Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The adventures of noctunrachild

"I have taught you well young grasshopper"

Man, I am BEAT, and I fear I am getting sick . Sorry it has been a little bit since an update.
A million things almost happened the past few days...and a whole lot of nothing.I have spent most my nocturnal week watching episodes of firefly and the termintor series , while Rory has thought of countless games for her little pets.

Rory found herself somehow back on notunachild time. -sigh-- It is so odd. Every attempt to keep her awake , or asleep or "at least resting" at night, and up during the day keeps failing.. and make us both grumpy. This sucks. Why is she such a night owl?? Belive it or not, I am NOT naturally a nightowl. I am one of those annoying people that ENJOY getting up with the birds and the sunshine, and wake up all happy and refreshed after going to bed early and waking early...seriously,it is a sickness.
Years of nightjobs have taught me to be able to tolerate going to bed/waking late... but I still can't do going to bed after sunrise.I.just.cannot.
Seems as though THAT is exactly how Rory's internal clock is set. You can change it, you can wear her out and get her tired early, keep her from napping, wake her early- but she will be fussy about it, and she WILL fall back into nocturnal again the second she gets the chance.
LOL, that night, I would have woke her to change her, but I promised her if she brushed her teeth I would leave her alone(and quit waking her up) - she did, and fell asleep before I could get her out of costume...and I wasn't about to wake her once she fell asleep before sunrise.

We have been having some pretty powerful evening storms - our power has blinked a little- a few close lightening strikes , but everything is alright- and I got vid one sleepless latenight-early morn..


When she fell asleep at dawn Tuesday morning, I woke her enough to tell her I would let her nap but I would be waking her soon and she could go on a morning bike ride.She agreed... but it took me quite awhile to get her up.I ended up running her a bath and getting her in the tub 1st-- well after I answers the door for the door to door politician pusher. Time to vote for the mayor, and the town and my mailbox was suddenly full of flyers and signs.

So, I tripped along behind the kid on bike and dragging dog.The flowes were blooming all over after the rain of the night before- Rory was thrilled.
The lake park was covered in little teeny tree blossoms that smelled like honey... Rory sad "bad honey" , and held her nose. she didn't want to stay..Noobie didn't seem impressed either

She DID like it when I shook the tree and made the blossoms fall in her hair.

On the way home we passed a girl I knew from school .. well actually dance class,- she asked about Lissy and how we were. I told her I would try to get in touch with her online, but I don't think she is connected... I would have chatted with her more but it was looking like rain, I was HOPING we would make it home. lol, though you know after rushing home it spent the whole day just LOOkING like rain.

Yeah, and then I spent the day halucinatingly tired and trying to keep Rory awake in hopes of fixing her sleep. She DID get to sleep at a decent hour that night, woke up at 3 am asking for water and saying she couldn't sleep- but somehow I managed to get her back to sleep.

... though I didn't manage to wake her at a decent hour as planned - or any other day this week.

Thursday, Ri's day off I woke up to a kiss goodbye as Ri let me sleep in all morn and then took Rory to the store!
He is awesome! .. I slept far more than I should have , than took a crazy long bath. I even set the laptop on in the bathroom running online tvshows while I bathed, very nice.

Ri spoiled her, brought home fast food, a Littlepetshop toy, and a baseball bat and tee.
..she was soo excited about that, even more excited about that than the littlepet toy! They rushed out to play with it

She was super cute posing after each swing.

Noobie was sort of afraid of the child armed with a bat, so Ri chased her around the yard some.

Ri saw Tarah on his way back from the store- and she said she would come over to see me and Rory the next day... then his mom called later wanting to go to a thrift store like we had been planning- Why does that always happen? I will go weeks without hearing from anyone - then all of the sudden everyone wants to go out at once???

LOL, that night doing dishes I caught Rory and bubbled her hair.

We made some interesting "fusion cusine' that night - pasta bake as the main dish- and some potato pea pancake things that Ri had the idea of serving with indian spices and mangos. Good! .. Rory ate more of that than the pasta!
Weird things he comes up with.

After sleeping all day, I was up all Friday morning cleaning instead of sleeping when Rory slept. It was pretty needed in here though.

...and yeah, no one ever came over.we just kicked around the house. We did spend sometime outside. Rory made me be her audience while she played tball.
She fell asleep at 10, I got all excited thinking she was down for the night. -she woke up hungry 2 hours later. I got up feeling sick. I am either coming down with something or AuntFlo is more evil than usual.

I guess it was probably for the better no one came over.

A few people asked us to do stuff, hang out today ,too- and I don't see it happening.I made no efforts to contact them about concrete plans yesturday, and I am still feeling gross .
I never was one to want such popularity.
Well, I kicked Ri off the couch to bed,the sun is rising and the child is falling asleep.

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