Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible." Saint Augustine

Oh.. Stuff.and fluff. I don't love that title, but I'm gonna stick with it.

I've been pretty boring. Stuffing my face with pseudo healthy junk food. (if it doesn't contain HFCS it has to be good for you. Do not dare correct me.) and watching Tv shows.
Oh yeah. We DID finally go grocery shopping and fill the cabinets, that was a stressful all too late at wallyworld shopping trip. We will have to go to publix next time. ugh.

Ri bought me a bike from Walmart too- and on one of his trips back to the house got Rory's bike as well,
We took the dog the other day and had a really nice ride around the neighborhood- Noobs wore out before Rory! We brought Noobs home and took another ride around the block. We also tried to get Rory to ride without her training wheels... we KNOW she is ready, but she is still uneasy about the whole idea.
So Ri put her training wheels back on -but adjusted them higher so she can't rely on them as much.
I LOVE my new neighborhood-
the kitties running around- the people walking their dogs, the beautiful little houses
the breeze in the yard .
We all seem to love it :)

I have a lot of complaints about things- but they all feel really petty and trivial right now..
All I have wanted for years now,
has been to move back here- and we've made it!
In time to put Rory in a good school. ..
So what ,if those cats that gallivant around the neighborhood also shit in my yard?
So what ,if I am JUST now finishing up getting the paperwork needed to register Rory for kindy(when reg was over a month ago) ? So what if we did lose the other copy of rory's birthcert in the move?
So what if I am constantly on the verge of meltdown every time I contemplate her going to school??
So what if Rory's awesome "everything is great" physical checkup was just a bittersweet reminder that we have to find a new ped in town and wave goodbye to the PED there that was soo cool for us?
So what ,If the beach has been sickly overcrowded and not as interesting as I had hoped?
So what ,if it has been too hot to do much of anything but putter around the house?
So what ,If Ri seems to spend his every second of free time surfing or riding the neighborhood with his buddy?
So what, if a few things are still at the other house?
So what ,if we also still don't know what is going on with that house?
So what , if we never did quit smoking?
So what if we never did finish unpacking half the stuff I wanted- or putting up curtains ?
So what if we do have a ever growing list of things we need for the house that we will have to budget for??

SO WHAT?! I say!
Who cares? What does it matter?
We are here

It just feels better. A lot of my previous stresses have melted away,
Though I seem to be building new ones, I am trying to enjoy the feeling that some have dissipated.
I know, that you ,for one.don't care. You probably just want to see some picture of it all.

Sooo the tour:
Living room
I am still trying to figure out curtain arrangements for the window-Mom gave me some cool ones, I will eventually figure it all out..
but.yes, that blue one is the one that was in my bathroom...
I needed something ,for the moment, to keep the sun from pouring in the window and melting the carpet!Don't judge me.
Other wall in LR- I am trying to figure out how to arrange it- I think the trick with be getting more picture frames and printing pictures.

Advice more than welcome!

Gonna need more on the wall above this too-
This place is built TALL high ceilings, I like it.

Her room:

She has been waking up and going to bed early and on her own- this was the other night before her Ped appt- she got herself in her PJs , brushed her teeth and laid in bed. She is far tooo big

Sadly, for her room- this is clean. She is still missing a shelf unit - which would help. I am also scouring the net for a cheap twin frame.

My room is the least done. Books- no shelf, tv -no stand. and at the moment a new pile of laundry aaaahhhh. limits. Sorry.
Moving on.

The Diningroom- family roomish area
I finally hung the masks in it

yes. I still have boxes.. and though I have well trained my photoshop skills this month...
I am too lazy too delete them. I shoulda hid them in my room.
I'm just being real in this one.
Forgive me Oh vast interents.

I even hung up the weird Tiki utensils.
Now we can eat giant American style servings!
Hey look!
thats a lil piece of my kitchen,my pantry overflows-
- here is one more pic


..wait.That isn't my kitchen , it's Rory's Oh well. sorry.
( I am soo not sweeping for you people)

I doubt you'll mind. Pretty much everyone agrees the back yard is the best part anyway

At least- Rory and Noobs seem too love it- when it isn't melt yourfaceoffHOT they spend hours out there
Just laying in the soft grass
I love this picture- I am going to blow it up and frame it. My dog is such a sweety
this one too:

They cuddle and play in the yard
collecting flowers
making little salads

Usually, while I walk around the yard with a bag trying to collect cat poop -sigh-

Rory gave Lissy a phone tour of the front of the house-

"and my house has bricks they are so cool, seee AuntLivvy?"
Yes. it's very nice

So, Anyway. This is long. I must return to my interweb addictions.
I mean clean. Yes,clean. I should clean



Anonymous said...

Looks like hugs are definitely in order, you with so much on your plate. Its all falling into place nicely though. The house looks great for the short amount of time you've been there, and your baby and dogs are happy. thank you for the update.<3

Joye said...

Thank you for the tour of you new home!!! I adore it!!!

I've always wanted to live in St. Auggy, why I have no clue, it just beacons to me, :)

I loved the pics of Rory and Noobs!!! Children and animals take the best pics don't they, :)