Thursday, July 21, 2011

I found enough sand in my shoe to buld a castle,but it smelled like feet

Well Hi! I sure hope you came here in search of more summer pictures..
Because that's what I got.

I mean, if you really want I could offer up a rant about; stupid people,periods that come 7 days early, humidity , mosquitoes , insomnia , anxiety or how dishes pile up multiple times a day

... I think we should stick with pictures.

Rory has been a bit trying- she has this new anxiety thing that keeps her up all too late at night..
she worries about things like whether she will have a heart attack, if giant monsters with black tongues are real, if a plane could crash into our house , credit debt , and if she drank enough water -because she heard humans die of thirst...

(one of those could be mine)

..and Her dishes keep piling up, too.. and mean mommy makes her wash them herself.

We went to the beach with Steve one morning..

it was beautiful:
...and after that last beach trip (the one where it was sort of stormy out ) I vowed I would bring the dog , if I was just going to be standing in the sand...
and then I remembered the dog is actually sort of an asshole

The beach makes her VERY happy. So happy she could..
well , you know-
and she does, every time we take her.
She is a jerk about people swimming at the beach ,too:
No one is allowed to go in past knee deep.
She whines, she nose-whistles,
she tries to use her leash to drag you back to safety

....and did I mention it was gorgeous out??
Yeah, so not stormy and cold like the last time.
Good thing Steve was there as a 3rd adult to take turns on the beach to help wrangle the dog so I could swim a little.

(He had just had a CRAPTON of dental work and couldn't really go out in it anyway- )
Poor Steve ended up standing in her line of sight so Ri could surf, and she would stop whining .Yup.
The Dog thinks she is a horse , and needs blinders or she gets all spooked.

"YAY! I saved you Daddy! "
Did I mention the dog is a pain in the butt??
She is lucky she is so cute
and entertaining.

...and that's why we don't have any other pets..
Except the bunny

She was seriously a bunny for a week straight (thanks to making a bunny mask with Jess, from a big stack of crafting books Jess brought her) . She also ate bunny food, and used her tent sideways to make a big bunny hole.

.. I don't know where she gets such a thing from ,
I mean , it isn't like I run around the house pretending to be animals---
Well, there was that one time I was a squid

but that's hardly comparable.

Besides, I am going to guess she is totally normal, she has moved on to publicly breastfeeding her LalaLoopsy doll.

At least she has neighborgirl to hang out with .. all this free time might make her go silly.
.. and We also got ANOTHER FREE tv from Steve&Jess- lol this time their mom was getting rid of a nice flat screen. lol . They really must not like playing wii on the tiny tv, Let's hope this one doesn't get stuck on Nickelodeon too.
If Rory behaved(and stop testing me) she would have tv privileges more often

I think I took the MOST pictures this Wednesday-
Last Wednesday,(after my last post)
I made the choice to stay in thinking it was stormy (and it never did storm) .. and I regretted it.

So this Wednesday we did not stay in:
Ri woke us up and we hung out a little before he passed out (that's actually how every day starts anymore, he goes to the beach wakes us up , then goes to bed)
Then Mom &my sisters came to go to the beach.
We had a picnic in the park/playground

--- Weird playground equipment,,
We ate quickly ,it was really hot and buggy- then went to the beach.

Nico is my beach buddy
As soon as he realized where we were, he would only hold my hand.
He was a bit more scared of the waves this time

Allura was the opposite...
She was actually sort of hard to hold on to, all sunscreened to slippery ,and just trying to JUMP right in after the waves! She even got her face wet with a few of them and kept right on laughing about it.

Aww beach babies
Baby butt crack!

Lissy took a WHOLE bunch of video-- that I have no intention of editing tonight.
another post another day.
Mom got us ice cream and we headed home.

We were home long enough to shower off and get ready for the pier
Rory was soo excited to hang with her friends there.
Splash park 1st

They crack me up soo much!
we went to listen to the music next

We stayed a bit later than norm,
I drank another beer more than norm
.. and Rory played and played

- I had to rush back to wake Ri up for work,
and get Rory to bed.

Ri reminded me all night that Thursday was Steve's Birthday
..and told me we were all going to go to the beach for his birthday, and to get some sleep.

So fine,
I washed our bathingsuits and towels, I stayed up shaving...
but, I also had a early start to shark week ,and texted him a request for " compacted tubular-shaped piece of cotton that will allow me to go swimming or horseback riding, and maybe even a happy period if I am to believe the packaging."
Somewhere between raging shark week and how tired I looked this morn (yesterday morning at this hour?) he ended up letting me sleep in.

-- Sounded like they had a blast though- a bunch of them went out, they rented big paddle boards, caught some waves,
and forgot to take the camera,


At least the lawn guy came and the dog was happy.

OH!! Did I tell you , my PSIL (practically sis in law) Val moved to town!!!! She stopped in with Seth for a bit today, she even brought US presents!
Totally need to bring her a housewarming gift. I am soo happy she lives closer now. I love St.Auggy all my fav people should move this way. If we never have to go back to putnam to visit I'd be happy.
Val brought me another pretty dress too- I am starting quite a collection.
Who knew I would be a dress person?

speaking of clothes...
I should really be planning and packing for that trip to St.Louis that is trying to sneak up on me..
but I think I won't yet.

So anyway.
Theres more, but I am much too bitchy to blog .
I am going to go destroy the kitchen in search of chocolate.
Maybe I'll sleep soon , or eventually


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Libby said...

i couldn't see the screen on the camera. I had to snap the pics and hope they came out. I see I did get some that were nice. I hope you have more that are not too blurry or too bright. You know you couldn't get enough pics of those baby cousins at the beach, it brought me back to our childhood.