Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh, credit debt, and crap luck,feels like december

I mean hot and sunny one day ,cold and rainy the next, Florida December ,that is.

Hi folks!!!
Loads of good and bad updates-lots of boring rambly nothingness been going on.
... and I have been lame to not post for what, a week -or more? Whats worse I have taken FEW pics this week.. I still haven't taken one of my little plastic charlie brown tree.

Sooo. Rory and I have STILL been on a early schedule, a -gasp- normalish one! She falls asleep at 9 or 10 and wakes at 7 or 8. In fact as I type(it is about 8:20-it will be much later when this finally gets edited and posted lol) , she is falling out on me.

- Unfortunately , that leaves me to stay up late if I want to see Ri.
I made the mistake of doing that Friday night, when Ri brought home a present to be able to put something under the tree for Rory( a small cheap Little pet).

I realized my mistake Saturday, I woke up early to Rorysunshine, and Lissy calling to ask if we wanted to go shopping with them. Rory who had(/s?) been painfully tantrum prone was excited to go, but she seemed to want to go without me!! Maybe another time.

Her mood turned right around when they picked us up. She was an angel with them.
She is sooo articulate,and so funny- that every store she goes to she ends up taking other people off guard when speaking to us , and getting a reaction, - giggles, and "awwwss!", which embarrass her actually.So sweet though.
We went to the mall, and Mom picked out a party dress for Rory ,(she has been asking for one) from the consignment shop(-YES, yee-haw southern stylee malls have Consignment shops, its next to the day care ,and a few state offices LOL. )-Amy , Lissy Rory and I walked around the pet shop,and gift shop while she did that.

We went to Bealls and cracked up the girl standing nearby while dissing the horrible new - rehashed unflattering 80s cloths- followed by a disappointing trip to the new bk , the one they put in a giant parking lot football feild ,across from the old one..

Then we headed to moms house.Played with some kitties and chatted-Rory getting as much junk in her belly as she could

Aren't they cute?! We stayed much later than I intended,-but Rory really fought leaving , I was TIRED.When JJ brought us home.

Sunday Ri decided to call in and take his new "day off" that day instead of Thursday. We decided to brave a toy store with the kid,see what exactly she likes ,despite not having a dime...and maybe while we were in town splurge on some Indian takeout.
Yes.Stressful.We had an alright time though.

The car wasn't moving(we were waiting for Ri to come back with the indian food-took forever),
I know her chest clip is low(though not sure how it slid down), I fixed it before we started moving.

On Monday we got turned to our emergency credit card,- i know, terrible-and decided to drop the kid off with one of our parents and go to his works Xmas party, and then do a teeny bit of shopping for Rory.
Ri's mom seemed thrilled to watch Rory- and Rory was SUPER excited she even packed up a bag of toys to take-every little pet she could fuind(25!!) .
Loads of nerve, about leaving Rory since it has been a LONG time since we left Rory with someone else for more than a few minutes. She didn't even want us to walk her in though!
-- then I had added nerve about meeting all his coworkers, and going to the "party". least I already knew his coworkers were crazy,and vulgar. I can't say anyone really surpised me, but I got lots of laughs:

-note how WASTED Ri's coworker Brian ,in the background, is

He tells me NOT to take a picture- that pretty much makes me need to take one,right?

More antics- we smoked too many black an milds, and ended up staying much later than we had planned,watching people act a fool.
Grabbed a to-go box full of desserts and headed out to buy a few toys.

- We found a few cheap things we couldn't afford but bought anyway.
A litebright(which was small and cheap, and maybe a bit old for her-but Ri insits she will love it), a few (the camping set ,and a two pack I think) of her beloved Littlest Pet shop toys(have I ever told you that down here they are WAY cheap, they are WAY more expensive on the website,and insanely overpriced on ebay, I keep thinking of buying some just to resell),

OH ,and I managed to find some of those basic wooden blocks I have searched for YEARS for! and for cheap!

Walmart was hell though- we went there to get wrapping paper and a few other little things,and then had to battle with a huge line just for effing selfcheckout.
When got to Ri's moms to pick up Rory she was UPSET! She was sooo overtired and not ready to stop playing with Grammy, I guess she had a great time!

Tuesday we did a teeny bit more creditdebt digging shopping ,for the minimum amount of groceries,and some small things for our reletives.We still have people to buy for... I don't know how or what yet-eeekkk! it's close, too!! Came home and Ri made dinner while we wrapped gifts- then he remembered a freind of his was in town and called him up for a visit, shared dinner with him -Rory fell asleep during dinner, we had a few drinks and chatted - waved bye to Ri's buddy and went to bed.

UGh.So,Wednesday morning when Rory woke up bright and early,Ri was up. Saying he was sick. I figured he was hungover- until he turned green and ran a fever. Total hell- he had to call in there was NO WAY he could drive that way to work,just what we need!
He spent the whole day REALLY REALLY sick.He found out MANY of his coworkers called in sick (or have since) something is going around ..
He was a bit better by the end of the night thursday.

I was worried Rory would get sick. So FAR we both seem ok though..
Yesturday We cleaned the house and watched HULU most the day. Ah ,TV zombieness...but she was SOOO cute squealling over the Maury Holiday Jack Hanna special :

I managed to scrub the kitchen mop the flooor, but I never did get to vaccuum the carpet.It was rainy and nasty out all day.

Today, Val asked if we would like to go with her to the local Xmas party. I should actually be getting ready for that.....
I was totally lazy, I feel borderline-
I am really hoping it is just stress ,and tired- NOT the sick.Can I PLEASE get a break from the sick?PLease?!
Rory had fun playing around the house being silly she came up with a few funny games dressed up like Hannah Montana , and played outside. Got pretty dirty and we took a bath...which is probably part of the reason she fell aslep so early- I should of waited.

So- I have been typing this(and playing around on the net avoiding it) for awhile, I really need to go get ready for tomorrow..and maybe sleep.

Night folks.

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