Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Muffins, blackberries, and a dog may just save my sanity

Heeeey Folks! (Sorry, didn't mean to turn my dogs eyes all freaky.. the doggy equivalent of redeye is yelloweye, and for some reason a much harder fix)

Things have been a little better in my fusstastic ,high stress over nothing ,sort of existence.

Granted, I did, at one point the other day, almost call someone-(anyone) to save me , when the latest bout of the "fuss over anythings" had me screaming loud enough to frighten the neighbors into behaving.
And Rory has proven to me she will go through any sleepless zombie state to be awake and going to bed at dawn, no matter what I attempt to change it.

Otherwise, she has been less fussy.Noobie has helped with that, playing and being Rory's shadow.I know, that part of the problem is attention seeking.
Plus, she has just kept herself busy. Instead of moping around on top of me fussing ,she has had twenty games, and projects, going at once...which unfortunately means I have had to work to find my floor and tables.

Well, I woke up the other day with a wicked craving for some Apple cinna muffins.
I also figured it would be something Rory would enjoy helping me with.
Rory made the crumbly topping, they have huge chunks of apple in them- they made the whole house smell soooo lovely.
I knew I should have added the apple chucks in sooner than the recipe suggested- and that adding them as described would make me end up over stirring- yeah.they were a little glutony,but amazingly still sooo good. Rory loved getting to make her own topping and decorate them herself.I will make them again

Rory played with the counting book mom bought her- she LOVES this, and feels soo big doing it.

(she also ran 'round in her pj's all day eating handfuls of dry oats- which I ended up vacuuming up at 4 in the morning)

..Really Noobie was just trying to get closer to the child covered in reece cup remains.

Thank goodness for Noobs - I was able to finally concur the mountain of clean clothes and hang them , I even put a "boring mommy movie" in the bedroom dvd to watch.. (Ghost Town is a great movie, highly recommend)...
..and Rory spent that time suckering the dog to play with her ,with handfuls of oats.

Tuesday, I decided to get out the iron and use those ironons I had saved,on that 3 $ purse-
Rory thought picking out decals and placement looked too fun- so she decorated one for herself too(I ironed it for her):

Rory's "powered by sugar" creation.

--That melt down I spoke of earlier, happened Tuesday evening. I was in the middle of mopping the kitchen floor and not giving Rory the full overdramatic attention she craved. I ended up throwing as much tantrum as her- when we both cooled off(and I finished what I was doing) I took her out to pick blackberries

She was proud to pick a few all by herself, with " no thorns!'.
Mmm black berries at sunset. She pretty much ate them all- turning herself all sorts of purple.

Ri only had to work Nalus- So he picked up some groceries on his way home. Rory was thrilled he got her Organic Clifford cereal instead of the walmart cheerios(which she is not a fan off,she likes the publix organic- and thats IT). I made stirfry for dinner- Rory ate everything in sight, and then some- I am not sure where she was putting all that food!!She still had a bowl of cereal with her dinner!
Then Ri brought out dessert

(doesn't she look exhausted?!)
I really thought eating like that, looking soo worn out - she would be in bed early.
NOPE. Another sunset bedtime. However, she brushed her teeth and cuddled sweetly with hardly a fuss.
She has been surprisingly good today ,too. I even talked her into playing outside, a bath, AND the house isn't completely trashed..
I am waiting on the other shoe to drop.
I am comforted knowing this less fussing overeating thing IS my child --You can tell by the fact, she made a littler box of little clay balls for her little pets to poo in, and has spent the last hour throwing herself into a propped up couch cushion.

Well, Ri is talking about going to the beach tomorrow- even talking about borrowing some surf boards.
I should go shave a few places, get ready- maybe magically find a way make my thighs slimmer



tata said...

I really, really, really love the first pic, BHF. LOVE it.

Muffins and fruit look yummy.

I like Rory's bag better than yours :P

sandra said...

mmmmmmm....yummy :)