Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is this a scrapbook or a blog?! It is whatever the hell I want it to be

Oh. Hi there !
So, Ri got my photo editing stuff on the computer, I got my pics all ready and uploaded
...but it really doesn't help the fact that I have so much stuff to do ... the desire to blog isn't as strong...
Not to mention a lot of my photos- those photos I mentioned in my last post putting you on the edge of your seat( I'm sure lol) , a lot of them didn't turn out so great. My camera was having some user error problems that week of laptop withdrawal.
I am prone to error.bad user.

May is also a big month for me.
It is the big spring renewal vibe, with my birthday(and loads of other summer birthdays) being close - then there's my mothers birthday( HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!) , Mothers Day, the anniversary of the day I started my dreads , and the big anniversary of when Ri and I started dating(11 YEARS AGO!) at the end of the month -

The passage of time is more clear of a feeling for me at this time of year than New Years . It is also spring and there are little baby critters everywhere to further magnify the feeling passage of time.

Even though that feeling is strong it is no excuse for me to not be posting all these pictures I wanted to share either..

So 1st things 1st.
Escape pictures.
Lissy came and picked up Rory & I to hang out at her house.

Rory almost ate her out of house and home(why does other peoples food taste better.. I swear we can have the same cereal and she will barely touch it?!)

We hung out, I held Nico while Lissy cleaned. He is going through that clingy phase. I think I got to hold him more than I've ever been able to hold him before .

Aw.. When Boo woke up we went for a walk at the Ravine

Rory kinda gave us a hard time . She didn't feel like walking at all.

Even the trees could see it


But. She could show up her Uncle Boo in leg lifts.




And she can always stop to pose.

...well. It seems like an accomplishment to me


and she suddenly had loads of energy when we got to the playground
Nico was a bit nervous on the slides at first- but then he was RUNNING back up the stairs to slide.
again and again and again....
Well. you get the idea.

I told you.I have NO clue what was up with my camera.
It had to have got set wrong somehow.
I can promise you I was not taking all these pictures from a racing car.

and this pic isn't a bad scan of an old picture of my brother JJ from the 70s:
it is in fact Nico.and my camera is evil.
(Well, that or more correctly, I am bad with buttons and functions. I took a photography class once.. I should know what some of those buttons mean lol )


Maybe it's just that these children move too fast.

I mean clearly he just learned to walk he can totally grow another head going that fast


Maybe I was jogging
reaaaallly fast
Right past Boo

what?.. I could so jog!
you don't know. You can't prove anything.

Ri picked us up on his way home.

- I think it was the next day-
Mom and Amy came to pick us up to take us to Grammy the Grapes house.and save us from being locked in the ACed bedroom.


I took some cool pics of Amy's outfit.
Don't ask me how my sisters lose baby weight so fast.Just sigh and stare jealously with me.

Looks like an album cover.
I'm gonna write words on it and mess with the color on photoshop.
Turn the sky stormy she could be a christian rock singer..
or Taylor Swift.

Yeah yeah.
You don't care.... here here -
It's coming,
Allura pic


Oh Good Flying Spaghetti Monster- Look at the BABY LEGS!!!!!


She still is not a fan of my flashy black thingy. and knows as soon as I pull it out to stop giggling and chatting.


Grammy Grape has a not so bright flashy yellow box cam- that was cooler.
Dear BabySis,if your child makes me start buying disposable film cameras for good pictures, you shall owe me.

While I was at Mom's we started planning for the beach. Ri worked a half day Wednesday so it seemed a good time that way he could take me, and they could load up their car.
The ONLY downfall of that is it put me on the beach way way too early in the morning. With the dog, child and huge beach bag.
Who am I kidding, that was pretty awesome.


"wanna see?"





I mean. JUST us for the longest time. We made sand castles, we reapplied sunblock ,we put our legs in the water, we looked for shells-


Rory made sand art


we made Rory a mermaid..
we reapplied sunblock.
We had loads of water and some snacks.

I meant to bring my big umbrella -
that was a mistake

It was so empty I could sit, read and hold Noobie and Rory could splash in the tidepool

When people started coming and putting their towels near ours
- and Rory started darting all over the beach, playing with strangers
I thought I would have a huge social anxiety melt down. My mother could not arrive quick enough. Why did I get such a social child?? ugh.
Luckily, my mom came earlier than we planned. I was able to move all my stuff near their car. Steph and Mom took turns playing with Rory - and we filled up on junk food.

The wind picked up though, and sugar sand started flying everywhere

Noobie had enough and hid in Mom's car

Probably filling it with sand , SORRY!!

