Saturday, August 7, 2010

George Carlin once said "The status quo sucks."


I haven't felt the inspiration for this post (globviously it's only a few weeks late)

So I'll just make a things that "have- and haven't sucked about the past few days" List....

1. It is still 1000 degrees outside.
No. not really. It has made it up to the 100s WITH ridiculously high humidity though.
That sucks.
It did however rain good and hard, finally.
...because We never did figure out how to get the sprinkler to work and our grass was turning brown.

2. Rory went surfing with Ri... that doesn't suck. She was flipping adorable sitting on the nose of his board, looking sooo cute!He even stood up behind her it was awesome.
... What sucks , I was swimming along next to them and didn't get a single pic of said cuteness.
I didn't want to get the camera wet..we'll, come back to that topic.


3. Took Rory on a walk in search of a climbable tree. Which doesn't necessarily suck, It was a really nice walk , and cute thought..but she soon discovered you can't climb in flip/flops and dresses...
Also ,did I mention is was 1million degrees out and thick humidity???
...Mental note to try again on a cooler day, with shorts.

4. Rory begged for strawberry (Neapolitan) ice cream... after we went to the beach. I was wet and disheveled, and ran into all my old coworkers..(it was still awesome to see them :) ) ....
Then,Rory ate all the vanilla. She doesn't ACTUALLY like the taste of strawberry, but it is pink. So she likes to see it,as she makes you scoop her some vanilla out.
....5yr old logic often hurts my brain.

5. We took Rory to the school to register- which required all sorts of craziness, even a notarized stamped piece of paper declaring us her actual parents...
We got too look around a little the place is soo cute and awesome. The kindy wing is set up to be very small hall and easy to navigate- each room is huge. We looked in on music, PE, and art rooms. She was really excited about art. They are still working on a lot there, it will better to see it all on the the meet the teacher night.
She still needs a lot to do.. we still have a lot to figure out about her starting school and transportation and stuff...

6. I drank too much caffeine a few nights ago and had a full out anxiety attack. I was way more tense than caffeine usually does to me.
Not sure what went on there, or why.but it was crappy...
and a few nights before that i had drank to much caffeine and woke up in the middle off the night screaming and grabbing my leg CHARLIE HORSE.
I should eat more bananas, and drink more water,yep. I should-sip coffee-
I have been a touch more active though, I got a high score on wiifit boxing -that grumpy mean pixelated boxing guy actually said "good job"

7.Shark Week. People loves some damn shark week.
'cept me, that's what I call my period.
blood in the water.
I couldn't find my diva cup until shark week ended.
that sucked.
I don't even have discovery channel.

8. My phone is on its last leg, the battery has to be charged non stop.
Also. Worst phone for texting ever. Do not text me , I swear to BOB I will write you on facebook...angrily. If you had to put in one letter at a time, with no text predictor, you would to.
but... my nephew can put it in his mouth, throw it around the yard and jangle my keys on it- and it lives. IT LIVEEESSS!!!
and we all know how well I do with other phones.

9. We are getting settled in. We are still missing a bit of stuff though. No were near full ready for people to see..yet.
A few people have visited and hung out - saw the place. Ri's cousin stayed the night and took my bike on a late night, Ri's buddies have stopped in,
- Jess came and hung out with me and Rory one day while our hubbies went surfing. Ri's sis came and checked the place out.
The other day Lissy came over for a deal..
I take her grocery shopping, and she hangs out for bedtimes with Rory -while I go on a bike Ride with Ri.


They played outside till they were SOOO HOT
So I made snocones. Nico was astounded by my snocone machine. You had to see his face:


"WTH? AuntGigi?"

