Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A clean house is the sign of a boring person.

I once heard people with my birth date tend to over accessorize..
I'm not sure if that is possible.

The other day ,
me and the kid got all dressed up to go out with my mom ,and visit the family..

But... we just ended up kicking around her house with my niece-who prefers shades as the ultimate accessory.
- and later got to see my nephew who is in love with anyone who wears a hat..

I did find an accessory that is too much for even me.. In my brother's car!
He says he just "found it"

...Yeah. I just copied that from my dailybooth.
I really haven't got a lot going on right now-
Other than visiting with my family Sunday , and a scary crazy storm knocking my power out , I haven't been up to much.

Ri missed a few days of work last week when their fridge died and the part took longer than expected to come in.
We had planned to go to the Blue Crab Festival (where we 1st kissed 11 yrs ago)
, but Ri didn't want to,
I didn't want to make him..
I mean, I am sort of sad about it- it isn't that it would have been some great romantic thing, and if he didn't want to go it would have really been torturous for us all- but .sigh.

I've been grumpy. I am not dealing well with Ri & Rory both having this tendency towards short fuses and low BP "I haven't ate yet" meltdowns.I just don't get it.
Get up, eat breakfast, be over it. It starts this whole downward spiral where they feel like everything is going wrong- because their own attitude is in their way of functioning.
Normally, I am a pretty sympathetic compassionate person... but not about this and it just makes it all worse.

Noobie joined in on the whining for food last night,
Ri gave her a taste of baklava he got from Rita... and Noobs spent the next hour by his side whining and howling for more! Dog is getting out of shape.
that baklava is mine.

Otherwise though, as long as I can get these freaks to eat something all is well in the world.. and things have been going really well.
One extreme to the other sort of dynamic around here. Either we are having the most awesome amazing time getting along together playing games and laughing
- or we are all bitchy, and/or annoyed, or sent to time out.

Things aren't going anywhere on the house . Sorta stagnating.
Ri spends most his time off surfing , bike riding , or chatting with me- I am not sure when he sleeps,and every night he is like " Why am I soo tired?!"
Gee ,I wonder.

I had a few breakdowns this week that sent me into frantic reorganizing mode - I got rid of a HUGE bag of junk from Rory's room and I STILL need to go through and straighten it out, she has toooo much.How does one child have soo much?!
And it isn't like some kids I see that have favorites and play with one toy at a time- she will seriously have the whole village and every littlest pet toy out to play, and when she plays dolls- she is usually got a nursery set up with all her babies and accessories set up.. she plays with ALL of those toys.

I have been pawning some off on relatives- and may continue to do so. I dunno though- I had a really nice time hanging with my siblings Sunday . I don't want them to start hating me for my inability to throw away toys lol

That laundry pile taunts me . I swear I hang clothes every day just for another pile to appear.
Rory has a new rule -an outfit for the day, a dress-up pretend outfit, and a nightgown.
I am not enjoying it as much as she is.

Well, Rory just told me I need to play on the wiifit..
then I will need to turn on pandora and defeat the kitchen mess I made making beans at 2am.

Our schedule has been shit again.- at least this time it appears to be more on our end than Rory's.


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