Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."

Well we survived another week! That's great news,right?
Here's the week in a minute :

(and a half for bonus music class cuteness)

We got off to a rough start Monday- with me forgetting the kid's backpack and her being a little late. ...but I managed to bring it in along with the snack she wanted to bring in.

I think the cold finally headed out- but it left a wicked allergy cough. Only really bad when trying to sleep. I haven't slept all week without the help of Dr.Benadryl. Also been super foggy sleepy from it.

Tuesday, I was in an all right mood.I even rode the bike all over - Rode Rory to school, ran the dog then rode the bike back to help out in class...Though I purposefully hung out with Ri-- instead of meeting her for lunch. Luckily too- the little bit I saw of the lunch room was WAY louder than normal.
A few of the week nights Ri made us fish-we had some yummy blackened fish&grits and some tacos another night.

Wednesday I woke up with HORRIBLE charlie-horse leg cramps on BOTH calves! Stupid Charlie Sheen jokes.
I stretched and was still able to get her off to school-and get dressed up and bike back to the school with Ri to see Rory's music class:

(Yes.. I let my kid wear flower printed shirt,plaid shorts and pink cowgirl boots.. what's it to ya?)

London Bridge was super cute - they asked all of us parents to come out and make lots of bridges. Some of her classmates are REALLY into music class- and their music teacher is super cool and does lots of cute things with them.

I wish I would've got some more/better pictures.
We were so tired after that we came home and fell asleep on the floor! I swear I have slept more on the floor of this house more than any house I ever have before. They are soo oddly uneven it makes my spine stretch just right..and I fall asleep lol.
Rory almost always comes home tired and crashes on Wednesday. She doesn't get a naptime and it throws her whole day off.
Ri made us some awesome early dinner,,but we had to wake Rory up to get her to eat a little. - and we stayed up a little late chatting with Jess and Steve.
The Memory of the evil double dose of charlie -horses was not forgotten , it turned into full pulled muscles by Thursday morning , so bad I could barely walk.
Thank goodness Ri took her to school that morning.. but amazingly, the bike was the only time my legs didn't ache.
- Thursday and Friday it rained and the temp DROPPED.. The rain made us all sorts of tired, a bit grumpy. Ri took the kid off to school, and we ended up sleeping until it was time for him to go to work, and me to go pick her back up!

and the kid was in a grumptastic mood tantruming about everything. i don't think she had had enough to eat at lunch .. but beyond that she was in a mood on both Thursday afternoon and Friday morn- So much that she lost a bunch of privileges (tv time, toys out, I even made her wear jeans as she lost the choice of appropriate clothing options during a fit).
(it did NOT help that at that time my legs were useless swollen bruised muscles)
Thursday night ,I braided her hair, thinking I would take it out and let her wear it crimped.. instead she only let me braid a little over half her head, and she KEPT those braids in and wore her hair that was to school Friday LOL, one thing is for sure she has her own distinct style.

Upset about losing all of her privileges she came home Friday afternoon determined to make up for it. She cleaned her room and helped me clean up the house a little(and thank goodness I could hobble around again the mess was driving me crazy). So as a reward I let her play with the neighbor-girl for a bit , AND I took her to the schools movie night.
She was soo worried she wouldn't get to go to movie night, or shopping with Ri on Saturday she was extra determined to do everything she needed to.
...and well, I wanted to take her because 1dollar slice of pizza is pretty good for dinner. lol-

.. Sorry, I didn't get around to blogging Friday, or yesterday.
Saturday Ri was off work again , so Steve and Jess came over. Jess brought Rory a whole bunch of Dr.Seuss books to borrow- ( they are doing a contest , you get your name on a fish in the hallway if you read a whole list of Dr.Seuss book. )

And Steve came over with some tools to help Ri build a gate..!!!
Which means our yard is now completely fenced in!! (All the neighbors have fenced yards.. we just needed a gate )
Noobs is thrilled. She's been rolling around the yard without her harness on, and got to chase FeistyCat(the stray that hangs around the neighborhood) out of her yard.
For the most part,she just sits there. Poor Rory tries to throw the ball for her

I love the bum. She needs a bath.
her feet smell like Doritos. Fur..surprisingly smells a bit like a musty fur coat.(tufts of fur -winter coat- fall out very similarly too. ).

I've still been sorta in and out of feeling down. Frustrated with the way things are for sure.
But we are doing all right. Far far far from great. but getting better. Hopefully just a step away from handling things better.
..and ya know, everyone has been singing the same tune lately-- there are some crazy insane scary horrible things going on all over the world.. and my trivial little day to day seem so insignificant.

Ummm.. I'm sure there is more. Any more updates I am missing? Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for Dad surgery went well and he has the all clear- but they want him to quit smoking for fear he may get cancer again.

Anything else? what am I forgetting?
Oh- Rory read a few of the Dr.Seuss books TO ME! I can't believe she is doing so well. Her weekly writing assignments and nightly reading gets better and better it is amazing.
happy birthday to , my Bro in law... and who ever else was born around spring forward time.

I'm gonna run now.. that horribly bad addictive terrible show about sister wives is coming on.. and I'm gonna watch it in my room with my laundry pile while rory watches some horrible talking dog movie before bed.
.. I should probably shower sometimes soon too.



Joye said...

Loved the music class video!!! And Nicco running from his diaper, LOL.

Hope your legs are feeling better now!!! I hate those darn charley horses.

Have a great week!!!

Tina Michelle said...

She looks like she really likes music class. Yeah! Hope your legs get to feeling better soon.