Friday, December 21, 2007

Another quickie amidst trying to prep for the holidays.

We went to the zoo with Harvey,Hether,Miranda and Collette.
Rory had a BLAST -we all had a blast.Miranda and Rory get along great Harvey and Hether were funny & Collette is amazingly mature.
We went to IHOP then to the zoo-it seems it took forever to get there.
The weather was really nice though-better than I expected.

We were EXHAUSTED when we got home. The next day was a really lazy day.
Rory woke up and was playing outside with Noobie-and ran in to tell me "Noobie is eating a rat"
Turns out Noobie had killed a mole.I woke ri up and asked him to bury it.So, Rory started burying her broken toys.She seemed ok..I dunno if I was ready to cover the whole death topic.

Today I have loads to do...almost done cleaning.
Ri did manage to unclog the dishwasher.
I had Libby comeover to help today so I could catch up.

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