Friday, December 7, 2007

Good and bad and inbetween

Ah,the hormonal nightmare begins once again as dear aunt flow gets closer.I honestly feel overrun by it at times. :( . I need to get my thyroid checked-the signs that point towards it are getting more apparent..I keep saying that-It doesn't make it happen.UGH.No pics from me today-I look horrendous,at least to my insecure hormonal self that is.

So many relatives in bad places-If I was the praying type I'd pray for them.I do send them positive energy.Seems things are down for folks.This is just a sucky time of year.Money seems tighter, and bodies seem weaker.If you are the praying type..pray for my cuz and her baby to be home together soon.And my Granddad's health to improve...and pray for money for all of us if you wanna be greedy .lol.

We got our FANCY new camera in the mail today.Can't really afford it,but a good camera has become such a necessity and with ours broken ,Ri went ahead and ordered it. It is AWESOME! :) The old one I managed to take apart and fiddle with and STILL couldn't get it functional. :( If i find someone who can fix it my parents may get it for xmas...only because I busted their "chicken".

Rory has been much the same.Cute but difficult.funny-but patience trying.She is getting SO big right before our eyes.Little teenager-I am NOT prepared. I knew this stay at home mom thing would be difficult..and it is.I love to be with her,I love the memories we build..but it is stressful.Feels like RI is NEVER home-though he has been,and he has done an amazing amount for us when he has been :)

Soooo all that really matters when you have a new camera Pics.

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