Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Jeez! She isn't even quite 4 yet!"- and other neat things

Did Rory get bigger overnight, or is it just me?
I don't mean bigger size, she is still rocking the size 3s. I just all the sudden have a preschooler in my midst. She spends her mornings coloring,her day asking questions- she wants to know everything about letters and numbers.
I can't read to her enough, I can't do enough activities with her.She blasted through ALL of the activities (mazes,number and counting games) in all of her coloring books ,all of the sudden, the other day.
Oh, and she EATS now, really really eats. She tries food she has never seen before, eats BIG heaping servings without turning up her nose,or bribery on our part- even telling us we make wonderful dinners.

It has been HOT here. UGH. December in FL it goes from freeeeeezing to HOT.

Sunday, Ri was 'sposed to be off ,but actually got called in to work. WOOHOO!- He even managed to make us a yummy breakfast before her went in.Rory LOVES tofu scramble and ate loads of it, more than she even ate of the grits.Gushing about what a great cook her Daddy is.
Rory spent a lot of the day outside,she picked some mandarin oranges by herself( she has been eating them almost nonstop this week) and sat outside with the dog.

Noobie had fun playing with that rope with us.
I spent a lot of the day clearing off the dryer so RI could take it out and apart (to fix the belt ) on his day off.
UGH! We store sooo much in there it was a HUGE job. Sucky.
I tossed Rory in the bath-which was a struggle.
She had a scratch on her leg the other night, and got soap in it, and now she is freaked out about baths hurting her boo-boos.
She is also sort of oddly upset when she gets a boo-boo. She is afraid she will be in trouble for crying about them (?) . Puzzling. She tell me not to tell daddy she cried,and is embarrassed by it. Poor thing. .. At 1st I thought maybe she had cut herself getting into something she shouldn't have AND THAT made her worried about getting in trouble,but then she got a blister, and had the same embarrassed worried about being in trouble reaction, poor thing.

Ri got off fairly early, Sundays they close pretty early.I had this idea- he had made Setain/wheatmeat "Ribs" a while back , and I thought maybe that recpie would be good as "hot wings " instead of ribs..They turned out awesome- I will get back to them later-
We stayed up far later than we should have eating dinner.Then Rory woke up , overtired , and upset she had missed dinner.

Monday- We went shopping for a few more Xmas presents, a birthday present for Sari( Ri says THIS year he WILL NOT get her a gift for xmas), and a belt for the Dryer. Rory was all over the place, shoes falling off being far more stressful than I would have liked.We spent almost the whole day shopping, and really didn't buy a terrible lot.
We tried to get ahold of Sari to bring her, her gift with no luck.
Ri made awesome Chineseish dinner, fried tofu-(with sweet and sour sauce), and fried rice. Even fried some other veggies -pepper onions, and pinnapples in beer batter. Turned out really awesome. Rory declare tofu as her favorite food, between tofu scramble, and fried tofu she LOVES it. I got an odd sense of pride hearing that one. UgH- greasy belly kept me up a little later than I would have liked.

Tuesday- I woke up wayy before Ri... a bit grumpy. I was having an all out grumpfest. Nothing felt like it was working right.The kitchen was trashed but I couldn't quite clean it because I didn't have a place to put the storage stuff that was waiting on the dryer to get fixed and put back.

I finally woke Ri up and he tried to fix the dryer- and found out he didn't have the right screw driver to fix it. He ended up running up to Hills (local hardware a few blocks away) to find one.Damn thing cost 20 bucks. So the dryer eneded up costing 25 bucks to repair....BUT YAY it is fixed , and I didn't have to resort to hanging my clothes in between surprise Florida rainstorms.
We DID get ahold of Sari about bringing her gift.She sort of frustrated Ri telling him she is having Xmas dinner and we HAVE TO COME, and HAVE to bring something...
and also saying we shouldn't come over right now" because they don't have enough food"(we don't want your steak)... he just told her to call him back when she was ready for us to come over and bring her her birthday present. She didn't. The whole thing was passive agressively rude back and forth.Yay family love.
Did I mention I was already having a grumpfest??
Well , I tried on the dress I planned to wear for xmas, and it didn't fit!
UGH. I have been gaining weight soo bad. Ri was no help .I felt crappy
Rory kept complaining her tummy hurt but I didn't manage to find anything to help.

