Monday, April 13, 2009

When bunnies cluck , and other weird spring holiday traditions.

Don't you go for your scheduled maintenance outing right now blogger- because there is much to blog!!...
So much, in fact that I am going to need to pen two blogs - to not feel sooo blogged down(har har)
And ugh- even with the bundle of pics I have uploaded to this post I still have not had a chance to gather/steal the pics my folks and siblings took on that clucky bunny spring holiday. .. there may be more to come.

Well,for now we back track.
To pre-holiday.
Friday. Rory still antsy for Easter(which is weird she even knows of because , my agnostic self hasn't really encouraged the celebration of zombie jesus, or the pagan mating season.)
-but, I guess we have sort of celebrated spring in the nondenominational eggdying bunny sort of way in the past.damn, I have set myself up for material loss introing that one.
Well, anyway- to distract missantsy pants friday, I talked her into a bike ride.Forgetting it was spring break and 1 million degrees...

The lake park was a bad idea, it was filled with unsavory people bathing in the filthy water, and puffing pot smoke- one who even took the time to ask me if I was single-
I got Rory back on her bike and headed home as soon as possible.

We liked how pink her new streamers shadow was.

Yes. Rory is still nocturnal. My efforts to keep her awake during the day have only been met by her still managing to stay awake through the night, just fussy and overtired.Lord,Buddha- or someone like that- help me.

I had mom pick us up Saturday for an early Easterish dinner- (because Ri's mom wanted us to go to her house Sunday). I was feeling fatty and wore my comfy black dress pants- eveyone complemented how dressed up i was, in my comdy clothes LOL.
Mom picked us up and we went shopping 1st. Found some cute clothes and Rory found an easter dress that was just perfectly "Roryish".She also found a cute Hannah Montana shirt that I haven't been able to remove from her since. - oh, and yeah talked mom into buying her a toy.she is spoiled.
We ran into babysis Amy too, she was out with her friend.
Bought some groceries and headed to moms house to hang out-ROry got started on Easter candy before she even got to her basket.

Lissy and Boo came with baby Nickolai - we had dinner,dyed eggs and waited for dad to get home to give the easter basket. Rory was really excited knowing she would get a basket of candy

He looks like a different blonde baby he is growing soo fast. Already holding his head up and watching you.
Rory sang to Nickolai- it was soo cute, I missed the best line about "hush up little baby, and don't eat your mommys face it will be a disaster"

We all snuggled and passed around the cute baby newness- well as much as we coould all the food smells and stimulation had him wanting to nurse nonstop.Especially Rory, everytime she held him he would try to eat her face

I told Lissy it was beause Rory smelled soo good of cheetos and candy it made him hungry.

Rory waiting for her basket,- Dad told her "tell grammy to go get your damn basket"
He was surprised when she repeated him word for word. " Well, you told her to say it!"

The bunnny that clucks like a chicken- TOO FUNNY.
She was as excited about the cheetos as the candy. We stayed and chatted awhile completly exasted, before Rory said she was ready to go home- and JJ took us home.
I thought she crashed, and she sleeped a little on the way home, but she shot awake after JJ left and stayed up overtired and very exhuasted until morning.UGH.

Ri had to work Easter- Ri's mom had planned to have someone pick me up in the afternoon, I expected someone to call - A knock at the door woke me up, -Did I mention my house was beyond neglected the past few days??, I should. trashed in here.
It wasn't Ri's mom or siblings.. it was his father with an easter basket for Rory. She sleeply went through the toys inside- while I sleeply tried to manage the dog and the fact that all that allergy fluid I had in my sinus had moved into my left ear and made me feel compleatly stupid , drunk,sore, and off balance.

I took time leasurly getting ready,still expecting a "on my way" call..but I wasn't ready to leave when his mom showed up,I had to rush to get together.
She helped me get Rory ready., while I trying to wrangle the monster carseat into her car.
Rory refused to wear anything without her Hannah Montana shirt and ended up wearing it over her new Easter dress.

We rushed to get back, she had food in the oven and both Sis in laws on their way.
Check out her bunny cake:

It was yummier than I expected.

We brought the eggs Rory dyed with my mom and gave her an egg hunt practice run while waiting on the big kids to arrive

Mel came and dropped off the kids before running off to meet up with some " friend" of hers, and it would happen again before the evening was through -insert eyerolly- ,
Jade helped me hide eggs(the whole time me telling him not to be vulgar) while the little kids colored and Lynn made dinner.
Lynn had made a big deal of having hid an "unfindable egg"- she hid her jade egg high in a tree, she told me. The kids tried their hardest all day to either find it, or sucker clues out of us.

Eli was an impressive egg finder

ooo I stole some pics from Sari's Myspace- cool they have direct html code there now.
aurora, my niece

My other niece, and my nephews

Two photographers?  My sister in law, Angela

The look Rory awarded Rj with for flashing the camera at her

Rory just wanted to hold Lily soo bad , but Lily is getting a bit big for that- i may crop myself out of this pic, dunno what I am doing but i assure you my hand is NOT where is appears to be:

My sister Melanie


Southern much?

Jade over his smoking Mama's knee, I agree Sari how southern.


I gots Pretty Lily.

More aunty cuteness

Mel , Lily, and Jade

I LOVE this pic

Mel and Scott

All the girls
the girls

Grammy and all the grandkids

Good luck getting a good picture of 5 kids and an easily distracted ol lady...

Yeah, sort of impossible to get everyone looking good in a group shot- until you bring all the pics into photoshop-

needs to be retouched- you can sort of see my work on it

Me ,Haley, Lily, and Rory

Dinner was yummy - there was loads, and lots of iced tea. It was soo nice we moved the table outside and ate out there with more room.
Lily ate a surprising amount. Rory just sort of pushed her food around even with Grammy's help. Mel had brought her friend from oregon , and Scott - and all the kids. So it was a pretty big group. Rory had a blast, but was starting to get sleepyfussy and overstimulated after all the pics and such.
We never did get around to another egg hunt, the kids gobbled up a lot of the eggs before we could've anyway.RJ did manage to spot the egg in a tree, I am really shocked Jade didn't spot it- he even told me he wanted to put an egg high in that same tree, but still didn't see it.
Ri's mom maintained the egg was unfinable by children, while Eli and Jade threw things into the tree in hopes of knocking it down.

Sari,Rory,Lily and Tannin the pup
Kisses for everyone!
lol the kisses! how cute!

We had a nice time, Rory didn't want to go home even, but it was getting late.I was exhausted, especially with my ear still making me feel woozy.

Rory came home and dug back into her Easter candy from my folks.
That night was hell with an emensly overtired kid full of artificial additives and caffinated iced tea... and my combo platter of ear/back/head ache to get me through the night. She did go to bed early- as in, 3 or 4 am . -hooray. Then our sleepless selves got an early woke up call at noon monday by the new neighbors treeservice cutting down trees outside our bedroom window. I will sleep one day, right?

Well, stay tuned for Monday and Tuesdays catchup update... I have more pics to upload.. and still more holiday pics to scavenge off my reletives.


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