Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Of Alligators , anxiety , and preparing for pie.

So! Hi.There.
I am going to go ahead and clench my knuckles and put my hand nervously around my forehead or mouth,
maybe I will even stand behind a opaque window all shadowy.
The interenets has taught me that is the way to show high levels of anxiety..
Me, I usually pick at my skin and obsess over removing every stray hair..but sure full fledged panic usually makes me put my hands directly on my forehead??

Anyway. We DID indeed get cable Sunday . Rory spent the entire day hanging out with the neighbor kid ( a boy who is two years older than her)
- I tried to keep them outside - the weather was amazing, but they still ran all over. So, I ended up meeting his parents.
Social anxiety horrah, but they seemed super nice. Rory is the only girl on the block, and the youngest.
LOL it seems she is destined to be friends with older boys no matter where we travel. At least her kindy class is mostly girls and all her age.

Speaking of,
Monday was her class field trip to the Alligator Farm. I had signed up to go , but I wasn't sure when it was - So I just showed up ready,
Luckily a few other parents had too, It didn't seem like many of us knew the plan at all.
I love watching the 1st part of class , as they sit and do a worksheet and then have sharing time a bit on the carpet. Rory was soo cute doing her work.

Rory got chosen as line leader for the week, she was super excited.
I was a bit less excited when I found out her line leader role meant I would be holding her hand in front of her entire class- and ALL THE OTHER KINDY CLASSES on the way to the farm and back.
That was stressful. I am not a leader.

We had a pretty good time. I love seeing the way she interacts with the other kids

I got a few pictures of her and HER ENTIRE class, and some cute ones of her and some friends..
but I didn't ask all their parents to post their pictures .. so I don't feel entirely comfortable sharing them.
I might print them up and send them to the teacher or something.

it was sort of crazy and chaotic, even with so many other parents there.

Rory and her friends using the map

And looking at the masks

They loved the critters inside the reptile house
and the fish tank in there lol.

And YES, they loved the gators and crocs

We sat for a show - the keeper showed us some local Florida animals , and answered questions the kids had about them - then we headed to the playground for a bit.
Explain to me, they have a playground at school, and a dozen around the neighborhood- but the small little one inside this place filled with all sorts of animals to admire is somehow the best part..
I don't get it.
It let them run off some energy before watching a bit of the alligator show.

I did get one pic of her class in front of Maximo..
It is blurry and dark enough to feel more comfy sharing..
PLUS,the kids all got white freaky glowing Children Of The Corn eyes-
I feel a bit less of a pic stealing jerk posting this one:
They are all a million times cuter IRL.

..I really hate that I feel so worried about posting pics, but I totally understand some people are uncomfortable with their kids on the net- and since I didn't ask thats all I am willing to share..
but Now I have no idea what to do with the awesome pics I did get.

This pic- I sort of have to share,, you can't really make out faces-
I just love that their faces were all PRESSED to this exhibit looking for the animal:

....when I went around the corner the other parents told me the habitat was empty and the animal had been moved for the winter.. that information didn't stopped the kids from trying to see who could find the critter 1st. LOL!

The teacher had asked us NOT to spend quarters letting the kids feed the alligators.
..but a parent fell for the puppy eyes when we got to the juvenile alligators and bought her kids some.
- then another parent ended up getting a few handfuls and passing them out to all of the kids. ( It wasn't I didn't have any change )
At least it entertained them for a bit... but then we had to line them up and have them wash their hands.

I think they had a great time. Rory says her fav part was feeding those little Alligators......and the playground. She DID have fun on that playground though.

and the big Galapagos turtles, they were on top of each other.
....I looked at other mom, she looked at me,
neither of us knew what to say.
"Look kids the alligators are right over there!"
hey, I'm pretty sure they are endangered though so GO turtle.
Rory was oddly whiney on the way back from the field trip.. I wrote it off as her being hungry because it was lunch time.

She was pretty fussy when Ri and I came to get her after school too..
we still just thought she was overtired and hungry,and she did eat a bunch and go to bed early.

---But, woke up the next morning with a fever, and a belly ache. I wasn't sure if it was a fever- I tried getting her ready for school gave her a shower and offered her breakfast.
She turned down everything, EVEN A COOKIE!
and then I took her temp :( She had to stay home.
Tylonal worked right away- and she seemed better by evening(We had planned to go see the local xmas light display, and/or the Santa Village snow/ice show thing they have set up- but didn't).
She was sort of upset to miss school but I know it wasn't a really important day just a sort of fun free day.

We both slept all day- I felt sort of off too. Ri deeped cleaned the kitchen AND made dinner while we rested!

We both seem to feel better today,
We should be all well for Thanksgiving Tomorrow!

That is something to be thankful for
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Come on- that's hilarious coming from someone who doesn't eat turkey.
Turkey day is coming down on us, Ri even remembered my fav made up TGD tradition and made us French Toast Brinner for dinner!
(Get it? if you are gonna spend the next entire day eating dinner foods - i better get breakfast food sometime!)

We get to go to Momo's in the morn.
Ri's Mom(and maybe sisters ) is talking about maybe coming out Friday,
and My fam is talking about coming over this weekend.
This place is NOT clean enough,
I have no idea what to

and I am still swimming in too much post social anxiety worries , to even begin deal with the nausea of presocial anxieties.Plus, We have some new financial stresses to mix in... it is a fantastic feeling.
So, I am off to go crawl out of my skin and pluck all of the hair off of my body one by one.

Hope you are having an awesome night
Eat lots of pie for me tomorrow!!!!!!

I'll be back with pics soon. :)



Anonymous said...

(hugs)Looks like the kids had a wonderful time at the Alligator Farm can't wait to see more pics. I know how social anxiety feels, if I can't avoid it I fake it, and before long it washes away, or I get drunk.LOL I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to reading all about it. <3

Joye said...

Have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving, :)

Loved the pics and adored the story about the field trip!!!