Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rambling of sharks,new lenses ,old body, and gathering supplies

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I haven't been to the beach this week- I am starting to feel like that pool table kitty. There are sharks in that water. A boy got bit just this morning(yesterday morning? is it really midnight,crapspackle!) I really would have liked to today , it was SOO HUMID. Ri sort of had plans to surf and I didn't want to take Rory out while he surfed with his buddy
-Plus, by the time Ri's plans fell through that humidity turned into thunderstorm.Ri gave up and made dinner.
Ri's still been surfing a a little bit - He finally got together with his coworkers to take the StandUpPaddle boards out and try them. ..
and then he promptly lost his glasses- It was the sharks, I'm telling ya!.
Poor guy spent the rest of the week walking blind.

So Tuesday ,when he had the day off he called around to find a place that would do eye exams CHEAP(no easy task ), and finally found one to fit him in. Rory and I got to walk around the other stores nearby while he did it- which wasn't actually a good idea.

I don't think my little nightowl's mood is adjusting well to the morning schedule change. Plus, I think 5 yr old's are naturally not very good at the window shopping concept, and I am BROKE.,
,and I have already been grumpy. My body has been sleeplessly torturing me- ever since Noobs decided to suckle another hole into the comforter and I become trapped in it,I am forced to dream up being a dolphin caught in a fish net...
Oh. and adding to that sleeplessness, Did I mention, I am apparently lactose intolerant?

That was not a fun discovery.
For future reference :
Run out of soymilk + use cow milk in coffee= suddenly feel the need to dig in closet for maternity clothes to hide the swelling pressure beach ball bloatation gut, and dreams of vomiting when it hurts THAT BAD.

great stuff. I had no idea I was that intolerant.I have the digestive system of a 90 yr old, it only gets worse. wtf?

Just when I think my luck turns around some other crap blows up in my face.

Ri was in a cheery mood before his eye exam- thrilled his boss had actually helped him out to afford the glasses, and that he found a decent exam price- it was on our "when we have money" to do list for him to get new contacts and eye exam anyway, it just ended up being put higher on the list when he lost them
...but, his cheery mood was probably the only thing keeping fussmatastic Rory , and the walking body grimace I once knew as myself, floating through the chaos of a day leaving our sanctuary.
..but his mood changed somber after getting a phone call from his Mom. His uncle died. :( .. He tried to tell me this, and yet keep Rory from hearing him.

..and we try to continue our errands? To of all places wal*mart. Which is crowded , florescent lighting flickering-
we enter: stomping whining hungry 5 yr old-
Stiff numb uncommunicative hubby,
and me suddenly extremely self conscious, and unable to hide the furrowed eyebrows of a woman that spent the last few days deflating and sleepless.
-- Look for us on .
.. and the one thing we came for, lunch box containers- was no where to be found. I ended up finding some decent serving size tupperware for cheap, and we ran out of there as fast as possible. The lady in front of us in the line must have noticed our beaten expressions ,she made us go ahead of her .

A car ride later we were feeling a bit more composed and stopped in the the little discount grocery in hopes of finding lunch box stuff. ... So glad we did. i am seriously in love with this place- all their closedated, or scratched outerbox merchandise comes from local overpriced organic food stores. It is seriously where organic food goes to die..if it doesn't all come to my house 1st. And the people working there are always amazingly nice. Rory LOVED the two ladies there ,and had a nice long conversation with them. At least that was a bit better than the vibe we had at walmart.

LOL Rory's new thing. Telling people her name is Aurora and when they say: "OooH , after princess Aurora?" she replies "No,I was named after aurora borealis , the northern lights "
How's it feel to be outsmarted by a 5 year old?huh?
Well, welcome to my world ,random stranger who probably didn't even ask the talkative kid her name.
(btw, It isn't even 100 percent true. I think we were more thinking of Dawn, and the Roman goddess Aurora, but I like her take on it)

Moving on.
There is One thing that always improves the mood-
No ,not exercising.asshole
Selling more of your soul to dell in hope of receiving plastic encased electronic heaven!
We figured since we already owe dell a large portion of our life savings, and our 1st born son(Ha , jokes on them I'm totally never having a boy), we may as well browse their camera selection and add to our debt. I started looking for a basic cheap point&shoot we could just afford for now- maybe one we could later find a reasonably price waterproof case for.
Turns out, waterproof cases cost as much, if not more than a freaking camera,and dell doesn't sell them(of course not).
Dell does however sell waterproof digital cameras.
Oh.really. such things exist...let me move this rock of stupidity I was under while I spent days googling the best cams I could get a case for!
And look. For the same price as other lil digicams, and without having to buy the pricey case.
We googled all they had to offer, and compared reviews and prices and specs: and decided on this
olympus waterproof/shockproof (Rory proof?-fingers crossed) cam, plus it was on sale, with a case.
We ordered a spare battery though, because the only legit complaints I could find about it is that the battery life is crap.
Looks like I will have to stick to phone picture for a little while while it ships,
I am REALLY hoping it makes it here before next Thursday, Rory's 1st day of school.

I'm a mess. lets not speak of that again. In fact tomorrow is open house - and I am up all rambling in type over it.
My kitchen has turned into lunchbox processing central.
Rory's closet is filled with clothes she has never worn( thanks to her AWESOME Aunt Val finding a sale and insisting on buying her a load of outfits- and thanks to my mom's thrift store love affair)
..and my mind.
I can't think about it.

Instead , I have been making picture frames with craft sticks and sea shells.
or watching old movies with the kid,
-having mini anxiety attacks about feeling like an idiot, and the noticeable fact that I don't plan much out in my blog posts ( I should probably start..)

I made that 5 minute micro mug cake for Ri tonight, he couldn't believe I (the queen of microwaving anything ) had not made him such a wonderous dish...
needless to say it has lost its wonder.

You may notice on the sidebar ova dere--->
a facebook fanpagey thing..
..yeah, I made one.Might be the lamest thing ever.but I like me,...
get it? I like me.I should sleep sometime,huh?

I think I said something to Ri about waking up and going to the beach. I should really stop typing and go to bed...

or at least go watch more tv


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