Friday, June 12, 2009

..and then what happened?!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures
thanx rickjames.

I have no clue why I found that title thoughts be crazy fueled by too much caffeine ..

I'm back , with cupcakes!

Sorry for my small hiatus , Rory's nocturnal ways went full swing and threw me into a big grumpy whiny mess..
Plus, I slacked on taking pictures this week- pretty horribly actually, because we did do a few things, and i took my camera, but failed to snap off any pictures.
The bugs out here have been insane with all the constant rain and a county full of standing water puddles to breed in, the constant bug bites have not helped with my mood.I have decided to eat mass quantities of garlic in hopes of making myself less appealing to them, it worked last year.

Rory decided she had pretty princess sprinkles and we had frosting, so it was time to make cupcakes.I added flaxmeal, and wheat flour to a vegan cupcake recipe, they turned out pretty awesome- this short vid is too cute too:

Ri had promised Rory cupcakes Friday(for doughnut day) and brought some home that night. donuts and cupcakes -oh my. I did manage to get real food in her though...and I comforted myself knowing the cupcakes were vaguely healthy.

We went to a Sunday Dinner at moms- with Lissy (and her fam). We hung out ,played , and yummy food and chatted awhile- Lissy only stayed a bit they were running her cute baby to all the relatives for visits.Rory and I stayed pretty late though. Dad is not impressed with my hair, and decided -between the dreads and the facial piercing I should come with a disclaimer,
''not approved by Sam Hogg", or something?lol.
Mom ,Amy and me went through old clothes and found me some hand me down stuff.
OH- I finally sort of met Amy's BF, baby daddy- for a second. He drives on of those decaled up, wanna be 'fast and furious' cars with a tail and all, the sort me and Ri always make fun of.He pretty much came in and ran away. Lissy says it is because he knows she doesn't like him... that bounced into a discussion about how we expect her to be hateful, and she was like "What do you think I am Jordan Cox"
...."well, no,but now that you mention it" That left us googling scrubs clips of her for awhile. yeah, its fitting.
Jordan iconjordan iconsjordan icon

..well, she said it.

Moms talking about trading Amy's bunk bed for Rory's crib- Amy will need a bed though... and I am not sure Rory is ready for a bunk bed.It could be cool though.

----We interrupt this flashback of the week segment of the blog to bring you current breaking news.---

So , a few hours ago, Rory fell asleep(way too early grr), and before gearing the house up for "night time,don't be nocturnal go bed sleepy" mode I head to the kitchen to get food...I heard a spraying water sound ,but assumed it was the sound of the dishwashers rinse cycle,until I notice water on the floor.I open the cabinets under the sink to see water spraying out at me. Oh god!FIND THE PHONE!I wake up Rory looking for it, I tear apart the house for the phone - speed dial ri, ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER. I don't know how to turn off the water. I can't even see where it is spraying from- OMG soooo much water pooling up! Finally Rian answers -walks me through turning off the water(which I am sure the screaming into the phone, holding a giant t-wrench rushed crazy lady scene was entertaining to my elderly neighbors) I almost couldn't turn it off! I was panicking knowing the water was building in the time I returned to the kitchen there was puddles of ankle deep water!!(wow my floors are uneven) a pool under my cabinets.Ri was proud of me for handling it though.
I called mom to see if they could help, she sent JJ over- amazingly by the time he got here I had the water part pretty much under control(lots of sweeping ,toweling and pushing water I am soaked and tired.)JJ could see the problem but there is nothing he could do.We need a new connector for the dishwasher hose,luckily Ri is off tomorrow.
---anyways back to your regularly scheduled backtracking.........

Monday, Jade finally managed to mow the yard-thank goodness!! Now Ri owes him gatortail dinner from Cowboys. the back yard still needs to be done- but I still need to figure a way to separate out the garden & composty part in the middle. ..and it'll need to be cleaned up 1st.
our terrible sleep schedule had me raving mad Monday and Tuesday(and maybe Wednesday).
I've tried all sorts of tricks to get her to bed, or to not nap, or to wake up.Those things only manage make ME tired and grumpy. I am a zombie . I think Rory's internal clock is broken I have lost hope for it- she has this . How can a child not go to bed with the lights out and nothing to do? How can she sleep in and be grump beyond the point of return if she is awoken before noon???? I blame my genetics, well not mine ,my brother has it too, I think- did as a child according to mom. grrr.

Tuesday ,I was having a really grumpy afternoon after waking up too late-
Ri got off work early. Our friend Ben(you may remember from my disney pics and blogs) - was having a wedding party of sorts. His beautiful girlfriend ,(who he rushed over for us to meet recently )- was pregnant ,and they up and ran off and eloped!
So we got ready and head to Ben's parents for the party.
Ri grew up hanging with Ben's family,and they all recognized him and were happy to finally meet me and Rory

Rory made fast friends with Ben's young cousin Emily- they went swimming in the pool , ate and played the whole time-super cute. While me and Ri chatted away with old friends and new. Ri consumed large quantities of meat products. Ben's grandmother gave the girls some sugar free wafer cookies, Rory won hearts by replying "these are great! tastes like REAL FOOD!"

