Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm thinking maybe I should faint,but I don't..

How about just a vid?

That won't do, huh?-
I have pics too..

I last left off telling you off the impending DOOM of sinus ick coming down on me as I waited to take Rory to the Doc, because she got better-only to get that scary secondary infection fever a few days later.

Yeah,Mom came and took me .
they put her on 5 days antibiotics (and it has already been longer than that since I posted-because she just finished that med the other day :slacker)

The doc said she should be good as long as she wasn't running a fever she wouldn't be contagious and said by her 1st dose of antibiotics she should be good- but, she had to miss school that Thursday and Friday :( .
At least while I was in town I got to visit my sis and mom took us for lunch..

...Lissy and Boo have strange things.

They brought me home and helped me carve my pumpkin.
Well, Lissy helped me carve my pumpkin while Boo and Ri hung out.

Rory wanted a butterfly pumpkin. Not once has she requested a simple easy peasy triangle eye/nosed crooked smile JackOlantern. ..but I sort of enjoy the carving so it's all good.

Me and Lissy function almost twinnly wordlessly on projects like this. One of us needs a break we hand it off, having trouble we pass again. Without ever saying a word we reach over to help. We are freaks.
-Side note- do not laugh at the hippy craft instructor look I have going on. I almost expect me to talk in a sing songy melancholy voice and explain my art to you in that pic. Kumbaya

Oh well, the results were well worth it:

but Rory passed out before we finished.
Nico was up long enough to check it out..but he was freaked out by touching it-


Friday was the character parade at school-but Rory had to stay home sick.
I did dress her up and let her go to the fall fest after school for a bit( I had mentioned it to her dr and they said if she hadn't had a fever she should be fine-but she shouldn't go in Fri morn because she had a fever Thursday)..
At least I got to paint her face,

Rory got lucky and found the eyes in her kids meal on Thursday, and Mom brought her the ears .
Kid wanted to change her costume every day of OCT.It was impossible to plan with her.
Their festival was really cool and Rory got to play with some of her best friends.

they had lots of activities, and little prizes- here they are looking for the pumpkin in the hay:
Everyone got a giggle of the way KittyRory dug in the hay like a cat in a litterbox.

On Halloween - Ri had to work for a little while. My sisters (and their sposes/babies) came over to take the kids to the cutesy "Safe Trick Or Treating"
I have been giddy looking forward to Halloween in St.Augustine. This olde city goes all out.And, I grew up in the middle of nowhere were ToTing was a DRIVE door to door thing , then go to a small church festival.

We got ready a bit, I did Nico's makeup but he was fussy, Rory changed her mind and would not let me zombiefy her SnowWhite costume.
We walked over the bridge - late and early all at the same time. Early for the trick or treating at the stores, but late for the costume contest/parade.
So we milled around and got pizza- then CANDY!!

Steph&Wes's costumes should have won a prize- people giggled and pointed as we passed, they LOVED it.
Allura waved at everyone and we decided her frilly dress needed a sash she was baby beauty queen for sure.

And Zombie Nico was a huge hit.Even if he was a fuss face
He had fell off the bed at his Gram's house and Lissy was paniced all day that he might have a concussion.So the irritable tired fussiness made her really uneasy.

I wore my costume but not so much makeup
Have you seen my ship? (there IS a pirate ship in these pics).
Very fitting costume with the location.

And Some more of Hef and the Playboy bunny

We started heading back towards my house,
Honestly- Rory made out so well at the we could've been done for the night.

Ever have one of those moments when you are trying to take a picture.. like say, the one above-
but you miss, and you like the mess up mistake better than the picture you were trying for ?
See below:

Mel (Ri's sis) stopped in but only to say Hi, and let us see their costumes:
I got a pic of Eli's..
She went to the Shops TrickOrTreat too but never ran into us.
She had a really awesome outfit and said she almost won part of the contest- but didn't. We had thought they might go TrickOrTreat with us too, but they decided they had enough from the shops.
(also,, take note of my pumkin in the pic above .Someone remind me next year, That Florida humidity is not suited for jackolanterns and i have no need to rush to carve mine)

We hung out a while with Boo's friends-

- Wes and Steph had to get home early and left-
Val(Practically ri's sis) showed up with her son ,sis and neighbor to go trick or treating with us :)
And Lissy gave Nico a bath- then decided she was too worried about him and wanted to head home to watch him.Taking Amy & Aaron with her (but NOT Boo, who ended up sort of stranded when his friends left).

Rory and Seth played and killed time waiting for the dark
I did my make up

Our group- Minus Val who took the pic

It was still daylight and we hadn't seen any other kids out yet, but we decided to go ahead and start walking

I really love my neighborhood- it was soo neat to walk around with the kids to Trick or treat-

The kids got loads of candy- once it got dark there were tons of houses to stop at. One woman even gave them juice and water, and another gave them pumpkins off her doorstep. Also tons of other trickortreaters came out, loved seeing all the cute costumes.
We headed back still pretty early and gave out candy for awhile

Yes, I let Rory dig right into her candy, that's the point, isn't it?

Here is what is left of my makeup after trick or treating.

We hung out for a bit with Boo-(Rory passed out pretty quickly) a few friends stopped in to chat a bit too.Lissy ended up having to drive all the way back out to pick poor Boo up.

I was sick a bit Thursday and Friday by Monday I was EXHAUSTED . I still managed to run the dog and help class on Tuesday..
but NOW I have this terrible cough leftover that I just can't seem to shake. :( . .

Feel like a total zombie,banadryl is the only thing that seems to quiet the cough, but I still cough if i try to lay in bed or get too hot or cold (our bedroom is stuffy).. so I have avoided the sleep I need so desperately
Rory is feeling tons better, at least. She caught up on her makeup school work, and homework and seemed to have a pretty swell, candy laced post Halloween week.

Poor Ri spent his day off not feeling well, but he still managed to get his buddy to come over and got the mirror hung and the light in the dining room up-
and WTH? Where did all that mess in there come from?!?!?! Now I realize I need a dark room to make my home look less cluttered. Well,That explains why my closet lights never work,
not that my closets are unorganized or anything.......

Ri is starting to feel heal broken Clav wise- he even rode his bike a couple times and has stopped wearing the sling. :)

Thursday brought RAIN! Lots of rain, and the unseasonably warm weather vanished with the last drop. It is cold now.
You'd think I would be happy, but no that sucks.
Noobs seemed to like it on our last run, she didn't like it when I wouldn't run her this morning though,Dog is rotten.

Thanks for all the good thoughts , support or just mindless chatter.
Sorry for the extra long catch up post. Maybe I'll get some rest and feel up for updating more regularly again.


My title.. stupid song stuck horribly in my head:

plus, it fit with my cough ,sleeplessness making me super dizzy.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Halloween was a blast. Hope everyone in your household is well soon. Thank you again for sharing your family with us. <3

Joye said...

I do hope you all are feeling much better!!!

Halloween looked fantastic for you all, other than Nico's accident, hope he's doing okay!!! Loved the costumes!!!

We've all had these horrible sinuses around here so I can so relate!!!