Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quick seaworld blog

We went to seaworld yesterday -woohoo-
It was FREEZING! We wore layers.Rory was excited to go, and brought the lunchbox she got last time back-and begged us for mac&cheese and a shamu cookie.
We went on the "polar express" and to see santa.Rory was more excited then I'd expected
about santa.She treated him the same as the rest of the costumed characters in the park:A hug, short convo ,and pic.I love the way they decorated like the polar express north pole...I wish they'd have had some fake snow.
We went to the "pets ahoy" show for the 1st time-Better than I thought it would be and Rory loved it-and getting to eat the cookie she had begged for.

I am too lazy to upload pics-and I need to go to bed because we are going to the zoo bright and early..You can find buttloads of pics in my "seaworld fun" album on myspace.
AND-I vid of Rory on the big kid ride..

She was soo big all day -Riding big rides talking to all the big kids very cute-a little over freindly.
Its been a rough day today-Rory has been very clingy,the dishwasher isn't working UGH.
off to bed.
There is much more to tell-but it'll hafta wait.This was already longer than I'd intended.

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