We went to the park.

These cranes, I swear there is only a small group of them that live out here, but they are all over the place.

New thing at the park

Little did we know the drama that would follow......

- Ugh poor baby. she had already been complaining of a belly ache before she stepped in some doggies poo, and trailed it through the toy house- to the top of the slide, then slid down the slide. :(
I was done. We didn't bring a change of clothes for her.Her belly hurt, and she had some strange dogs NASTY poo on her. So we left even though we hadn't been there long, and Rory was upset to not get to play more with the new toys.
Ri was really offended - as a fairly responsible dog owner, we pretty much ALWAYS pick up Noobies poo, and ppoooor Rory! :(

...For dinner Ri made those Setain hot wings again.

he modifies this rib recipe

They were sooo good, with some HVRanch dip. We had corn on the cob and mashed potatoes with them. He also made some with no hot sauce for Rory, She LOVED them(and her whole dinner,
they were almost like chik'n nuggets-which Ri is talking about making next with some breading! Mmmmm. They are really good, and MUCH MUCH cheaper than boxed faux chic'n stuff.

I sent this pic into Jones Soda, the product placement is too perfect.

It is so awesome she has been eating sooo much.
...except maybe the concequense of having a load of added crazies before bedtime. I swear she has some much energy she could run up the walls. .. and she keeps getting hurt doing it it. She busted her top lip that night. running through the kitchen and falling :(

Ri also made some really awesome bread. ..before he drank too much - spent hours on the phone with his mom, and passed out.

Wednesday- I just tried to catch up on the laundry , and cleaning since the dryer was fixed. I got this wild hair to pull out the sandwhich press and made grilled cheese sandwhiches on it.
..and much much much later Rory helped me make PB&J sandwhiches on it.
Rory seemed content playing around the house-dressed like a princess while I hung clothes , singing and coloring.

Ri called and told me he would need to work thurday morning So I made us all dinner. Lentils,rice with crushed tomatos , and broccholli. Which Rory ate a lot of and again declared it the best dinner ever.

Yesturday. Since Ri had to work in the morning- Rory and I woke up and went to the park.
She decided to ride her bike there.

Since it was midday, and midweek I decided it would probably be alright for her to ride around helmetless in our quite neighborhood.
She is getting REALLY good.
I DO keep having to tell her to SLOW down enough to steer.Soon I think I will need a bike to keep up with her!!
She rode ALL THE WAY to the lake park... where they had some new things
This is actually a wheelchair swing...

We played around there for awhile before we rode back... I heard some lightning and HOPE it wouldn't rain on us on the way home.
We rode past the comminuty center- which was crowded, not sure what was going on there... a few of them tossed cat calls , or nicetys ,, and cheered Rory on as she focused on pedalling. She did SOO good, and was really proud when everyone told her "good job,pretty girl!"
Can you beleive how big she is???
It was CRAZY CRAZY hot. We even came home and made lemonade.
HA!! I didn't even see the GIN label until this pic!!
No worries, it hasn't had gin in it for a long long time... just a very sticky label.

Rory had a whole lemonade stand going. Charged me a dollar for a cup!
It wasn't long before she was napping.

Woken up from her nap with a start by a guy saying knocking on the door.
He handed me a peice of paper and told me to call our mortgage company.. and asked if he could take pictures of the outside of the house...
I said sure but it freaked me out. I knew we were a bit late on our payment, but I didn't think late enough they should be evaluating our property. I called Ri - they told him it was really no big deal( scare tactics, me thinks)... and he told them he WILL be making the late payment soon.

My head was hurting in the yuckiest oddest way most the day .Rory was bouncing off the walls.
I was really overstimulated headachy when Ri got home.I tossed together left overs for dinner... Ri said he had to work early again.
I am really glad he is getting some hours.. I miss him though. and I hope we will be able to wrap presents soon.

LOL Right now, Rory is playing with playdoh and her pets- she just built a car around her bulldog toy, then gave him driving glasses and a hat! Love it.

Well, I have to get ready for the Xmas party I am going to with my mom tomorrow.

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