Friday, August 13, 2010

Of lists,anxiety and webjunk

My to do list/needed item list

It is growing.Most things need money,which is just frustrating. It is hard to separate my to do list from my shopping list.

We need:
  • A twin bed for Rory. A friend wrote me and told me biglots has a decent one for 88 bucks,so that is our plan. We did go check out the floor model at the store, it is perfect.I hope the local one has it in white when we can get it.
  • picture frames.. I started to put up some pictures- but then realized I wanted to do a big collage of them on the long wall,and need more frames... Even though frames are fairly cheap, I am having trouble justifying the price of most I have found. I swear, I might just start making them out of flipping cardboard scraps!(Oh. I have been googling such crafts...don't tempt me.)
  • A large mirror of some sorts- there are no decent mirrors in this house except the med cabinet....
  • For that matter, we still need a drill to hang up the medicine cabinet a towel rack would be nice in there too, while we are at it.
  • we need to go to the local farmers market- the search for African black soap and Shea butter has reemerged this summer. My skin does like St.Auggy rust water more than Pomona chlorine water - but shea butter would still help my rosacea covered face.
  • Lunch box containers , organization for Rory. She has a cup and I have a few Tupperwares- but I need to browse and figure out what else would help me pack her a decent lunch.(otherwise we have pretty much everything for Rory to start school,except my sanity!...Ahhh!!!!). Then I can make her fancy lunches like this what?, I could too do it in alternate godlike mommy universe
  • We need a Trail-a-bike like this which IS sort of a school need- because Rory's school is soo close there is no bus route- but it is still a bit far with her on her slow little kiddie bike, and only on the brink of out of her training wheels.
  • a new camera.We are thinking maybe getting a small- not too pricey waterproof shockproof little digicam for now,( which we sort of need for the beach anyway)and saving up for a nice replacement. Ri wants me to look up and figure out what I want.I don't know if we will be able to get one before Rory's 1st day- if not I will steal someones camera... my relatives should all hide theirs I should also, study up and suddenly invent some awesome photog skills while I am at it,because Ben asked me to play photographer at their wedding. I am totally not qualified. .

We did manage to strike a few things off the list.
We finally got the letter informing us Rory's 1st day of school (that we are invited to come to-where they only have a portion of her class with her) will be Thursday Aug26. Friday the 27th will be her 1st real day with the whole class. I am so nervous.hold me.

We also found a home for the family heirloom china cabinet- Ri's cousin went and got it, and even brought back another load of things from the house in Pomona. We only need A few of Rory's outdoor toys now.

I should be off putting my books on the shelf or fixing my room- But I don't want to do any of that. I have been extraordinarily anxious and irritable for day...
I just want to play online..
Web-junk..I haven't done that in awhile.
A post where I shared my net addiction enough to tell you some random things I found or did.
(Mostly because my lame addiction to watching youtube vlogs like the shaytards is both embarrassing and uninteresting to most normal people.)
Plus, my awesome net savvy friend tata had to come along and remind me of stumbleupon .. where the internet weirdness neva ends .I think she hates when she comes online and I am not there... lol.

Well, speaking of youtube- some random finds..

If you doo keep up with some youtube stuffs- you might like this

Yeah... I don't know what i am going to do with Rory gone most the day. Probably go crazy on the internets.. or start doing really dull projects

or play on the wii with Ri, now that Rory goes to bed at a reasonable hour and we still don't we have a bit more of that.
-Pic from Dailybooth- worth mentioning in any web junk post. plus they have an iphone app. Now I really want an iphone. :(

I also found some more cool kid sites for Rory...
Mostly i didn't know scholastic had online Ispy games!
and crayola has printable educational coloring pages..not that it is REALLY surprising.

All I really want to do online lately,is find a tv show worth watching because they are all crap lately. I can't wait for real fall shows to start back up again.
On the subject of horrible webjunk.
yay-or nay

Should I start a babyhellfire fb fan page for my blogs?

it seems soo self absorbed-but it might make access easier.
ho hum

Speaking of facebook

Let's end with reeeaaally weird
I have no freaking idea, I think it is a study of trajectory or some fanciful magical science mumbojumbo... but I fail to see anything but biology in this.
These are tadpoles,right? tadpoles.
Better yet, why play with that at all when you could play with fire?

and look forward to the future for me...
or the past? I'm really confused now.

I'm gonna go look up old episodes of Eureka. Maybe I'll even do dishes.


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StarriKnytes said...

Wow that's quite a list, and what great links. I for one am glad that you are spending more time with us online. For purely selfish reasons of course. As always thank you for sharing your life, and beautiful family with all of us.<3