Thursday, December 13, 2007

old friends,new friends,being open-and being closed off

Yesterday,I met up with a friend from the internet- Amber, her hubby actually went to school with Ri.
-Sooo KEWL she lives so close. We let our girls play together in the park ,she brought tea party stuff and the girls had a cute tea party in the park. It was lots of fun.Nice to chat with someone locally who doesn't think I am "weird" or "Uptight" IRT parenting issues.
Her daughters are one yr older and one yr younger than Rory so it worked out perfectly. Rory was a little bossy again,people keep telling me it is just a phase-I am hoping that is the case UGH.Eve and Reagan are SUPER cute, I think they all had fun.They played all day while we chatted.It was nice to hang out with an

I changed my myspace quote to a new buddha quote to: "Angela is learning An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind."

It is a very fitting quote with how I feel about some old friends of mine excluding me.I guess truly I SHOULDN'T feel hurt by someone I pushed out of my life pushing me out of theirs...but,yeah.Even worse because of their continued communication with me as though nothing is wrong..ugh.
I am feeling like it is time for me to move on ,and become more open to making new friends, and getting closer to other people in my life.Even though I know I am no good at that.I am tired of feeling like I am strangers with the only people I call "friend" it needs to change if I want to start feeling less hated. I am very great full for Ri,i can't imagine how low I'd feel if he wasn't soo supportive and so much of a good friend ,no matter what :)
Well Rory is in the other room yellin' with her grump a voice,I think I have an ear infection and don't feel like doing ANYTHING. UGH.better go check it out.

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