Sunday, April 19, 2009

Parks and Recreation

..and fussy 4 yr olds, and other stuff.

Well , I took myself too seriously in thinking I was going to post all these pics I've uploaded and not really type much.. then I pressed enter on my title and actually posted not meaning to..
Ah well, I will go ahead and edit to add some words.

Though no one really cares to read my ramblings, ya'll just want the pictures.
Thursday, Ri's day off I woke up to an empty house, Ri woke the child and took her to the big local baseball park playground, then to the store. I tried to sleep forever, then took a really long bath.. still feeling pretty down and depressed. The child has me stressing. I can't handle my own 4 yr old.- It stressed me in every way and about everything else.
They came home with pizza- telling me all about how the big park had added new stuff. So, after we ate we packed up the dog and headed out there so I could see:

ONE of the new spinny toys.It is pretty awesome



Lissy said it looks like smurf village in this picture.

Noobie enjoying some off leash time

Rory likes to swing REALLY high now, but she is soo little and doesn't hold on well , so I always get scared to push her as high as she wants.

Ri brought Rory's T-ball stuff and we went to the kickball feild to play... but she didn't want to join us, she was getting tired and fussy.

We gave up on her after a few pathetic swings and fussing.. and headed home. With much tantruming. It's terrible.I don't know how to handle these tantrums. She freaks screams cries tantrums over soooo many things, won't use her words so that we can talk about it, and then when she finally does tell me why she is fussing it is something really dumb I could have helped her with,but she was to busy fussing to communicate it. I am losing my mind with the whole thing. I can't handle her. For the 1st time in forever we have contemplated things like "spankings"- but I know with these tantrums it would do NOTHING to deal with them.
How do you deal with an over fussy child? I am lost.

- anyway. The night was LONG with an overtired Rory. I do NOT get how she can be kept up all day and still not sleep at night..well, I do she does it with a huge temperament change.
I feel like I slept away most of the day I could have spent with Ri, but really I was soo tense and bitchy I wouldn't have been very freindly to anyone.

Friday, after Ri went to work and Rory woke up from her weird sleep cycle she asked to go on a bike ride.
It was a nice pretty day , Rory wanted to go the close park.
We hung out a long time at the park, until Noobie was ready to go.

Rory said she wanted to go slide- the only reason she wanted to go to that park, and yet I think she only went down it once.
She is all about the swings lately.

I need to buy her sidewalk chalk

Probably the only thing nice about the sun going down sooo late these summery days, at least we get some daylight in ,despite child being so nocturnal.

We came home and I gave her an ice cream cone. Stress has turned my belly into a lava flow, so I passed on the icecream.
Rory finished her icecream and went on a sleepneeding fueled fussy rampage sending me further into spiraling stress- before she finally just passed out. It was only 7:30.. a bad idea, but I am not waking something tired enoug to tantrum like that, so I napped tooo...
but we both woke up incredibly cranky at 10 pm. I woke to her twisting my hair into knots begging me to get up, and I literally rolled over and screamed into the pillow.Which only made Rory more fussy and hurt my throat.
I whined to Lissy online, Boo(her fiance) had left for weekend work and she was lonely, so she came over.
She hung out chatting will after Ri came home.We got to snuggle her fat baby -

This is a not quite one month old!! (Lissy hates her pic) she was frazzled as any mother of a newborn, and had just got here from the checkpoint-where they were checking every car for some local yokels who had escaped from prison :0 !

RI brought Rory home a lollypop.

More artificial flavors and coloring to get her through the night.
Ri was exhausted ,after Lissy left he went to bed, Rory however stayed up till dawn, I got ready to spend Saturday at Lissy's keeping her company.
Ri dropped us off on his way to work, Lissy was out with mom and we waited on her porch(much to Ri's dismay - he did not want to drop us off there, on our last visit we got to see her crackhead neighbor get arrested) .

I was siting there for awhile before I caught sight of that weird phallic painted gourd staring down at me.

It is pretty cool she lives RIGHT next to this little oldschool style playground.

Rory didn't play long before mom drove up. We squished the carseats in together(and mom realized that is great about owning a big suburban). and headed out for lunch at tacobell, and some more shopping at Bealls. Rory did throw a bit of a hiss fit while we ate.. ugh. She was much better in bealls ,at least. Mom got me some nice new shirts, and Rory scored a barbie and coloringbook.
After mom dropped us off at Lissy's we headed for this BIG park a few blocks from her house

I think he liked the ride.
Rory carried my new purse(woot- three dollar hippy purse)
We picked blackberries and struggled up the hilly sidewalks.. at least we got a good workout.

I have never seen anyone in that park, and always wanted to check it out for that reason, but there were a few people there.
Rory made quick freinds with a little girl her age, and an older boy dressed as a pirate.

Rory is almost TOO freindly with other kids

After the little girl went home, and the older boy was too hard to follow - Rory tried making playing with the kids this Mommy group brought, but none of them seemed very freindly(parents or children).. I just directed her to the swings
..and she tried to swing as high as she could.

Rory was tooo tired to walk- so we stuffed her like a baby in Nickolai's stroller and took turns pushing her, and carring him. Rory pretended to be a baby all the way back.
Nickolai slept for a long time after that-

I am afraid between me and Rory , Lissy didn't get much sleep, during Cole's downtime. Instead she spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to get me on her wifi. Rory did nap, and eat and potty and had a grand time playing with kitty Rickjames, and her new kittiens.

I found out those escapped prisoners got caught right in my neighborhood!, everyone and their mom called me and Ri to tell us to lock our doors when they were spotted there...good thing we weren't home. Missing children , escaped convicts- towns gone crazy.

Ri called tp tell me he was on his way.. an hour later and I still wasn't ready when he got there- i was stealing a few more pics while he loaded up her carseat.

Rory did sleep good when we got home- I was sicky belly hurty- bloated and nasty feeling all night. It was terrible, dunno if it was something I ate or just stress build up piled with junkfood.It had been hurting since the otherday, but got damn near unbareable lastnight. Poor Ri had to make his own dinner, I couldn't even think of food.

I did wake up a bit better this afternoon. Rory seemed less fussy.
Jade showed up for a little while, brought Rory an outfit Mel(sis in law) brought and spent time playing legos with Rory, before leaving in a huff because his mom had left without taking him to his friends.

It was nice and hot out today, Rory spent the whole afternoon in her pool, and then having a teaparty and a pretend lemonade stand. I procrastinated cleaning and chatted on the phone.
Speaking of cleaning.. I should get to that. Ri is on his way home,hungry and wishng I had made dinner already..
and Rory has started her nightly overtired tantrum overanythingathon. Sorry this was more wordy than I planned.


TheGodfather said...

well as long as you all had a blast that's all that matters right? sounded like it was windy as hell though lol

babyhellfire said...

Yeah, had a pretty good time in between the 4yr old diva drama. It was windy, cold wind- woulda prolly been hot out without that wind.