Allura was NOT impressed with the beach.
It was not a fun time for her.
and Nico was done when sand started flying everywhere
I found him in the car playing with my camera

"ok. Give it back"

They stayed around until Ri got off work..
mostly for my benefit, but also because that sugar sand that had got kicked up, made them REAAALLY stuck , and they had to get help out.
It probably didn't help that Lissy(who is not used to Mom's car) was the one who had to drive because the baby had knocked out the lens to mom's glasses.lol. That beach trip was sort of a catastrophe.

Ri had been searching around for a cheap dog friendly hotel. He found a little motel further down the beach so we raced to get a room.
He read loads of good reviews... and it was a great price.
When we pulled up I was all "um... no. I am not staying in sleezy motel that is just a bed and a door- didya forget about that one motel with the crack pipe in the sheets on our roadtrip"
He begged me to try it out- and promised we could turn around and leave if it was puny and gross inside..

We opened the door to what looked like it should be a tiny room ...
to find a whole freaking apartment- two huge beds, and a nicer bathroom kitchen arrangement than any of the apartments we had before we bought the house!

They were busy cleaning before we could get a room- so we went and got some boards-

Mel(Ri's older sis) was in town with her fam too, and stopped over to surf - Ri made sure to pick her out a really girly board(actually one of his fav board rentals is already the girly one, so it was as much for him ,lol)

I think this pic captures just about everything.. in the distance you can see Jade and Ri trying to surf -Eli swimming,Haley trying to carry Rory .. Luckily Mel was right near by

Me? I was standing under my huge umbrella holding the dog- hiding from the sun... that morning on the beach taught me no amount of sunblock reapps can protect my paleness.

Ri said trying to teach Jade to surf was a bit hard because Jade stayed too close...I think I can see that


I LOVE this pic.. look how empty the beach is, just us and some folks in their jeep


Rory was soo done with the beach the sand got in her eye, and the current was crazy strong..
so I left Ri and Mel to surf and headed back to the room with the kid and dog-
She said she caught some good waves ..
OH- before we headed back Jade asked me to get his picture-but i was still zoomed in on Mel and Ri surfing..ended up with a great picture

but i had to take another to show his new jellyfish implant



We spent the night filling up on Indian Food and wonderfully horrible tv.
We had this plan to watch the sunrise..but we slept in.
I still managed to remember to take a picture of the beautiful path to the beach.

Ri has been surfing or going out on a bike ride every day..he has lost soo much weight so quickly we've started joking he has a parasite.
it's worms.
"they're jazzercizing his muscles soon he will be stonger than Gumby and Hercules combined"
"Gumburcules! I Love that guy"
(sorry. futurama moment,roll with it)

Rory rocked the sunglasses she begged Ri to buy her from the surf station.


and learned to surf

She is better than me

I might be that awesome if i had someone to catch me though


....or not. She is brave enough to try to stand.

She even FLIPPED the board once right over her little head! freaked me out, but she came back to me so big asking "Did you get a video of me surfing?! I have to do it again if you didn't get a video!"

Noobie made a HUGE commotion about it. She was VERY worried about her baby in that water. Floaty things or not Noobs did not approve.


I LOVE this picture.


Ri caught some good waves.. and showed of his disco moves


The waves were pretty small though.

Don't you just love beach pictures??
I sure hope so LOL



This is my "please don't take pics of my butt "look..he did.
I will save you from having to view them.


Salty doggie



If only you could hear how much she was wailing when we went in anything more than our toes.. the fishermen down the beach did not seem to approve.


I have no discovered that I make stupid faces on the beach.



Ri begged me to TRY and take a board out.
I MUST try.
he gave me a few pointers.
I even caught a couple little waves

that I had no intention of even trying to stand on.



I think I could use more pointers on just how to carry a board- I seriously thought I would fall over.


You can't quite tell in these pictures- but I was SOO sunburnt ,I think I was purple. it faded nicely thanks to some awesome advice on Facebook- A vinegar and tea bath, and LOADS of shea butter- I didn't even blister, just got slightly peely.
Rory luckily didn't burn at all, she is just a shade darker, and her hair is a touch lighter- it makes her look so much more like Ri . Aww.

When we got home we were able to put in the other AC from my bro- with two window units I could open the house up, it felt WORLDS better!
We got loads of housework done finally. Without the net I got all sorts of handy...
and highscores on wii.

