Friday, November 19, 2010

We've Got Conspiracists! Week in a minute

Woohoo! It's friday night!

I think I will start putting up just the vlog week on Friday nights. You think?

Please, Hold me to that. it isn't like I have better things to do.
I'll get back to you soooon with a new full blog post(Probably over the weekend..and I should proabably start now,huh) .

Some vid from : Riding around with my Mom,Sisters , and SUPER cute Niece and Nephew
over the weekend,
Riding downtown,
randomness from our week
- and Hanging with Baby Bella.. who is starting to look more like Tot Bella-
( we need to go see Ben& Ileana soon to ask them why they are letting her get so big)

Remember you can go to youtube and comment ,like,subscribe
and all that happy fun stuff.
you could leave comments here..
or on FB
..Dude, seriously.I'm BORED.
I just decided this is how I should spend my Friday nights- that should tell you something about me right there.

I'm off to watch Community..
I mean, to edit a blog for this weekend..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow that was cute! The kids all look so happy, and was that Ri lifting up Baby Bella? He looks like he's feeling so much better. Thank you for the Friday vid update. I'm looking forward to this weekends post! <3