Sunday, December 21, 2008

Itchy Ballerinas, overheated Santa Claus magic,kitties- and don't forget drama

Hey People!!!, Noobie says "hi!",too.

When I finished my last post Rory was being goofiness with her playdoh car driving Little Pets.

Well, later that night she decided to dress up as a ballerina and dance... Noobie also had to get in on the action...and attention.

On her tiptoes while the music box played.

--OH! She also had a rash pop on her arm. Mom said it looked/sounded like posion ivy... I am somewhat concerned it could be from cashews though, as I haven't got the rash-and she really hasn't been anywhere to have gotten into o posion ivy.. it has cleared up a few times..and came back and cleared up. :(

Next morning.
We got up and ready to go to porky's xmas bash.Porky's is a local bar restaurant type deal. Mom and Dad hang out a Porky's regularly, doing karaoke,auctions and helping organize this bash..
We had been to the party before , it was HUGE
- one year they raffled out free bikes-along with small gifts to every kid from santa,this year they went a different route (because of problems the last few years)
and raffle tickets got kids into "santa's shop"(without a parent unless they were under 2) to pick out there own gift.They also had free hotdogs and soda, for kids under 12.Mom said they had bakes sales and auctions and collected 10thousand dollars just to give back to the community.

Mom & Lissy came to get us. Rory was excited to get to wear her party dress.

JJ met us there and we waited in the LONG line to see Santa-even though we "knew" Santa personally.
There were SOOO many people it was shocking. Had to be over 500 kids!! Check out the line!

Can you beleive I got a teeny bit sunburnt waiting for santa!!
Wayy toooo hot. I felt bad for santa.

Lissy got hungry, so JJ took her to the store to get a snack...we were still in line when they got back. lol.
There were games set up- ring toss and bean bag toss- after the kids played they got to pick out a 2 liter of soda. Rory picked out a dr.pepper.
There was also a GIANT slide. I sent Lissy to let Rory do that while we stood in line.
Mom, JJ and I "awwed", and giggled, about how nervous she looked at the top.. I was really afraid she would be to scared to go down.

--but when she got to the bottom, she cut across and went back up one more time, before Lissy could catch her! LOL (Ri says we are raising a little cheater)- Lissy said that the woman monitoring it just giggled and pointed up the ladder when it happened.

Rory was sooo tickled that "Santa" knew her name!,AND Aunt Lissy's name!
(Aww,look at lissy's baby bump!)

LOVE this pic..NOTE the giant fan-poor guy- he should have dressed as beach santa or something LOL. The rednose was very santalike though.
And Rory's pose pose smile.
.....Well, I REALLY expected her to figure out "SANTA" was Grandada!-at LEAST by his voice, I even went as far as prepping her proir to the party, that "Grandada might help santa by pretending to be him"- but she says he didn't :)

We saw Mel(Ri's older sis) on the way back past the line- She said she reconized me "by the booty!"- which my mom cringed at. The kids are looking too big! Jade(he is 12 i think) sounded nervous about seeing "santa" - He was like "what am I sposed to say?"- I told her it was my dad, and he is awesome. He is REALLY great with the kids. Everyone was gushing to us about how great he was up there. We even had a great laugh watching him while we waiting in line.

While Mom,J,and lissy listened for Rory's raffle number to get called I took Rory to the bounce yeah- lets all pretend that that isn't a kid in camoflauge Pjs in there with her.

- i thought I would never get her out. The girl monotoring it was really sweet and shuffled out the big kids so Rory and a few other little ones could jump. Me and another little girls mom had a REALLY hard time getting them out.-Our girls were in there jumping pretending not to hear us- I feared having to go in after her.

Poor overheated "Santa" decided he was done after awhile,and we walked up to greet him(Mom had brought him street clothes to change into) .Lissy told Santa how Rory was waiting for her number to get called,but it hadn't been. Santa picked up Rory and took her- With us trailing behind. I was like "santa stole my baby"

..He took her into the backdoor of the secret shop.. where she picked out a toy. I knew, and had said to mom- she probably would pick something cheap if left to pick on her own... She bypassed keyboards,and dollhouses, and went for a shovel and pail gardening set -but afterall isn't that what alll little Florida kids need :)

I thought these were pretty...until I almost fell in trying -unseccessfully to get to a yo-yo a little boy had dropped. His dad came along and got it for him though.