..and Ri and I had discussions of jobs,and parenting. We also overheard a really interesting open religious discussion get started in the most ominous of ways- Drunk white guy says to drinking Laotian guys "So, I gotta question for you guys- an' I dun mean to offend ya... You're both Asian , are ya Buddhist,too?"
The guys say " yeah, well,Non practicing" and a really interesting discussion started, that was really nice polite and openminded for a drunken discussion of spirituality.huh...

We had a really great time.Rory was sad to go- and wanted to stay and play on the scooter they had- so Ben's mom insisted she take it(since Emily has two)
.. Rory was thrilled but still sad to leave. We had a really great time.

the next day Rory had to test out her scooter...

MUSH Noobie!!
It was crazy hot out (99 f!!!) and we just stayed around the house a little before heading back

We were soo hot we decided to go to Ri's moms for a swim in the pool. She had managed to get it up all by herself- though the old pool is starting to look like it is on its last leg. We swam , Rory realized she could touch the bottom on her tiptoes and swam around like a pro..with her waterwings. ...and I didn't take a single picture.

We hung out awhile. Lynn's(ri's mom) landlord stopped in-hadn't seen him in years. Ri caught up with him for a little bit while I cuddled sleepy Rory and watched cartoons.

Rory was sleepy , and we didn't fair well trying to keep her awake on our rde to get pizza :( .. she didn't nap long... and we kept her awake and got her to eat pizza, then brushed her teeth and night staged the house, and rocked her in hopes of getting her to bed- it didn't work but once again she was awake late and now, all the sleepy mode tricks have worked on me-putting me at my wits end and VERY sleepy over it. Ri got in contact with and friend from LONG ago on myspace recently, and that night had went to his house and chatted with him a and his mom about old times... I ended calling Ri and begging him to come home, and hiding in the bathtub.
I was extra stressed because I had a morning appt or the dentist to rush to the next day.. I was sure I would end up on no sleep,and I did getting ready for my appt or hours before hand primping and changing clothes(and yet the closer time came the more i was rushing to find just what I wanted to wear and unsatisfied with everything I put on-ohhai fatigue induced ocd!-.)Woke Rory up, well tried, and got the limp child dressed.

Dentist appointment, alright. It was my cleaning appt, and 1st I had had in a long while, my dentalhygienist(I like her, she is pretty cool and always nice- I realized this visit she is at least 10 years older than I thought tho,whoa!) she had just got back from some time off as well. She kept having to search for all her tools as others had used her room and rearranged. ..Plus I needed a lot o yearly extra stuff done. Xray gum testings-the whole deal, along with my regular scrapping- flossing- brushing- fluoride visit.She was impressed with my teeth/gums though.
All looked great on exam, but the Xray revealed tiny little cavities between my teeth.She looked a bit dumbfounded by it herself and almost wrote me a 'script for fluoride, before writing down an overthecounter version and recommendations of nightly use...and sending me out to make filling appointments, sigh.I hate having shitty teeth,even worse when even your hygienist can SEE you do everything and your teeth are still just shitty. :( It ended up being pricey, but cheaper than I feared after the initial scare when she told me I needed new xrays.

Ri got back from walmart with the kid and made himself an appt to get a tooth fixed. I am trying to convince him he needs regular visits, and it will end up cheaper than FIX visits over time.(I mean, hey look at my case where they did they xray and caught the tiny cavities that will be costing me a small spot filling instead of a pricey filling -or all out rootcanal price!) is utter bullshit though that such thins aren't covered like other medical care and sooo freakin ungodly pricey.Ri wasn't too happy about the price of the fluoride for home treatment either.

Ri had to work for a little bit at Nalu's that evening. Somehow- Rory fell asleep before he even got home. I was deliriously tired and shut everything off and went to bed myself. Late that night I DID hear Rory wake up and cuddle on the couch with Ri. i thought she went back to sleep, and just rolled over- but she kept him up a bit,and he just let me sleep, awww!
I slept over 12 hours! I felt sooo much better when I woke up at 11am and started cleaning. I did dishes,made cupcakes and Rory begged for "Fries, since it is Friday" mopped, everything I have been meaning to do all day - then Rory fell asleep..and well that water thing up
there ^^^ -happened. :( .
yeah... and I have been blogging since. (With loads of breaks and distractions because I am not focused.) Rory JUST fell asleep at 5 am, so all hopes that we fixed her schedule when the ast two days she has awoke early-out the window. sigh. I had ri bring me home soda, He is crazy exhausted, and it looks like tomorrow he gets the day off and we have a hardware shopping .fun.

Oh- sidenote.Sari had a job interview yesterday fingers crossed she gets it.

&I'm going to bed.



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✩Molly✩ said...

Oh my gosh, your little girl is beyond adorable, I love her name. She was so cute in that video :) I can' wait till my daughter can get older and more eloquent in speech.

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