I did get a bit of internet addiction out the morning after Ben& Ileana came over- they left a laptop here so Ri could use it to download stuff for their Wii..
Even better when Ben's Mom came to pick it up she brought Bella over for a visit
Baby time-


In our rearranging we finally decided to get rid of the old blue rockers that are breaking ,stained and worn from the many night up nursing Rory to sleep.. she said goodbye to this one in the cutest way...
Poor sleepy ballerina

Yay finally-
The new computer! weee


Ri just had to get a new chair & desk too- luckily both were way cheap from walmart- though I think I like my big awful old chair more.. Rory mostly uses the little one for watching vids with me.

Thursday we went to Ri's moms to swim a bit- Rory is getting really good



But she was more interested in raiding her Grammy's cabinets for junkfood.
She didn't swim long at all.

Saturday we visited with Val . We planned on swimming but the weather didn't clear up enough.We had a good time chatting and hanging out tho.. and Rory of coarse raided Val's cabinets too-
Seriously, I feed the child she eats a lot at home. I swear!

Val and Seth are about to go up north to visit fam for awhile- Hopefully they are back quick :)

With the computer finally here - I felt more able to take picture, and got some cute ones of Seth playing with the puppies

I can't believe how the Pug Sophia has gotten since the little ball of dog we saw just a few weeks ago


So cute!

I can never believe how big Seth is- he seems so almost grown up now
Everyone is growing and getting older,bigger- the days are getting longer.
it's just crazy.
Let's freeze it all here for a minute...
I guess that is what pictures are for.

Speaking of:
Ri completely surprised me today. He's been haunting newegg for a certain cable he needed for the computer screen, and he found an early birthday present for me.
I knew the new cable was coming - when he was out at walmart and the UPS guy showed up I certainly didn't expect a MOTHERFREAKING photoprinter!! I guess he found a good one and figured he would go ahead and get it.(and it IS amazing,the pictures look exactly like some prints I would get from the store!)
Oh my gosh!

Sorta more stressful than it should be to me though, he was out at walmart in the 1st place because he found out that had a 3gs Iphone for sale price
.. I know he's been waiting for one since his phone plan upgrade and that he does need a phone. and Super excited for him- and it will be hella useful since we don't have the laptop.
but also UGH. I am so going have to get a job and hide Ri's plastic.
or get him a new bike and sell the car.ha.

I just hope we can finish up on the house and move out. soon
like, a month ago .
He is talking about doing loads more work Saturday around here.. I think I will run off to Lissy's and escape again or something.
He did manage to get people out here to pick up those old fence posts- in fact once he put the call out he was giving them away his friends practically fought to see who could get here 1st !

Also.. since my dreads turned a year old earlier this month I made a timeline vid- took me forever to figure out all those programs on this computer so you watch it and be grateful..
or just watch it because the kid is adorable

I keep saying I will do a post just about my hair, maybe I will. That moment will have to be one when it isn't 4 am.

One more picture before I go-
this is Ri and I on my 16th birthday

We've been together almost 11 years.
He is still my best friend.
He still makes me laugh.
He still kisses reeeally good.
You probably didn't need to know that last one.
just assume I said he is still awesome.
He is pretty awesome.



Tina Michelle said...

OMG, your one post took up the whole page! LOL You crack me up.

Love the beach. Jealous beyond words that we live no where near a beach. We live in the midwest and the pools are not even open yet. My girls ask and beg me daily to take them swimming.

Love the dog and Rory pics together. They look so cute. My husband and I will have been together 12 years on May 30! HOw exciting that we have similar anniversaries! Of course, we have 3 kids and are broke and have to work so we will do no celebrating but it is still a big thing.

How do you do your hair like that? Does that mean you do not wash it so it will stay in dreads? Why did you decide dreads? You always amuse me and I am glad to be able to follow your blog (even if I am a lazy friend who hardly comments).

babyhellfire said...

I didn't think it would be so long at 1st,lol I am so sorry. It's mostly pics tho so hopefully it isn't too long to read

Our first kiss , and the day we started dating is May 30th too!!! That is awesome :) I don't know if we will do anything on the day- we usually try to go to the same festival we went to where we 1st kissed .

Aww. I would be sad if we didn't live near the beach!I have gotten so used to it as free entertainment.

I LOVE my hair like this is is soo easy , i do so much more with it and get so many compliments. I wash it- i don't have to wash it as often but I still need to wash and oily scalp makes oily hair that doesn't tangle, and for once in my life i want tangles lol.

Thanks soo much (((hugs)))

Tina Michelle said...

I love that we share the same anniversary! How cute. I love celebrating that date more than my wedding anniversary. It has been hard to keep our relationship together for 12 years. I was 14 when we first started dating and had Chaz at 16, added 2 more kids in those 12 years together and a lot more stress! Wouldn't trade him for the world though. We do get to go to a comedy house the Tuesday after our anniversary so I am stoked about that!