We waited around in theback-Lissy was reading a womans palm. While we waited to see Dad and say bye.

- I do beleive ,Rory even told Dad about meeting Santa !
Mom also told Dad about the nice family we met in line in front of us, with 5 small children..and sent him back to work a little santa magic to make sure their numbers had been called in the raffle.
As they day had warn on they were practically giving toys away- Dad tried to argue they should save them for next year instead.

Before we headed to St.Auggy to shop, we stopped in at the trailer park pavilion JJ lives at now- they had went ALL out decorating and EVERY inflatable xmas decoration you have ever seen, snow globes and lights- we will have to go again at dark.

...Oh and some wild urkeys...not like the phesant little wild ones in our neighborhood. I told JJ he should catch one- Ri might eart a free range turkey ...prolly have to get someone else to clean it.

We stopped in at Mom's to pick up Amy.. and headed for St.Augustine. Figured we shop the outlset mall for Xmas ,and Lissy had planned to pick up a cheap aquarium she found on craigslist(the deal fell through though :( ) .

We stopped in and got subway on our way.- i got a really simple veggie sub- I was overheated and not very hungry.Rory head chips and cookie.Sub was pretty excellent though- you never know with subway it could be terrible or awesome.

-Rory's rash DID flare up again a few times. Luckily I thought to bring hydrocortizone.I am a bit worried the rash is a cashew allergy from those chocolate turtles Ri brough me she loved soo much-mom thinks posion ivy though :( ...either way I hope it is gone by xmas.It seems gone as I type ,at least.

_-- OH and i never got one single pic of my cute outfit. My tank top and stipy arm warmers and pigtails. I got a few comliments for it even :(..Maybe Mel will send me the pic she took.

The outlet mall was a bust I must say. DUDE I swear they added a dozen store i don't remember. WAY WAY over priced store we would never shop at. SAKS 5th avenue? yeah, gucci? yeah, just not the place for me.
OH but I could move into earthbound trading Co. Mom bought a few Crystals there. Rory checked out the hermit crabs.
I think Rory could move into any little girl.Didn't find /buy much though,but it was fun walking around checking stuff out,laughing and joking with my fam- even with an overstimulated kidlet.
We got back to moms pretty late. Dad was surprised they hadn't dropped us off 1st.

We had to pet the kitties and eat some more junk food though...Mmm ice cream cake and caffine
..and kitties!Rory played with the
Aww lavender is soo cute.
Rickjames(the mamakitty) was VERY mad at me for taking innapproriate pics of her cleaning herself.- I swear I was just trying to capture the dryerlint fluffness(you have to touch her, she doesn't even feel cat-ish) that is "lavender".

Aww its basement kitten
Aww, she has such pretty features.

I WILL break Ri of his "no cat" rule one day.

Surprise flash..

It was fairly late when we got home. Rory was wound up.I was sooo sore and tired...and so was Ri when he got home.
Slept really reallly good.

This morn' I woke to Ri up early playing a insanly loud video game..and rory telling him he "intruppted her beauty sleep!".
Rory and I had a pretty univentful day as Rory played around the house with her playdoh, and connect four from the party-and I deep cleaned ,and prepped everything for the holidays.
Monday, and Tuesdays, are Ri's days off and we have much to do.
..Well as I sat down to upload pics(had a helluva time)-
Sari called.IT finally happened. ..Ri's mom has been watching Lily for her, and ever annoyed by it and bitching about Sari not wanting her to watch Lily at her house(even though i was the SAME way when Rory was that age)..and the ever growing beef with RJ-which we all knew a blow out was just festering and is all too familiar i must admit,)well anyway...
Sari needs somone to watch Lily in the morn.
Which means I REALLY should go to bed now. I Do feel like I owe it to Sari -considering sari was the one who came to OUR home free of charge to watch Rory at that age.
HOPEFULLY, Sari will find a way to get out of work Tuesday, if not we will have to figure out how we can juggle watching Lily and finishing the last of our holiday prep-cringe-. Well, at least I AM excited to play with her in the morning.

-sigh to bed with me.

...and in case the next few days are tooo busy :
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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tata said...

One year, DD's grandfather dressed like Santa for the grandkids. DD, being quite sharp (and the first-born grandchild) figured it out that it was him and nearly spoiled the surprise!

That gray kitteh is sooooo cute!