Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day off fun.

Yesterday was Ri's day off. We considered going to seaworld.We really want to go one more time before our passes expire,and we'd love to see their holiday stuff going on now.Hopefully another day.

Instead, decided we'd stay home and he'd have his buddy come over to help him fix up the back yard.(which was in pretty bad shape).He picked up Harvey and Miranda(heather-Harvey's GF- was at work ,so he was taking care of her 3 yr old).Needless to say Rory had a fantastic day.The guys cleaned up the back yard while Rory and Miranda played and had a blast.Ri ordered heavily discounted pizza from a buddy. Heather got off work and came over. We had drinks and hung out the rest of the night.Rory had soo much fun,there were a few disagreements between them,but they got along really well for little girls used to being the only baby.I don't know if Rory has ever been so dirty.It was pretty fun for us as well as the girls.
We made plans to go to the zoo together next week so hopefully it won't be the last time we all hang out.
PICs( I am actually, really hesitant to post these without Heathers permission,I would love to pus some on myspace-I am gonna wait and ask her permission for that.)


So, While those friendships-you know the ones with "Rian's friends"- are becoming deeper..my feeling about other friendships-including my closeness with my family have felt strained.
Today, I looked on myspace to realize I was left out from some close friends party planning.I am a little hurt by the realization that she is NOT actually a close friend anymore..most of the people that were aren't anymore.
& the other day I got in yet another arguement with my sis over nothing,It's like we can't get along at all some days...and I'm not sure it's getting to be worth the good days convos for all the bad with her...and I dunno if anyone else there even cares to talk to me.

Remind me to NEVER try night weaning again.
Last night ,Rory woke up and asked for "beets" sleepily I said "not right now"
she was fine at 1st and ,for a second ,I thought this won't be soo bad.Then'she woke up more beghan to cry HYSTERICALLY AND DEMAND BEETS..At this point I CAN"T cave,I don't want her to think that works.So we ened up getting up and watching cartoons for a few hours before she calmed down and I decded to give her beets for not asking :( .

Oh- and I'm bleeding & broke out all over still,SO FUCKING sick of such strong periods! I am all lazy and don't want to do all the cleaning I need to either.ugh.

Today,Rory woke up late and took a nap-(I am sure to be up all night)she has been super cute though,playing with her giraffe in the big cleaned up back yard. -the opening pic is from today.Her bossy grump face.Cheesy me out though.lol

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