Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of this , that , and the other

Oh, there I am.
Hey, now- it is spring break ..
Days of blogging are slipping away from me.
Mini pic and vid recap.. I still owe you pics from last week.

(oh.. since that pic, I trimmed her hair, even gave her some lng side bangs things)

Rory's spring break started out not so great.
She got sick Tuesday night, and we took her to the Dr Wednesday ( and because Florida Medicaid is a superfun paperwork nightmare ) .. I ended up having mom drive me out to her old ped an hour away instead of going to her next to last day of school.
All for the dr to tell us it was probably just a tummy bug.Poor kiddo.
Also , got to talk to the dr about the resilient stye Rory has, and get her some eyegoop. So that was good.

The next day was field day- and the doc said as long as she was holding down food still she should be good to go...
When I woke her up and got dressed ( to go with her because I had volunteered to help with field day that mornin') she was REALLY tired.
She seemed fine otherwise, and ate breakfast and got ready and everything- but just kept telling me she was sleepy (considering she had spent all of Tuesday up puking I was tired too)
..but I told her we would go , if only for a little bit- and I would be there with her if she needed me , We could just go in check out FD, hand in her homework , and we could leave early if she needed to. I really figured she would perk up once she saw all her friends..
Then, made the mistake of NOT staying with her in class and going to help on the field -- helping the PE coach with an activity ( Sidenote : Do you remember the parachute game where you lift it up and all go under it like a big mushroom.. yeah I ended up on that one. lol I used to LOVE when we did that in PE) .
... The WHOLE time I knew I should have went to her class instead of the field , and most of the other parents had. Rory didn't even stick it out an hour before another mom had to tell me she was too tired, and didn't feel well-- and I ended up taking her home.
I felt really guilty.. Like I had forced her to go sick, or something. :( I really just thought she would perk up, and worse case scenario I could take her home, I guess i didn't expect her to feel so bad still, she even ran a slight fever ( though all her food stayed down and she has felt much better).
Ah well , I guess,
at least she got to see her classmates for a few minutes, got to check out some of FD , and turn in her homework before spring break.

In other news.
Ri got a surf board, and a new job!
Well, those aren't really related but that is Ri news. One of his friends is moving to Hawaii and offered him a really awesome deal on his long board.
and the factory Ri applied at months ago started calling Ri back about a job there.
So.. he has spent every decent morning before work on the beach with Steve
... but this morning (which was cold and wet anyway) at orientation. The place pays better than the Seafood Dept for sure, and claims to have AMAZING health benefits and perks-but Ri isn't letting go of his seafood job just yet, and signed up for graveyard shift at the factory for now, we will see how it all works out.

My sis Lissy's Hubby Boo (or should I say my BroInLaw Boo? - whatever is easier to remember, ok) lol he is down for the week. Celebrating Nico's SECOND BIRTHDAY - can you believe it???
.. Honestly, I can - he seems soo much bigger than that.

Mom & Amy came over on the Saturday with Amy and Allura, we were going to go to the beach.. but the guys had just got back - it was the 1st weekend of spring break- we weren't going to drag the kids out to a beach THAT crowded.
We ended up just letting the girls play outside in the hose. Allura loved it more than we thought she would.

Rory loved it soo much she did it Sunday too;

Good though.. that yard was pretty dry lol.
She wanted to do it again yesterday, but it was raining. and today it was cold :(
Instead, she helped me clean the house all day... mostly in hopes of gathering all the loose change she can, she has decided she is saving up for a Lalaloopsy Doll.

Oh, that poor dog in the vid- Noobs got TWO baths last week , one for the fleas she suddenly had , one for rolling her clean self in catpoo (WTH)-- and neither put a dent in the fleas.. so we ordered more of the advantage meds , which helped- but its been a few days,and she still seems to have fleas! ... and I still feel the need to wash vac everything for fear of some freakish infestation. Poor dog has never really had fleas - the advantix stuff has always worked for us, I don't know if it is the stray cats out here or what...but she is soo whiny about it.

We spent Saturday night playing board games with Jess, Steve, and Jay. Jess has been working on board games to help her language arts class study with - and Jay had some banana word game he had been trying to get us to play. Wine or sweet tea, and BananaGrams at midnight -ended up being pretty fun. We are all big nerds.

As for me- and my ever foul state of mind. I have been trying to beat off the funk with exercise , which seems to be helping, save for the pulled muscles, that does suck.
I should get an iphone of my very own soon thanks to a MUCH MUCH overdue upgrade from At&t. that'll be nice. Hell,at this point I just want it so I can sit out back listening to the smodcast while I smoke and stalk facebook
(Does anyone else listen to PlusOne ? ... oh my my love of radio type shows is becoming renewed, I am so going to save up for a "The Fishies have no eyes" shirt ... I'll have to fight the kid for the loose change.) Maybe I will even blog/vlog and all that more?

I guess, I am doing alright. Things are looking up a little. I still don't feel like I know my place in the world around me.
I guess, I am learning to just kick back and observe it , if that is my place. TV is always interesting.. or not.
Thinking about changing my hair, maybe bleaching some individual locks , darkening others.. Ri doesn't seem convinced by this scheme, maybe I'll do something different.bored.
I am OH so interesting.

Well, as always, I am sure there is more..
but I need to go -
I MUST turn the tv off and force the kid to somehow sleep before she completely loses the ability to wake up at dawn ...Monday (our return to the grind) is sneaking up way too soon.



Anonymous said...

So much going on, oh my!! I'm glad Ri's work situation has turned around. That has to be a big relief. The kiddos are getting so big, and they always seem to be having such a good time. To be young again. I'm glad you're starting to feel better too sweetie. Loved the post. Thank you for sharing your lovely family with us. <3

babyhellfire said...

Thank you soo much for reading , commenting, and being there for me :) <3
Yeah, they have great little spirits and energy - thank goodness for the smiles of little ones :)

Joye said...

Sounds like life is starting to work back into the positive for you!!! Hope Rory is feeling much much better!!! As far as taking her to school for fd, hey, it was a 50/50 shot. Sometimes just getting them back with their friends makes all the difference. So don't feel bad about it!!!
Observe awhile, you'll find your place in this world, :)

tata said...

Y'all look GREAT! And yer husband looks great in that hat. The face Rory made when you asked for her ice cream was priceless! Miss you <3

Tina Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your nephew! So happy that Ri found that job! I hope it works out well for you guys. The graveyard shift sucks but it is a start. Don't beat yourself up about Rory feeling sick at school. We as parents have all done that. We think they will perk up or it is not sick enough to stay home. It is just hard deciding if it is worth a missed day of school or not. Hope Ri enjoys his new board!