Thursday, July 15, 2010

Part One - " There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope." Bern Williams

Oh Hai - strange blog thing!

Busy busy bumblebee meee


We moved July 3rd... Ri called to transfer DSL before we even moved- they told us the net would be on , on the 7th... when we called on the 8th they told us the 14th!!!--Then when they finally turned it on they had trouble with our router and tried to con us into getting a NEW one! Seriously, I am unpacked- and have NOTHING to do where's my internets! I ended up reading and sleeping of all things..

I don't think that would normally be THAT big of a deal,... but my 4th of July was INSANE..and I NEED to blog about it!!
So lets rewind;
It took all day on the third for Jerry & Ri to shove things in Jerry's truck in the RAIN
( and it did not let up even for a second, leaving us to leave lots of our plushy furniture and things behind)
Rory and Jerry's son had a blast playing while they loaded the truck though, and after Ri left with the 1st load I got an awesome nap-
Perfect , because it would be my last for awhile the time I MADE it to new place in St.Augustine, and got a shower it was Morning!
and Lissy was knocking on my door to get ready for her sunrise wedding!

Soo much to do on such a short timeline!


but 1st Nico had to eat and run around with Rory
and Steph

Of course the rain didn't let up for Lissy- she had to carefully get things from the car....

Nico even got a makeover with Rory kisses

Ri ended up getting the 4th off and was a huge help as we created the mass chaos of the bride's prewedding prep-
with the packed up house, and the overtired 15 mo old, and the confused dog---and the fact it was 3 am

Dad got lost- and Ri had to talk him through it,and help hold Nico ,and the dog, and Rory
(and of course, Dad had to tease me and say he was gonna go ahead to breakfast in JAX when he had went too far past the beach)

Steph has such pretty hair!

Poor Nico didn't want anyone but his dressed up mommy

Ri was concerned about Noobie,though. She hadn't been in the house more than a few hours- and one of our front windows falls out of track if pushed on- we knew she would make a break for it if we left her...
but Lissy seemed sort of excited Ri might get to go to her wedding and take pictures while I was a bridesmaid..
....Yeah.. we took the dog. I figured Ri could hang back and take pics from the dune.

We rushed out the door , reaaally afraid we were late for the sunrise. Lissy and I thought the sun was rising earlier.
Ri and Dad both admitted later on, that they knew it wasn't coming up that early , but they also knew better than to correct us. lol.
Lissy's getting ready, behind schedule mantra had become- "I can BE the last person,I'm the bride"

The view with the sun starting to rise and the moon still up on the huge Vilano Bridge was probably the only thing that made the speeding for sunrise BrideLissy slow up.

More chaos as we fixed up Lissy's dress..

and got our bouquets...
...or um, morning glory fireworks ready.

Dad and JJ wanted me to stay and help light Steph's..but Mine were going,and I knew wouldn't Rory had already made her break for the beach


Ri later told me as stressfull, crazy and chaotic as it was to be on the brides side coming into the wedding (twice that day)
to see that side of it was very neat.

(Lissy's photographer took this one ^-and the ones of us coming down the stairs Ri was behind us , she took amazing pictures! I wish she had a site i could link)

also. They burnt me.
Lissy begged me not to run down the stairs with my arm outstretched... fearing my explosive flower arrangement, I assure you I was cringing,

We feared the storm that was rolling in... but the sunrise was AMAZING.
--Ri took some GREAT pictures!! I am soo soo glad he was able to come :)

Jess an old school friend of Ri's,that happened to be a notary,
When she showed up and she realized she had known boo for years, as well!
She LOVED the sparklers!

Yes, I think we were sort of relieved to see Dad not in the full biker regalia he teased that he would wear.

LOVE this pic- another great one from the photographer. Lissy said Dad was reminding her she could turn around and go right back to the car, if she wasn't sure- LOL



Why did I stand soo far away? Still gorgeous shot

I can't even believe this sunrise pic is real.. if it didn't come straight off of my cam,and i didn't see it IRL, I wouldn't


Ri snuck down and back to get pictures

Jess did such an awesome job ! quick , simple, and beautiful just like they wanted

She also did this apache blessing it was really sweet:

....but I did NOT cry as the following pic from Lissy's photog seems to imply

The photographer did some awesome after effects with her pics for Lissy too

I think she may have fell in love with Rory's model posing

soooo sweet!!!! and a thousand thank yous for letting me post them
- I just love that pic of Mom,Dad, and my niece Allura

All the pics I have seen were gorgeous, it was a really amazing morning-


Dad's reaction to my "beachbum hubby" and his dog

I put Ri to work taking more pictures

me ,constantly fixing one person or another for picture, may show I am more of a behind the cam person..



The storm was rolling in to one side of us..while the sun was still coming up to the other..

I think I love this pic more than if Nico had been looking at the camera

Allura showing me her feelings about sunrise. I concur

I love that my big bro and her have the same smile
"Uncle JJ is so awesome"
He even took her to get her feet wet..

So Nico got grandad to take him ,too.


...Yeah, I've had a lot of time on my hands, with which to edit my pictures.

I love this silly pic even if it is of my back as I show my sisters how my dress made a pretty awesome cape

I'm a super hero bridesmaid

It takes an actual photographer to get on of all 6 of us not talking tho:

The boys

Gotta love the bunny ears


-It looks as though Nico is asking a very interesting question of his Daddy.


With the parents-Nico is soo cute clapping, Awww the love


Lissy LOVED her dress- it is pretty awesome

She hates this picture, but I love it so I'm posting it

One more really cool one their pro did for them-- Lissy and Boo are now planning on redoing their whole living room to bring in and go with all the art from their wedding
In case you just didn't get enough pictures.. there are FAR
more pics

Lissy & Boo JUST beat the rain as we piled into our cars to leave it came down-

We went home to St.Auggy to nap, on the floor- didn't have the mattresses yet



A few hours later we woke to get ready for Amy's sunset wedding.

At least I thought it would be closer to sunset - we were running pretty late, trying to get the dog to the house in Pomona to avoid leaving her here for noisy fireworks, or taking her to another wedding.

- We rushed to the river for my baby sisters wedding- and the double reception fearing they would start without a flower girl...........................

I have soo much more to share!!

- including Amy's wedding, shockingly different from Lissy's...
their fun double reception

Some more pics I took of both the brides
and stuff like this Lissy made me take:
Also some photoshop fun ones like this perfume ad
of Steph and Wes
much much more.

but for now , I have posted a lot!

Where we woke up in between what felt like another day starting seems like a good place to pause-
I will have to leave you with

TO BE CONTINUED.......................................................................................


collywobble said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Your sister had my dream wedding. I'm kind of jealous. But only a little. ;-)

Joye said...

Whoa! I thought I was gonna hit withdrawl levels here!!!

I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear about Amy's wedding!!!

Libby's wedding sounds wonderful!!! The move sounds exhausting, but well worth it!!! Loved the pics!!!

Can't wait till the next post!!!

StarriKnytes said...

that was beautiful. thank you for sharing with us.

babyhellfire said...

Thanks! It turned out really gorgeous and we had a great time--- even if it meant being up all morning after moving.