Ri didn't even tell me until Sweets was already gone( I guess he thought it would be better)Instead, it broke my heart, (plus. how will I tell Rory?? I still haven't , and I feel soo bad?!!) so I spent Friday night ,Day four of no sleep, balling my eyes out.

So by Saturday afternoon when we could have done something together I was a mess. I couldn't even think anymore. I collapsed into a sweaty heap on the bed eyes not even able to focus- while Ri put the old window unit Ac in and let me sleep the whole day. It was really nice of him ,though I don't think he was thrilled about not getting to spend the day out with me.

Sunday morning was really weird...
Ri had to work, and Rory still wasn't home when I got up.I didn't even know what to do with myself all alone in the morning!
I could sit in the quiet and watch a whole show without pausing.. i kept getting confused though. It was just an odd feeling to not have such things interrupted.

She did eventually come home- and make up for every second of silence trying to say 800 paragraphs in one long run on sentence about her whole trip

There's my baby!
She is soo big! She had a blast!

I spent the rest of Sunday getting ready for Monday-
We all tried to get to sleep early, so we could head to Orlando to see Ben,Ileana and baby Bella - yay!

They had invited us to a day out away from the house stress( Have I mentioned the house stress in this post?- I won't I don't feel like it.. I'm locked up in the bedroom pretending the rest of the house doesn't exist) .Ri hung the big blanket up to keep the cool ac in the bedroom so Noobie wouldn't be too hot.

We decided to go out to Blizzard Beach- The weather was perfect for it!
Ri & I had never been. We kept the secret from Rory that night,but we tried to explain it the morning to no avail- she was excited though. We let her sleep all the way there- she was super excited when we got to Ben's and saw them all ready to go in their suits too.
Unfortunately for my camera - water park is NO JOKE there, we locked pretty much everything up in lockers and headed off in just our suits.
Fortunately ,for you- Disney has camera people around to take pictures .
Rory loved every minute of it. We headed to the baby section first letting Rory ride little kiddie slides and Bella splash a little.

Bella, Ileana and Ben:

Aren't they ADORABLE!?!!
The lazy river(or Cross Country Creek as they call it) knocked Bella Right out- soo cute.
I think we all really dug that part. It slow and calm ,but I always think it is the coolest thing in a water park.
I want to dig a moat around my house and have it be a lazy river.. I would live in it.

(just pretend I am not soo pale,broken out and that I look better in a bathingsuit, ok?- thanks)

Rory had trouble figuring out if she preferred a the small raft, or the big ones- she didn't get wet at on a small one, but fell through too much on the bigger ones.
There are parts of the Creek that you go through ICE cold waterfall- Rory also wasn't sure if she liked those or not- Bella Did NOT like them-
but I think they did pretty good covering her and avoiding them for the most part

Bella was soo well behaved .. In fact , it wasn't until near the end of the day (when she got a bit hungry)that I heard her fuss at all.

The guys headed for the BIG HUGE slide while Rory and I played at the big kid area ,and Bella& Ileana had some time in the shade.
Rory failed trying to walk across the floating icebergs- and the lifeguard got distracted asking me about my hair instead of watching ( I was still watching and we had went ahead and got Rory a life jacket anyway). Rory LOVED the kiddie slides though and went down them over& over and over-
We even spied Ben& Ri going down the slide- Ileana saw them in line and ran to make sure the cam guy caught it
From where we were(Rory and I were in line for the kiddy intertube ride) we could hear Ben scream down the ride-

wait for it:

That slide is like the 5th tallest thing in Florida! You go up to 65 miles an hour sliding down it!
Ri says was amazing.Crazy! He said he couldn't believe the feeling of careening and losing control as you went sooo fast into the bottom.
My thought- the lift, the line , and wait- all for a 2 second ride that mostly just accomplishes giving you the most amazing wedgie of your thanks.Would I ever find my bikini bottom??
Rory and I saw them on the snow ski style lift that takes you to the top of the high rides and was sad she couldn't go on the lift. If the family raft ride was open she could have I am sad we missed that, another time though.

Then we got a little something to snack on- heat like that isn't a time where I can actully eat tons-
all Rory REALLY wanted was that giant blue sno-cone anyway

She is soo spoiled! !

Ben and Ri took Rory in search of BIG KID rides while I chatted out with Ileana and Bella (yes,Bella chats, she is a total talker )

They took much longer than expected- I didn't know she would be able to /want to ride big slide rides-
Ri came back and took me to check out the bigger rides before we left, while Ben and Ileana headed off to get ready to leave- I had to see how big Rory was- I couldn't believe she rode those BIG rides!!!
intertube and mat slides big long loopy ones that had me screaming she had rode! OMGOODNESS!! Thank Goodness we had put a lifejacket on her tiny butt. She did get scared on one ride when she went with the guys- but she rode it again when I went, and said it wasn't so scary! Jeez- that one scared me, I almost flipped over!

