Sunday, March 6, 2011

May it all be better Tomorrow.

Wow! This picture is from seven years ago, today!
um, yesterday at this hour (shush, I have a real life ya know.. or not- but I'm lazy)

Yup, it is our wedding anniversary. I guess a pretty big deal :
"For the seventh anniversary, traditional materials are copper and wool and the modern materials are brass and desk sets. " --better go out and get a desk set.
I sent Ri this picture
I guess he got me a new bike seat (Mine broke.-sadface- )

I always viewed the day we started dating as a bit more important in the grand scheme.. I mean, it is how long we have been together, Which will be 12 years the end of May!
...We are so old.
I'm starting to feel old.
it's depressing.
Well, before I get all depressing and whiny-


I don't know when Rory started talking like a valley girl.. but it cracks me up.

We had a sorta busy week of doing not much of anything. Rory played with the neighbor girl every chance she got. They are really cute playing together and her parents seem really sweet.

I've spent most the week sick still. better one minute and immobiley cough-tastic the next. The beginning of the week started good at least...

I was feeling much better Tuesday- I took some ibuprofen and went to her class to help( I debated it I really wasn't sure if I would be well enough..but I was feeling much better , and Rory was feeling clingy that morning). Helping in her class is always great.. slightly stressful and overwhelming, but so cool to see what they are up to and how much she is learning. Her group likes to finish their work so they can practice their math (For FUN?! ) on the back of the paper. They think they are sooo big adding by 100s.

Rory spent a bit of the afternoon at the neighbor girls house. She braided Rory's hair and they played with zhu-zhu pets. I can't tell you how thrilled she is to have a girl to play with.
She still plays with the boys right next door tho- I found myself suddenly wishing for the time change- as they played flashlight tag at 7:30 . I can't wait until I have a valid excuse(bedtime!),
besides "it's dark" to make her come in for the night.

Wednesday I was feeling gross sick though, took some benadryl and propped myself up in bed and slept the ENTIRE time Rory was in school. I guess I needed it. I still felt a bit groggy and had a stupid cough.

Lissy asked me to babysit Nico for her on Thursday- his Nana usually watches him, but she was sick. I was feeling better at the time so I told her I would be happy too.

Rory was thrilled to see him on the couch in the morning as she got ready for school:

but she couldn't get him to wake up for her before school

He slept until 10, and was a little bummed she wasn't here when he woke up. but eventually he played and hung out with us.
Ri was home from work, but he spent most the afternoon grocery shopping.
Lissy got back from class before Rory even got out of school, but she stayed and picked Rory up from school with me ,so Nico could hang out with her for a minute.

Ri brought Rory home a special present from the store.
She has been BEGGING for cowgirl boots claiming "All the girls in class have them!" ( i know that isn't true) .. but we hadn't been able to find them affordable in her size.
..Ri found them on sale in her size..
She was thrilled. I have not been able to get them off of her all weekend.

She picked out her outfit to match her boots on Friday:

... I really tried to get her to wear a skirt with her boots..but nooooo,
all she wants to wear lately is shorts. Shorts and tanktops, or shirts.
The weather has been decent for it , at least.

I had a headache Friday and the cough/mucous brain ache was back full swing trying to destroy me, my sleep , my well being..
I was happy to let her play with Neighbor-girl for a little while after school instead of stomping all over the house like an angry 300 lb cowboy ,in her beloved cowgirl boots.

Mom came over on Saturday with Amy, Lissy and the babies. Mom cooked us tons of food , pasta , pie , fruit salad , soda...
and the kids ran all over the house.
Mom brought Rory a box of sidewalk chalk which she has been glued to all weekend.
It was a nice anniversary present, dinner was all ready in the fridge when Ri got home , and I didn't have to do much at all .
..Then , despite being freakishly tired I stayed up late playing scrabble with Jess while the guys had a bike ride.

Sunday/today? I had a super chill day cleaning a bit- being WAY tired with the benydryl I took for the cough.

My online BFF tata ( I met her IRL once, so she is totally not just imaginary ;) )
Well, she was busy getting famous - counter protesting the Westboro Baptist crazies who came to her town in KY to protest in front of a Catholic church.

She looks super cute in the pic-so I hope she doesn't mind me snatchin it from her FB to share here. I'm just proud to know her :)

Well anyway.
I should go for I start venting about my depressing state of being and bring you all down.
... I think my body hates me.

My skin,and GI system has been on revolt for as long as I can remember,
now it feels like all the rest of me is fighting against me. it's crap... and I think it is magnified by my depressed state of mind. I just don't have it in me to fight .
Failure after failure after failure.
I don't need to go there.

Tomorrow will be fine.
Gotta make the kids lunch, get her ready for school, and bring a bunch of her fav popsicles into class for snack time

I just want a miracle,
or a blessing,
I want everything to be better.
May it all be better Tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Awww I just want to hug you and make it better. It will be soon you know. From the outside life looks so perfect doesn't it. Good Marriage, happy child, roof over head, it's hard when the inside doesn't match. I'm sure as soon as your body heals you will be better able to manage the rest. Remember all of us who love you, and are close ready to help. Let me know if there is anything I can do. <33

Rochelle said...

HA HA HA I love the Valley girl comment! I wouldn't have noticed her saying that if you didn't say something, but dang! She, like, says that a lot!

Joye said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

I do hope you get to feeling better!!! I know what you're going through, I've had it myself and am ready to sell this blasted thing on Ebay!!!

tata said...

I love you and your beautiful family. <3

Tina Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! I love that pic of you two. I love her little boots. She is such a cutie.