Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer time , summertime sum sum summertime

So much to say, so much to say-

Summer is here! Which means my birthday came, and I am another year older.26, I can't believe that at all.Where did it go? How did I get here?
`--and I just accidentally posted all the pics before I got around to editing and writing this..and I hadn't even got all the pics up! oOOOPS! Ah well - the LOLS.

Sooo -- Saturday!
Ri's day off and out early B-day/fathers day celebratory day.
We debated a long time about what to do.. even had talks of sending Rory to MotherInLaws, buying a wii (with money we shouldn't spend) and hiding out here playing it all day.
But , we decided to battle the insanely hot (heat index of 110) weather and head for St.Auggy with Lissy,Boo and Cole.
Stef and Wes tagged along for a little while- they had Fathers Day BBQ to attend, In all honestly we were invited to a bunch to that we chose not to attend.(between you and me, I am not a big fan of BBQ's and its MY birthday... I'll do what I want :p ) .

Lissy and I have been plotting a picture for mom. We had hoped to get western pics done of the kids for mom as a birthday/mothers day present.. but a month had passed and we never got the chance to get up there and do it.Their whole living room is all western themed so we knew mom and dad would love it.
Lissy also wanted to check out the Lightner Museum- some friends of theirs are talking about getting married there and I guess she is sort of considering it.

We parked in the overpriced parking garage and headed for St.George street.It was a million degrees we were all hot and melt hopping into any shop we could to be cooler.

Lissy slung her puppy - her babe was too hot for that.

Popped in a surf store and found the summer dress I had been scouring the universe for.
A maxi dress- or long skirt - that was long enough and NOT some obnoxious neon color. It was gorgeous,name brand, and on sale BUT still much more money than I wanted to spend...but well, birthday money, Ri got it for me. It's soo pretty , and the dress I am wearing in the top pic .

The 1st olde tyme picture store we passed was busy with customers so we kept walking,the second one was filled with young girls and we the sign displayed was STEEP . When we asked one of the girls(who didn't seem with it at all) about doing just the kids she said for liablity reasons she couldn't do just the kids without an adult... and adding another person to the pic would be at least another 10.Not what I wanted. She told us she knew the other pic shop we passed didn't do babies that small either and she didn't think the Heritage mall one would either and that we "would need to go to olan mills , or something". UGH! NO! Not what I want.

So we kept walking. way over heated. Giggling and checking stuff out.
Stef got harassed for groping a half naked mannequin and almost got us kicked out of one little mall area (LMAO). Rory talked Ri into getting her a lollipop from the candy store.
When we found the last pic shop if they did babies she rolled her eyes at the thought that they wouldn't, OF COARSE WE DO!
Yay! and her prices were MUCH better, and she seemed a lot nicer than the young girls at the last place. Plus, it was in the back of a well ACed mall.
She started getting out costumes for the kids. The cutest cowboy outfit for Mr.Cole , and a dancing girl costume for Rory.
"but very modest, no fishnets or anything crazy" she said, adding that I wouldn't believe how many people come in asking to dress their baby girls inappropriately.eww.
Rory wasn't sold on the dress up until she saw the pink feather boa she got to wear.
Boo had to hide behind the bar and hold Cole upright. She asked what sort of prop we wanted Rory to hold. A beer mug, a gun , or cards. I didn't really approve of the beer(" I don't know why I ranked violence more appropriate than drinking , okay Boo"LOL) ..but Rory didn't like the gun so cards..
Rory did soo great smiling and into it the whole time. She is a well practiced model. Cole did really excellent for a three month old. The photographer couldn't beleive he was so young.

