Saturday, November 20, 2010

It is probably bad to punctuate every action with THUNDERCATS HOOOO!

Well, I am extremely busy gearing up for Thanksgiving , are you?
(or if you are my lovely smart Canadian friends- are you still cleaning from the aftermath?...yes, I just said smart ..we all know they are smarter.)

I totally just lied to you.
No,Not the part about Canadians, that was probably true...
I am so not ready for tofurky day.I am gearing up for nothing.
I am not even ready for tomorrow to come(while at the same instance wishing this long day were over - and I could find the way to my bed).
I should be doing a lot of things.Like hanging clothes, washing dishes- getting ready for Rory's field trip on Monday...

but, this year for Thanksgiving -I think , we are just going to tag along with Ri's Dad to see Momo (his gram),and that's all I really know.
I haven't figured the rest out, and we hadn't planned on making anything. I think at best i need to figure out what I will wear.

(check out the body glitter she got from the treasure box for getting 10bluebehaviourBears, she has shown it to everyone she has came in contact with.. strangers on the sidewalk know of her new glitter)

We haven't done a whole lot the past few day- Wednesday it has become regular to go the playground when Rory gets out of school (she get out an hour earlier on Wednesdays) - and go visit Ri. This Wednesday , because he has been riding his bike to work, and gets off early too- we stopped and had lunch/dinner at Nalu's before taking a ride around,and coming home.
That has worked out pretty well, because Rory looks forwards to the Wednesday she can go to the park, and see her Dad after school. Easier on the days she is whining about "going to boring old home".

They had a Thanksgiving day luncheon at her school Thursday- Ri was off so we both went. He was sort of nervous to see the mad house of her school lunch.
He even bought a meal...I can't say they really loved the food ,to be honest. Rory said that morning that she wanted to try the turkey..but when she actually saw it she changed her mind.
It was SUPER insanely crowded! I had NO IDEA so many parents would come! But don't they look super cute?? They decorated their shirts and had Indian Names- Rory's was Fire Flower- She went on and on about it all week.
I noticed one of Rory's classmates tray didn't have turkey either, and asked her mom if she was vegetarian- and she is! LOL it is the classmate who the teacher always confuses with Rory!They both have similarly unique names, they are the same size and have freakishly similar wardrobe(they must shop at the same place as my relatives). It is no wonder the teacher often calls Rory the other girls name!

When we got home from lunch we had the cutest visitor:

Ben's Mom and Aunt were watching her for the weekend and brought her by to see us! Last time we saw her she was itty bitty, and now look at her!

OMG she is a toddler- she was talking and walking
..and obviously just beautiful!
She liked Ri right away. Pretty much insisting he hold her. Noobs scared her a little at first but then she decided it was a "Bigdog" and just wanted Ri to hold her where she could see the dog.
It was awesome to get to see them! Hopefully we will get to see the whole fam soon- we have missed them soo much.

Speaking of getting to see people-
Still no new word on the van. Ri did take the truck all the way to the old house (and hour away) and he said it ran great there. So at least we still have that for emergencies and grocery trips.
I can't wait to have something I feel comfy riding Rory around in. She has been doing pretty well on her bike-
but you know me I'm a worrier.
Ask Ri.

Friday morn was hilariously awful Rory woke up super early- and spent the whole morning doing this over eager "I'm late , hurry up" dance around the house. She WAS NOT late.
I think I would have lost my mind if I didn't use my magical internets power to conger up an episode of Thundercats for her to watch- so that I could keep her still enough to put her hair up .
..We still ended up out of the house early.
-and as we were ALMOST to her school I realized neither of us remembered to get her backpack in our dance rendition of
"I'm late"

- "no, you are early" .. I had to call home and wake poor Ri up early and beg him to bring it to school- he was on time... good thing we were there so early.

It's alright though,
I spent most of Friday and Saturday resting and doing nothing I should've
Rory even wanted to come straight home without much complaint.
as long as I let her watch Thundercats..

I even made her breakfast the next morn put on Thundercats ,turned around and laid back in bed.

At least we didn't hold up and hermit out the whole weekend..
I talked on the phone some finally,
Rory went out and chatted with the neighbor boys a bit (they are all much older than her, but they did humor her sharing their plan-seriously, they had blue prints- to catch the neighborhood stray cat)
.. and when Ri's got off work a few of his friends stopped by and chatted -
watching hilariously horrible youtube vids with us.

I don't even have plans to hide from the outside world completely tomorrow/later today(at this hour) .. Cable guy offered us a plan that will save us money on internet AND give us cable.So I get to wait for him all day.
heh, and after that you probably shouldn't expect me to be near as

Ohh! But Monday is Rory's field trip to the Alligator Farm! ,
AND I think Ri's friend is going to come over and help him patch the fence,
I guess I should probably,eventually get ready for that stuff too.
For now I am going to try and sleep.If you can't tell by this erratic post, I need it.


... I mean,

It looks like there may be a new thundercats coming out soon, so in my weird
(I stumbled upon a 80s cartoon to show the kid way), I may have introduced her to it at the perfect time. I'm gonna start googling thundercats toys/clothes for xmas presents.


Anonymous said...

lol Isn't that the way it always works ... if given enough time you'll forget everything. lol Loved the post. <3

babyhellfire said...

I swear!- LOL she was running all over the house rushing making sure she had everything in her bag- and pushing to get me out of the house early, and we still forgot it

AJ said...

Love it!
Your daughter is so adorable!!! Don't worry about thanksgiving, you don't need to be prepared, things will fall into place.

And you look gorgeous :)