He declared snocone good..
i do occasionally close my cabinets, not often enough , but occasionally.

and was in love at 1st taste.. though he lost his affection for it with a last big brain freezy bite.
and a video

Which brings us to
The 10th thing that does or doesn't suck:
Who/whatever convinced us getting groceries together with the kids would be easier was dead wrong. it was a complete catastrophe. we are lucky we made it out of that store with our skin intact ,and not ripped off by some impatient tourist.
Next time I offer to watch Nico so she doesn't have to shop by herself, I won't go with her to watch him....
In fact, if it happens again I think I will just send Ri to get both of our groceries. he is a good list follower anyway.Maybe will make him take both our kids BwHAHAHAHa.

oh and
11.Rory has been going to bed at a much more reasonable hour.
That is good.
She has a bedtime routine that helps and she finally understands she may not want to, but she NEEDS to wake up earlier because she will be in school soon.
She is not perfect about it. She still have over/under tired days. She still grumps, whines and sometimes cries herself to sleep. THAT sucks...
So,When Lissy agreed to help watch Rory at bedtime (So I could ride my bicycle for hours and miles all around late night in st.auggy with Ri, -counting bums) I may have left her ill prepared for the grumpiness.--sssssss-
sorry,Lissy, I don't think she meant you are a meanie.
All was fine by the next day. Rory was asleep when we got home and forgave Lissy the next day, saying "we were both grumpy and tired"
but I DID have an awesome ride around st.auggy... so hopefully she will want to do that again one day.Pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee.


So . The other day. While I tried to edit videos , Rory asked if she could make more videos with my camera.
Sure. That's fine
She followed the dog around....


took a bunch of pictures...
Then she got bored with it and went back to playing with just her little pets. still fine.
I didn't think anything of it when I when I saw her playing with her little pets in the sink.She is allowed to do that.

....What sucks? well just a few short seconds later she brought me the camera,saying her arm got stuck and she fell in the sink!!
the Lens FILLED with water ! She knew the camera wasn't 'sposed to be in there with it, she knew she was in trouble.

My camera is GONE for good- there is no bringing it back-it won't even turn on.The memory card was at least salvaged. I called Ri for advice, support- something.. and just pissed him off. The next entire day was shitty because we were both angry at each other, instead of at the situation. Which was no ones fault- except maybe Rory's... and well she's five and KNEW better. We can't get a new cam Right now.. it will have to wait until we can get more back to school things on our list.
I am beyond heart broken.but nothing can be done about that.

Ri and I eventually got over it. Stressful as crap . My kitchen is spotless. Coping mechanism OCD,FTW.
I'd take a picture, but I can't.

13.Today's randomness ,Rory has discovered paper planes and the music from Wicked. We once told Rory that even the fries at mc'Ds have meat, and she now makes a face when we pass, instead of asking for fastfood from them. She had frozen waffles for the 1st time for breakfast today.I have a new hole in my fav pair of jeans. There has been a storm off the coast, so the surf has been epic.. Ri is hardly home, I believe that makes me a surf widow.Hopefully , soon Mom & Dad will be able to get that lst load from the house for me- I have promised to repay them with our deep freezer.

Well.. That was long.but I at least feel like putting the things behind the numbers make it easier to follow those things..... Or something I explained far more coherently to Lissy a little while ago. 13 seems fitting for a list of complany whiny sucky-and not so sucky silly updates.

On that note.somewhere my mom is cringing at the overuse of the word suck. She always hated when we said something 'sucked" .



collywobble said...

Did you try taking the battery out and leaving the camera to completely dry (COMPLETELY) for a few days before trying it again? You might be able to save it

JnA said...

I haven't commented in forever, sorry! But your posts are as interesting as ever! Lucky, Rory got to go surfing for real, I just got pictures of Thomas standing on a surfboard lol but he's only 9 months so I guess that's okay.

Next time, take a cheap camera and stick i tin a ziploc :)

PS I'm challenging you to participate in my Feeling Fabulous Blog Challenge!
Hope you can join us :)

babyhellfire said...

Yeah- I immediately popped the battery out and sunk it into some rice... but it did nothing. the entire lens is a pool of water.(even if I could ever save the electronic parts the lens is screwed..
:( .I tried again today to pop battery in and check it, still nothing. it won't even turn on.

starriknytes said...

All of the things on your list will be treasured memories someday. I hope they will bring you smiles and tears of joy. It's wonderful that you are chronicling it all here, and sharing all of it with us. You are a special person, and have a wonderful family. I can't wait for your next post.<3