Monday, August 4, 2008


I think i will blog all night
-- and blame tata.
Since I see I have been tagged:

I must list 5 things about myself that most don't know and then tag 5 others to do the same - so that it grows.
---ugh. chain blogging.and for fucks sake I don't think there is any 5 things I could blog that people don't already know, I am far too open like that,'specially here on my blog-or 5 people to tag.
I shall try,then those of you who I tagged are obligated to do the same DAMMIT

  • if i had the time,the money,the means- I would go to school to study nutrition.Just sounds like an interesting profitable subject.
  • other than giving birth-(and I wasn't REALLY then)I have never been hospitalized-knock on wood
  • I cry randomly and for no real reason, more than I probably cry over having a reason.especially if hormones are involved. panic attacks too.
  • I fear I am far too multidemensional - far too involved it little bits of things, to define myself with(or by doing ) just one - to ever be the biggest fan,collector or expert of anything-- and I envy those who seem to.
  • I like a terrible lot of pop music more than I would prefer to confess too.--like right now I have discovered the flobots- and for the sake of not wasting this blog on a chain letter -you should too:

There lyrics are soo beautifully politically charged- and yet the lyrics and beat are still catchy. The music itself is still good- which is saying a lot- I think, considering one or the other could have probably carried the rest...
though you have to forgive the singer for sounding soo much like Eminem in this one.
(the whole album is good too)

Soo anyway- I am tagging:

My Sis- who just started a blog

ThoughtsandThings (dunno if she wants her Real name or screen name listed- so I'll put that)


...and Well, thats all I got.
no one else would do it or appreciate the comment.
Told ya i dunno 5 bloggers--sorry now I will be cursed or something .

-- and so being a fluffy blog- I shall make it cotton candy colored.

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tata said...

Sorry to have done it to you, girl!

So when did you change your font colors 'round here? Obviously, I *love* it!