Omg!How great did that turn out?! It looks like Cole is peeking at Rory's cards, and that she has a better hand than he hoped LOL
We drew a little crowd outside the shop.Aww a baby!
We had sort of thought we would only be able to afford a picture or two - but that place does the coolest thing giving you one pic and all the other pics on a disc! So we have loads of pics we can print off or photoshop..even cooler that the woman pretty encouraged me to later photoshop the images and copy the pictures. Imma recommend that place to everyone

We headed out of there to make our way to Lightner museum.
Stef and Wes had to leave though. Sort of sad they couldn't hang out longer and pretty much were only there long enough to watch the kids get pics.
We went through the park. I am BLISSFUL that street artists are allowed back, if only for the time being. I miss the st.auggy of years ago crowded with vendors and music .sigh.
Lissy and Boo stole my camera and ran off towards the cannons while me and Ri navigated Their bulky Rory filled stroller through the booths.

He does not look thrilled

I love this pic.
We were eying some REAL shea butter in a stand covered in natural items from Africa. I reallllly wanted it.,,but not for 10 bucks when we had already spent more money than we planned. Ri found some homemade soap called "African black soap " for five and started to buy it. The guy told us he would sell us the butter for 8 since we bought soap- listen, we aren't hagglers... we don't haggle, and even if we were the type, the sort of person that has a stand like this in st.auggy is the sort that I like giving my money to- so this made my day this african guy haggled for us LOL.Ri only had 7 and the guy gave us the shea butter with our soap-both really awesome produts from west africa .
I gushed about it to Lissy but they just thought I was trying to rationalize my purchase.No really its too cool! Googled that black soap and realized we got a really awesome deal on that ,too.Ri is in love with that soap and wants to go back and buy it in bulk now.
We were too late to go on the tour through the lightner... and oddly enough I have never even been through the museum.
We were all overheated and fussy. Lissy was getting really worried about Cole getting overheated- So we went back down street in search of a place to eat with COLD drinks and fresh air. Went into a restraunt Ri had been in and met the owner of last week. Cole threw a huge fussy overheated teething baby tantrum - scared out the other restaurant patrons.( Honestly I think the old lady was scared of the boob when Lissy started to BF... its always the old ladies you have to worry about, not the old men or the kids)
I can't eat when I get overheated... we took turns walking the screaming overheated baby.
We made our way back to our cars after eating- spent more time in parking garge than planned (-ugh. maybe we shoulda bought a wii with that much spending).

Lissy headed home way overheated and we decided to hit the beach.Stopped in Surf Station -chatted up Ri's coworkers and helped him pick out a pair of sunglasses 1st.They are cool.. and I don't have a pic of him in them yet, sorry.

GOD . 1st nice weekend of the summer break AND fathers day holiday- it was crowded even though it was soo late in the day. We found a vaguely less crowded spot and jumped in. It felt amazing and we swam around awhile before heading back.
.. and stopped and bought Rory an ice cream cone like we promised.
Even feeling all cold and salty riding home at sunset feeling the beach on me felt soo nice.

You would think after having such a day Rory would be passed out early. nope. After our shower she was up and about AND stayed up till dawn,HOW?! tell me how is that even possible?Seriously.

Lissy and I had plans to go out with mom for my Birthday/fathers day...(excited to show mom and Dad the pic knowing they would love them)
She called to wake me up from my short crappy nap.
Val popped in quickly ringing me an awesome birthday present a super cute bonsai tree that I hope can keep alive.

I got up and got dressed- not sure what to wear. I was wearing a shirt and jeans but Lissy told me to put on my new dress and head wrap- and then she had to take pics as I snuck a smoke break and Rory got ready.

Gawd.My yard is overgrown to put it mildly- more on that later.

So we hoped in the car for moms- and hung out there a little while. Cuddling baby Cole- and me looking at my cool new bday gift a huge comforter sheet and Pillow set! Cool. My room looks soo nice


Vid clips from throughout the day________________

Teething baby ATTACk

you can tell when my dad has a camera

Lookat him trying to be big!

