Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Of fireworks, imagination, friends, thunderstorms, and a beach bunny or two

Ok, here I am.
Ri had some time off work, and I have been being super lazy with him home..
Though, he went back Sunday night,
Well,At some point getting back into the flow of blogging becomes harder than it seems.
Stuff piles up.

Then stuff gets left out,Pictures need uploading , edited and explained..
It's summer vacation though, I'm gonna take it easy.

Well, are you ready for the big pic dump of Summer Break?

Mostly, we just hung out around the house. Rory has came up with a million games to play-all while enjoying the freedom of changing her wardrobe on a whim to match her game. Today, it was dolly- The couch cushions were used as iceburgs as they floated the rug hoping for rescue, and later they were seats in her car , as she wore a makeshift sarong and drove her kids to the store for candy.

.. I've been slacking on encouraging the summer education- but she has kept the crafts going, and written a few letters to classmates she misses. Jess has her working on her reading with a book a little over her reading level.

.. Oh, and it has rained
and rained.
and rained.
We needed it soo bad.
The AC died one night.
We thought it died, the next morning Ri found a HUGE frog destroyed in the fan- and cleaned it out.
Landlord still sent a AC repair guy to check on it as it wasn't blowing as cold, turns out- our filter was trashed too.. mostly because landlord had us putting the filter in the wrong place. DOH!

And the 4th of July!
Ri spent most of his time off grilling amazing food for us. We invited a few friends over for the 4th and had a big cookout.
We planned to walk to the bridge and see the fireworks ,, but it was soo crowded we stayed in the yard, and lucked out
LOOK at his view!!!!:

Boo was down visiting Lissy for their Anniversary- so they came out, we worried Nico would be afraid of the fireworks.. the idea couldn't be further from the truth, he was SO excited.

With the burn ban and all we weren't really sposed to have our own fireworks, (not that it seemed to stop anyone) - we did have sparklers though

George was here- he brought his kid back home before the fireworks, fearing it was too far past his bedtime, and too loud for him.. thats ok - Nico and Rory took to harassing him for attention right away.

When it wasn't raining Rory was living in her bathing suit.

Ri went with us to the music at the pier -with some of the other parents and Rory's classmate friends Wednesday.
He looks thrilled Right?
Rory LOVES Wednesday now, just to hang with her friends. It is totally her thing, but chatting with the other parents is always nice too :)

.. and there was much surfing and beach trips.

It was too cold for me after the rain though, I just took pictures,
if it stays chilly I will bring the dog next time. She is too much trouble when i want to swim, but if I am just standing on the beach anyway , I may as well be walking her.

Rory could spend hours just playing in the sand

Oh. and we saw a for real beach bunny.
Can you see it?

We had freinds over a few times for dinner - I think Ri had a pretty decent week off.

I am sure i could ramble and rant about much more, but I think i will leave that for another post.
but this coffee is hurting my bladder
...and i need to go explore google+ , get bored with it and continue stalking facebook ,
then get bored with it and watch more Dr.who..

I am nothing if not honest.
I could probably sleep too.
.. ok, that was a lie.

Off to catch summer before it slips away any faster.
-shock and awe-



Anonymous said...

WOW!! Amazing pics! Looks and sounds like life is good. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. <3

Curiously Joyful said...

Great pictures!