Friday, June 5, 2009

"Titles are but nicknames, and every nickname is a title"

(Thomas Paine)

Aww! Don't cry!!
... I know I promised you baby pics and then took forever to get up the new post I promised. I have been in such a slack mood. I feel like have started a dozen things and not got to finishing any of it.Rory is hopelessly nocturnal - I have been going to bed at sunrise and I feel disgusting. On top of that she has been intaking way too much junkfood,I think it has made us both cranky.At least Ri brought home a bunch of fruit,nut and veggie snack last night , in hopes it would help.

Well anyway, On to happier funner cuter things. Lissy came over with Nickolai Monday night to hang out for a little while.. with our nocturnal children

What can you say?Isn't he cute!!

Not to be outdone- Rory can tantrum too

We got some great video with him smiling , and Rory already dressing him like a girl


..also trying to figure out which nickname fits the most, though it seems he thinks his nickname is "Awwwwww" .The end smiles are the BEST!!!

What would you call Nickolai for short??

Momo sent Rory some stickers in the mail,along with a few dollars. Rory spent the day Wednesday sticking them to construction paper and making cute artwork.
RI got off work early. He went to the discount grocer before he came home, and bought tons of mark down organic things.Cereal, sauces,salsa.YUM.(how awesome is it that we found a place that sells organic cereal for 1.50?!?!)

He decided to take Rory out shopping when he got home. They came home with icecream, and junkfood - and Rory picked out a new Littlest Petshop toy set(- with tons of the accessories that she loves so much).
RI was off work Thursday-BUT still had to go into st.Augustine to get the water pump repaired. He said he had a nice time though, they have a shuttle service that dropped him off on street and he wandered around even bumped into some friends.
.....Rory and I , on the other hand had a cranky cagey grumpy day in the storm. Rory spent the entirety of the day refusing to eat real food but asking for ice cream. Not happening. I was beyond grumpy.
It wasn't too terrible late when Ri got home so he went out again to the store and bought some more veggies and fruits in hopes of calming the junkfood monster we had created.
Ugh. If I never see another container of ice cream in the house I will be happy.Ri went to bed after that... leaving me up with Rory .
She tricked me and almost crashed at 10, but woke up ate,played acted crazy made me crankier.damn.
She likes Chai Tea latte and had a nice time having a tea and celery party with her little pets a few hours. She didn't go to sleep until after sunrise. ..and after picking up the house and getting ready for bad it took me even longer-OOo but look how awesome the squash plant looks in the morning

Thing keeps expanding it has pretty much ate the little chicken wire thing I put around it for it to climb up.. i dunno if I will figure a way to rig something else.

Jade realllllly needs to mow the yard.
As if it will ever stop raining long enough.
Noobie found a break long enough this afternoon to lay on the wet grass..
Rory decided that meant there was a long enough break in the weather to go on a bike ride.
It was too wet or her to really play, and the trees dripped on us a bit, but we made it home- well sort of. I was jogging to keep up!!
On the way home we had to cut through the garage- and we found a dying injured squirrel in the backyard :( . Noobie was on leash and started to chase it- and instead of bolting like I thought it should it sort of just army crawled away, Covered in ants. Poor thing. I had no idea what to do about it. I called Lissy and asked her.. really I don't think there is anything I could do. No way I could grab it- and I am not entirely sure what was wrong with it, but as I write this I just went outside to look for it and couldn't find it. :( I hope it found a safe place I feel terrible for not knowing what to do.

Tonight, I made butter bean,brown rice ,broccoli and carrots for dinner... Trying to get some healthy dinner in us.Rory hasn't really ate much of it, but she has munched most the day.

I think Ri opted to work tomorrow.Poor guy comes home goes to bed, gets up as we are going to bed and then goes to work again. He just called to say he is on his way home.
Well.. once I figure out what to title this ,I think I will go make myself an iced coffee and try to battle that giant pile of laundry to hang.



Baby's Mama said...

good thing you included the video- I Was convinced that baby only had one facial expression haha He is cute though :)

I hope you and the fam get some good eats and sleep soon!

sandra said...

OMG is he ever cute. Is that really red hair i see on him? Lucky little dude.

I am soooooo happy to know that there are other nocturnal kids out there besides Andrew. It runs in the family here, with both of his parents being the same way it's no wonder he is... The only thing i worry about it is if he's getting enough vitamin D from the sun.