Friday, July 2, 2010

"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one." Hans Selye

What the hell am I thinking??

I have so much going on I can barely stop to breathe.. and yet- blogging.
I am


Rory taught her cuz Nico how to play MarioKart- he thought he was soo big , just holding a controller


Tomorrow, I believe- is moving day .
Ri has spent his time off of work cleaning and painting the new place
I have packed...and been whined at continuously from ( the uneasy, and stressed) child and dog,
AND got ready for BOTH of my sister's weddings.

That's right.
We Move on Saturday.
I go TWO weddings(and one reception) on Sunday.
By Monday I will collapse into a puddle of liquefied bones and muscles on my new floor.

Tuesday I got a little break from packing to do more wedding shopping with Lissy, Mom & Steph

We got hit on in the TacoBell parking lot - when mom told the guy we were all married, he said :
" Alright , How about you then Mama?" she giggled. "Thats cute",yes".
it was hilarious.

When we Drove past Ri's work we saw him standing out front - and he saw us and waved.. we should have stopped - but we had a bit to do and get back.
I showed mom the neighborhood where we will be moving but not the house, because it was still being tented and fumigated.

Oh.. and we found someones bumper



and I got to spoil Nico with junk food.
We still haven't got a dress Lissy loves for Rory. Rory does have a nice one for Amy's wedding.

and mom got a bunch of cute school clothes for Rory from a consignment shop( she got 5 or 6 whole outfits - 1 dollar a piece! , some of them still had tags on them!)

We drove out to were Lissy and Boo decided to have their Sunrise Wedding... which is farther from St.Auggy than we originally thought.. but VERY pretty.







Hopefully it will still be nice and empty there in the early morning.

Things are coming together for their wedding plans. If a bit stressfully.
And ya can't exclude a little family drama from plans...even though I was really surprised to see it in our family.

I am reminded of why I ran away to get married.
Wedding planning is no fun to me.

But it will all work out , should be a great time.

Packing is no fun to me either, but I WILL be glad to be back in St.Auggy-
So I better go do that packing thing now.

My next post promises to be an entertaining read at the very least- forgive me though if it takes a bit to get it up.



Joye said...

I adore your blogs, so I will patiently be awaiting updates on the move and the weddings, :)

You are definitely going to be worn out by Monday!!! Make sure you take a day of rest in there!!!

This Tastes Terrible said...

I don't know how you are keeping it all together! Hang in there, it will be all over before you know it. I'll be sending positive moving vibes for tmw. :)