Then headed out to pick up Amy From her Bfs and go raid goodwill the way only we can. I found so many awesome shirts...and I really needed some.Amy started rushing us through the store after while, saying she was hungry. Anyone who has ever met a pregnant woman knows not to keep them waiting for food long.Well, we kept her waiting to long , and she hadn't had breakfast. We made it to the check out line, and Amy started to complain she wasn't feeling well- and turned white. I tried to accompany her to the car..but,she made it about 2 steps before we heard "SHIT! and her eyes went blank.. I pulled her towards me and

she passed out
- yeah- right in the front of goodwill.Poor girl!
I ran and got water from moms car while we finished checking out. Then we rode on to Pizza Hut. Sitting down having food brought to us and a salad while we waIted sounded great.Rory liked picking her own salad even if she didn't want the actual salad, or fruit
Lissy teased me for my child eating like an android- or clone or something. With a plate full of seperarte healthy Pizza was good, too.
We went to a few more shops and Rory bought me a present - a scrapbooking craft set which is much more for herself than me , but super cute and has kept her really busy so it is definitely nice.

Went to moms and grubbed on loads of junkfood and made convo , - said happy birthday back to my bro, before Lissy drove us home.

The cow jumping in search of the moon cloud.. can YOU see it?

Rory was passed out cold when we got her, Lissy made her get away and sent me to try and sleep. .. I didn't sleep long before people started calling to wish me happy birthday and we both woke up.sigh.
Ri's Mom called and asked how I liked the Alice in Wonderland belt buckle she got me- I love it and she had got one a similar for Ri long ago that I love ,too,but, I have no idea what to do with it.I don't wear belts,and I don't know how to go about finding one that isn't leather to put it on, and what jeans I could wear that with if I did. Lissy said I should put it on a purse.. and I might,if I can figure out a way.

Ri called telling me we just may have found someone to rent and fix up the house for us - so we can make an escape for St.Augustine. OH .. I am even afraid to hope and day dream about such thoughts while being equally stressed by the entire situation and cleaning my goddamn fingers off the past three days.Running on coffee and far to little sleep.. this time a lot of it self inflicted.
I am not in the mood to clean really. Just to organize and find a place for things... which means I have spent the last few days taking everything apart and making a bigger mess than anything.

and days and days worth of laundry(and look new pillows)and how am I too busy cleaning the never ending toy landslide and stressing about nothing but slim probabilities to not rest in my newly spiffied up bed.. and I think last night was the 1st in at least a year or two, trying to sleep in a clean room.but I didn't sleep, even after Rory was fast asleep
and look MORE LAUNDRY! My

Toys constant picking up of toys.I hate cleaning up toys while Rory is home, I will get it all neat and she will see and be like 'ooo i wanna play with that"= ahhhhhhhh! ..and I keep trying to put old toys in her closet only for her to suddenly be interested in it. lord ,buddha , satan ,flying spaghetti monster - one of you,help me.

I cleared the house of at least four huge boxes of junk and garbage... and we missed trash day this week...and we haven't even started on th overgrown backyard.
How overgrown , you say?
I found a fully grown ripe cantaloupe growing back there today.
THAT overgrown. LOL. It isn't a total shock I knew there was a squash plant growing out of the place I had the old compost heap( I moved it and started another) and thought that other plant that grew was just more of the same squash..and hadn't examined it - s the yard became overgrown with each storm.. but yeah. Fully grown cantaloupe , either my yard is overgrown at a disgusting rate, or I am a wonderful gardener with a giant yard, and fairies who care for it.
I'd bet on the overgrown one.Considering there is also knee high grass and a stack of cardboard we never recycled back there.I won't even start talking about the fence.
...and anyway, I am just sitting here procrastinating when I should be recleaning the kitchen and mopping the bathroom floor.

I begged Ri to have Jade come over and help him do the backyard tomorrow.Now, Ri is saying Momo is coming over in the morning. I hope she doesn't notice the back yard. ..and likes cantaloupe.
Oh yeah. the bathroom floor.


JnA said...

I'm glad you ahd a good birthday!! Sounds like you all had a really busy weekend.
Cute dress ;)

JACLYN said...

Beautiful pics and that one picture in your new dress looks like an album cover! The little ones are just adorable.