Thursday, March 31, 2011

" Better a witty fool than a foolish wit." William Shakespeare

Yeah, well I said I was thinking about changing my hair...
I am sure if you follow me anywhere else you already know.

It is CRAZY!!!!

Soo,so so weird!!

...but, You know What is really really weird??

That people actually fell for it!!!!! :


LOL! I seriously thought all of you would see past my weak Photoshopping skillz instantly!!

In fact, I was far far too scared to wait until actual April 1st, because I just knew no one would buy it!

Instead , people were telling me how amazing I looked. (Awwww! I love you guys)

Some of them my sweet sweet my relatives.. and I feel really bad for pranking you. But , I just couldn't resist.

My fav was my sis calling - all worried like "What Happened!" - (and I knew she meant the hair pic, and that she LOVES short hair- but wanted to be supportive in case I was upset about it, Awwww) I seriously thought Lissy would be the 1st nonbeliever.

Or my MIL , and friend Tata calling SHOCKED- and giggling manically with me when I told them.
Special thanks to all those folks I DID spill to who kept quiet!

Sooo sorry everyone else! Please forgive me!

Well, I am thinking about dying a few of the individual locks and changing some stuff. I want to play with having dreadlocks a bit more before I get rid of them...
but, I have seriously considered cutting them, and I might if the weight and heat of them gets as overbearing this summer as it did last summer.

In the end a good experiment- if only to see how it would go over to have such short hair, because I am sure I will one day.
I can only hope my face doesn't look TOO fat without my hair to hide under
..and believe me, if I do cut them it will go straight to Youtube

but for now. They stay

. And I loves them.
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and I loves All of you!!

Did any of you have a clue?

How mad are you?
Do you love the short hair more than the dreads ,for that matter?

Comment below ,let me know!



Jane without an E said...


No one is youer than you.

Do what makes you happy.

Vanessa said...

Got me, completely. I think you look great either way. <3

marci said...

I should have known!! But I was a believer that you totally chopped it all off! You look great both ways! :) Laughing at myself now. LOL.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO I saw the conditioner post not the pic. How funny is that. I remembered you talking about dying some of your dreads, not cutting them off. great joke!! and sweetie it's not the hair we love it's you. <33

tata said...

I totally hate you for freaking me out like that and then freaking me out a second time by telling me it was a prank! I think you did an outstanding photoshop job and I humbly bow to yer mad skillz. Whenever you do chop the dreads, definitely strive for this look, 'cause it's amazing, really draws the eye to your beautiful face.

HCSorensen said...

Haha, you sure got me! And now knowing the photo is fake it still looks pretty real.

But yeah you look good either way. Usually I don't think short hair looks good on girls but I think you are one of the few ones that can actually pull it off.

And remember it's your hair, your life, your choice. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.


Joye said...

This was an amazing April Fool's joke!!! I never suspected!!! I'm pretty good at not getting caught on these April Fool things, but I can honestly say, YOU GOT ME, LOL.

As far as mad at you for this, absolutely NOT, your brillant!!!

Tina Michelle said...

really good trick and photoshopping. You really would look good with the short hair but you look good with the dreads too.

Valerie said...

LOL, love the pics. You look great with and without the dreads. Was scared for a second though, surprised you had cut them. Very cool.

babyhellfire said...

LOL!!! Thanks! I am still in soo much shock that I fooled soo many people! <3