Rory wanted a lollypop when we left:


Ben got some pics for us as we left
Yes. we embarrass her regularly



She says "Queso! "

We got some quick showers and freshened up - then started trying to figure out a good dinner place.
Well. they tried to figure it out.
Ri spent most the time chatting with Tom.(Ben's stepdad who stays with him when he works in town)
and I got to feed Bella a bottle, Rory even helped-(Rory says she smiled for her when she gave her the bottle, and yes, she is very proud of herself )
then Bella fell asleep on me.....
What? Like seeing that peaceful pretty little face asleep on you wouldn't put you out too!

Well,After much deliberation (it is hard trying to find a kid friendly place , that is vegetarian for us and high protein for their diet)
We decided on Sweet Tomatoes- Who knew that would be such a hit with the kid?? Now she thinks that not only do Ben & Ileana have the best jobs in the world working for the Mouse- but that they are geniuses about great restaurants.She got her own tray and was big enough to put her own salad on it- she covered her tray in veggies and seeds ,and garbonzo beans.. her salad was HUGE and she put a big dent in it! She was rewarded with a huge bowl of ice cream.(the food was pretty awesome,I ate far more than I would have thought possible after a long hot day- and the convos were pretty great :) )

The whole day was an awesome amazing break from the stresses of the house and all the crap thats been going on around here. I can't thank them enough for taking us out.

The next day was May 4th
as in
May the fourth be with you

and I am a big dork... actually not a huge starwars fan but I love cheesiness.
--Also, I applied sunblock. Just didn't reapply enough.
I am burny. Ri and Rory got a little sunkissed too- but theirs is fading.. I am still coating myself in copious amounts of shea butter hoping not to blister.

I spent the day feeling a bit sicky. I think it is just horrendous allergies,hurting my throat and tummy again. urgh.
Rory bounded off the bedroom walls.Watching tv and being a buttheadican. I don't know when she turned into a moody disobedient teen that asks "Why?" when I tell her no to something but I don't enjoy it.
On the brightside ,the plus to being locked up in the bedroom when the house gets too hot at night seems to be an earlier bedtime , so hooray for that. Plus, Ri came home and made dinner then gave me space to watch Glee in my sicky state and cuddled up with the kiddo :) .

Rory spent the rainy Wednesday playing on the Wii- she found out Ben has a Wii , too- and she can't wait to play them... she is practicing her MarioKart skills now,watch out!

Ri came home with the blandest Thai food ever.
But he is off today, and brought some yummy stuff for a late Cinco De Mayo style breakfast-
In other words- I should get some rest..
but 1st I will share some of the epicness of the internets I have gathered in the past few days

Ignore Stephen Baldwin , Restore Joss Whedon-

My sibling should love it... well, at least my Bro in law.

and this

I spent forever trying to remember the name of this band.. someone mentioned them on a message board over a year ago- and that girl's look was the 1st person that ever made me even consider dreads(then my hair went to crap and the rest is history)... plus that is some awesome music. When I finally found the band name I realized they changed their name , hence being harder to find.
another new vid of Nico

I could probably go crazy linking to more awesome stuff from the depths of the webernets- but I'll stop

Anyways... I have some ideas for projects I should be working on.. I have a house to clean , tv to watch ,and I have sleep to catch up on
(and I plan on doing it all in the perfectly wrong order .so there.)


(too much code in this blog- I have had a bunch or errors forgive me if it is all wonky)


tata said...

Love the look on Ri's face goin' down the slide!!! Great photos, as usual <3

Anonymous said...

blizzard beach looks like a blast! how much to get in? and was there alot lily could play in?
and you always look beautiful, silly girl, worrying about how you looked in you suit *rolls eyes*
anyways though, glad to see ya'll had fun

Anonymous said...

blizzard beach looks like a blast! how much to get in? and was there alot lily could play in?
and you always look beautiful, silly girl, worrying about how you looked in you suit *rolls eyes*
anyways though, glad to see ya'll had fun

Anonymous said...

sorry didnt mean to post twice :P

babyhellfire said...

I dunno how pricey it is normally-Ben & Ileana had castmember deals and they took us.
I was REALLY surprised how well it was set up for little ones!- there were a lot of things Babies could do even- they had this whole splash area that had little bitty slides and fountains- floats everywhere to use, life jacket rentals were completly free... and TONS of life guards especially around the tot/big kid areas