Monday, April 6, 2009

I want today,I want tomorrow, I want to wear them like braids in my hair, and i don't want to share 'em

I am in LOVE with this pic- It was all pretty much Rory's idea, she had been wearing her hair in these little twirly balls(which she claims she saw in Lynnix's hair one day) and when we took them down she was thrilled she looked like Verruca Salt, and NEEDED to watch the old Willy Wonka- I also found that THAT song is the reason she loves that movie more than the new charlie and the chocolate factory. Once she saw the pic she had me add a golden egg,She said she looked like Veruca Salt..the egg was her idea too )
Let's hope she doesn't start acting like her though.

Since getting her t-ball set she spends every afternoon practicing her swing:

We played hide and seek a little too..

Ri was so proud she had taken such interest he got her a little pink catchers mitt .

Lissy stopped in for a bit with Nickolai the other night.

He slept the whole time and we cuddled him a little.
Rory wanted to hold him belly to belly like I was,but her belly wasn't big enough

I helped Lissy fix up her carseat a little tighter than she had it.She couldn't get it tight enough with the seat belt, so I used the latch.

--and the curls that night

--telling me I need shorter hair that curls under to look like the other Willy Wonka

We have still been completely hopelessly nocturnal. -sigh-
I had to say goodbye to my beloved espresso machine last night.The switch broke- I took it apart trying to repair it, but I couldn't bring it back to life :( .
Ri came home with a brand new coffee maker for me ! Still sad about the loss of a milk steamer, but YAY coffee, he got me a nice one too-with a button in hopes of me not being able to break another switch...and since when am I a full fledged coffee drinker???? huh.

I have been catching up on the Sarah Connor terminator series, most my other tv shows seemed to reach season finale -so yeah. This is worth sharing though, my new fav song and scene:

I have also been playing with a lot of stuff in photoshop, obviously based on that 1st pic.

Aunt Flo came late, giving me a little scare(didn't think I COULD be preggo realy, but still seemed weird) and a ton of pms before her final arrival.. which probably contributed to my lazy crappy mood. ..that and waking up in the EVENING the past few days.

We almost went to Disney Tuesday-but it is a black out day for people that work there,because of easter break and all.. so, it's better it would have been CROWDED(and I would have been terribly gross feeling) . Hopefully we will go one Tuesday soon, wonder if we will get to meet Ben's new girl?

It got WINDY Monday, brought in some cold weather- so Rory hasn't played ball as much as she wanted to -she tried today(Tuesday) despite the cold wind, monday oranges were flying out of the tree and she didn't even want to go out there.
She had a tea party instead today. .. and I snuck in a shower.

Ri says he spends a majority of his time between customers at Nalus(fish taco stand in front of the surfstation) reading surf mags- now he is all interested in stand up paddle boarding- looks AWESOME.. if only we could afford such things.

Tonight, I made VeggieLoaf ,mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner.Rory tasted it all despite saying she wasn't hungry, and likely mostly in order to get ice cream treats Ri had brought us the night before.
Ri ended up working even though he was going to take off, don't know yet what we will do on his day off Thursday, if anything.I wonder how cold it will be? Spring is so weird.I hate cold one day, hot the next.

Well, I am off to cruise the net some more


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She is so gorgeous.. :)

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She's so adorable!!