Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.

I'm totally putting off bedtime to blog, and putting off the blog- as if it will write itself.
I should really go to bed. Tomorrow is a big day.
...I can't sleep.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Rory is in bed, trying to sleep.. Rolling around fidgeting.

Today was a big day too- Rian's Birthday. Happy Birthday to my awesomely awesome hubby!!!

We didn't really do much for his birthday though. :( .
I am getting ahead of myself I should go back to earlier in the week.

We did finally get that camera we ordered

..and nalu's has hats now..and trucker hats fit my big fuzzy dreaded head :yay.
I am SO freaking glad it came before tomorrow.

Rory has been enjoying the last bit of her summer


she loves the new camera - and stole it before bed to get a vid

She has been getting ready, going to bed earlier

and trying out all her new school clothes.


Val bought her this outfit.
Why does she look soo big ? these are big girl clothes! make it stop



We did celebrate Ri's birthday a bit on Monday
- His mom and sis came over
Ri played mario with Sari

and they brought Lily- Rory was thrilled

She had to show her every little thing- and read to her
They played soo sweet together.

Libby called and said she was stopping in, and my mom would probably be stopping in to.
(theres some family drama there , not worth going into)but they were all in town and figured they would meet here. They are also trying to plan something for my uncle who passed away( the same week as ri's uncle)- but i don't know for sure if they ever decided what to do
- I am too busy worried about school stuff to keep track of anything.sorry

Nico just wants to play in the kitchen like a "wwweal man"
..My sister has brain washed that boy. He cooks and say "I a weeeal man cookin' dinner"

Ri's mom made him a cute cake and we all sang him Happy birthday-
She also brought Rory some school clothes and some crayons.
and got Ri a cool carved wood sword .

Lily ate such a HUGE piece- it was really yummy



Lily was pretty tired though- it was afternoon nap time. She just wanted to sleep that cake off


So Ri's Mom & Sari headed out. Hoping to get out before it started raining here..
but I heard it was raining pretty hard at their house- I hope they didn't drive through too much yuck.

Lissy hung out waiting for mom to come

Nico-btw; not a big fan of the Nalu's hat- though he usually loves hats...he gave me a funny look in it



Mom brought Rory another outfit for school- Rory said "but it is Dad's birthday everyone is bringing ME presents"
Everyone is just soo excited about her 1st day coming up.

Allura is so cute she closes her eyes when you say "i love you"


..and she smells like baby. We hung out and chatted for a bit.
Typically, hardly anyone stops in to visit- and then WHOOSH everyone at once.
At least my house was a little clean.

It rained pretty hard for a little bit there- It has been pretty stormy in general. At least it isn't too hot when it is, in fact it has been a little cooler.


Yesturday we got the trail-a-bike/hotchhiker/trailerbike we ordered.
Rory helped me set put it together in between lazing around watching Eureka..
oh.wait. that was me. She was lazing around playing with her little pets.

Ri and Jay went for a bike ride that night- and came back and attached the bike to mine- it took a little rigging, and putting my seat up a teeny bit higher than I liked. but they got it!

Today , Ri had to work in the morn.. *whilst receiving a hundred facebook birthday wishes on his phone.
Rory was soo wound up and excited, picking out clothes , packing her lunch...

- when Ri came home we got dressed (well, we put shoes on)
and tested it out. Rory was REALLY scared at first. We went slow around the block with Ri walking Noobs next to us. Soon She LOVED IT- and was PUSHING me down the road , Ri had to try it

..yes. Rory is wearing her bathingsuit



So we decided we would ride to school and time it- she was STOKED to try that

I can't believe how big she was !!!
She went from a little scared to a complete daredevil.

I thought I would have to worry about telling her to help, or WARNING her about turns/corners..
instead I was telling her "slow down please"- or we need to stop ahead.



She loved it!

(and I am fully aware i look weird-and bloated in these pics.thanks for noticing)

I am so happy and feel loads more comfortable about that being her school transport..
especially after we went at least 4 miles today altogether! (according to google).

I'm really just procrastinating though.
I shouldn't be writing this. I should be going to bed.
I am soooo nervous. I don't know half of what I will be doing tomorrow..
but I know it involves getting up very early, dressing my baby girl up,riding our bike to her school
and taking her to her 1ST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!..and leaving her there- not coming back until almost THREE!!
....I think I'm going to hurl.

I am going to go find one hundered other things to do to not think of that moment for a bit.
I'll be back blogging my fingertips off about it before you know it


JACLYN said...

Aww, I'll be thinking of you guys tommorrow! The pictures are all so cute too, gorgeous babies! And I love that bike!

starriknytes said...

The birthday party looked like great fun, and the kids are are so cute. The first day of school is always harder on moms than the kids. I'm sure you'll both be fine, but if it gets hard you know where to find me. Good Luck Tomorrow!! Thank you again for sharing you family with us.<3