Friday, June 19, 2009

I been through hail,I've been to grandma's house!!!

I've had a weird week- It seemed like everyone had plans to do stuff with us ,wanted to see us and yet- nothing happened.
Actually, that is still happening with weekend plans and I guess that has become pretty normal and not weird at all. sigh.
Well, Sunday I woke up to the water being turned back on. RI fixed the sink. While I was still sleeping he had went to local hardware store and found parts to fix the weirdness of our ancient rigged up sink connection that blew out and spewed water all over my kitchen Wednesday evening.He told me if I cleaned up the kitchen he would make lunch. ..but as I started rinsing the other part broke and started spraying all over the floor again. -sigh- another trip to to the hardware store,another thing we needed. Really RI says all of the pvc and old piping under there needs fixed soon, but for now it was just the connection to the sinks water(and the odd cheap way they did it ) that needed replaced. We had to wait out the storm though it was pretty bad:

When it cleared up a bit we headed out, but Rory was a bit scared and it took some coaxing. We had to go all the way to Palatka though, the local hardware store closes much earlier.
Lissy had called hoping we would go out to dinner with them... with the water not working and a redirty kitchen I doubted we would be cooking,- and told her yes.BUT Ri didn't turn off the water at the pump just the sinks water- and he was worried about that leaking -blowing (I am showing my lack of knowledge on plumbing, just play along)
-like the rest of it had, and didn't want to stay out.
So I had to call and tell her no, and I felt like everyone had sort of let her down that day on that, and I was going to face the Jordanstyle wrath on it. ... and I was sort of irritated with Ri for having told me to call and say yes, and then having to call back..
Honestly, lately I have been a bit more irritated with Ri than normal,but thats neither here nor there, and I don't really feel like blogging about it all.
The good news is we found a really pretty rainbow on our way back from town

Rory had a dollar and we let her buy her own treat she picked an ice cream and paid for it all buy herself.

We came home and Ri made a huge batch of really awesome sgetti after he fixed the sink. for good.. well almost for good he still plans to replace it all under there.

Our sleep schedule has been beyond bizarre(say that three times fast) ..
I can't even describe it
. We aren't even entirely nocturnal its like naps and insomnia. OR not sleeping for 24 hours followed by 12 hours of sleep. eww. That stacked with adding loads of caffeine , sugar and fried foods to our diet this week has me feeling yucky now(even if it was all soo tasty going in) .
Rory has been awesomely creative lately. She is always coloring or drawing. Someday soon I am going to have to get some pictures of her art she has drawn some really great people lately.

Tuesday morning(I think its much harder to keep track of days sleeping so weird) I was still awake with Rory as the sun rose. I dragged her out of the house to walk Noobs.. even though she insisted she didn't want to go and was too tired to ride her bike or scooter.

Despite how cute she looked she whined pretty much the whole time. and the parks weren't open yet so we just walked She collected flowers and rocks. .. and worried about how "far away from home and lost" we were going to get , despite my reassurance we weren't.

Oh! We watched some cute hawks for a little while. Rory said is was a mom and little girl.. I am
pretty convinced it is a boy and a girl if you know what I mean...
I love shadows- yes I am wearing a dress and jeans. Can't walk the dog in a dress alone.
I was also wearing my head in that red head wrap. We walked along the sidewalk to do a big loop.
Passed BIGS(the bbq joint SIL manages) and saw SIL's BF Scott. He was shocked to see us at that hour of not quite daylight. I told him how it had made her whole day to see Haley the other day(when the nephew Jade came over to get his gatortail dinner in payment of his lawn mowing service)- and that she would really love Haley to come spend time with her.(more on that later) .

RI went to see Mel/SIL later and said Scott asked about the "turban" I was wearing.
He told them I was dreading my hair. Mel gasped with fear of me having to cut it all off afterward... um yea that would have happened had I not dreaded it.It was either dread my dead hair or cut off all my dead hair...sooo.

Well. My dreads.
They are coming out.

you wish,
NO.I am not taking them out.
I have been wearing my hair up for a month. Letting very little of my hair be seen, hiding away my nappy mess and beyond those reading about it here or the lucky few who have caught sight of me no one has known.
Its weird I have been sort of shy and quiet about it.I knew it would be a long time until they formed ,and thought I should hide them away and leave them alone -and for whatever reason keep it on the DL( until then?,whats that a year long "journey")
...Until the other day I've let go of the modesty about it.
I took some pics ,its a big mess.

For only being a little more than a month old they are forming really well.
I still fear they will all fall loose with each wash, or get weird and crazy. (er?)
Loads of frizzies- actually, that has been sooo weird. You know you would think stray hairs would be LESS of a problem with dreading hair. its all over the place sticking out in all directions.In fact quite often I sport a bandana or some head gear around the house- just to hold stray hairs out of my face.
The wet looking one in front of my ear- its aloe. I have had trouble with the ones around my ears- moving them from in front of to behind my ears keep trying to split apart.The aloe really helps and is a good alt to waxing them for neatness.Actually, after taking these pics I ended up putting wraps on the top of that one, and it partner on the other side.
It's hard to take pics of yourself..even harder with a monkey
...and yet the monkey always takes great pics, and I am the one that looks away.

So there is and update on the mess on my head... and another pic of the mess on the monkey's head
I tossed a buncha beans and tomatoes in the crock pot for dinner... then made rice.It turned out awesome. Ri came home with soda and candy for dessert. An early Bday present for me. Oh, and a present from his mom. She got me an Alice in wonderland belt buckle ,like Ri's for my birthday its pretty cool... but I don't have a belt to put it on(nor know where to get one that isnt leather)- and I am not even sure if I own a pair of jeans with belt loops? ...

Rory was messsssy! I manged to get her in the bath finally that night. and after fighting sooo long she stayed in for hours before it got cold and I still had to drag her out! She even washed her hair by herself (with baking soda and diluted lemon juice :o !) .

We had to go all the way to Gainsville for Rory's dentist appointment on Thursday- So I just stayed up all night and we started getting ready to go. When I was starting to get Rory ready and about to put her carseat in the car I found this:

Poor sleepy thing.
She slept almost all the way there... after some initial carsickness that sent Ri running into the store to get her a light snack to settle her tummy(she cannot ride with an empty belly).

Rory did WONDERFUL at her appointment, like always! Part of the reason I love her dentist and want her to keep going there, despite the fact we no longer have medicaid to pay for it and it is insanely overpriced and a two hour drive.- They are too nice,Rory loves it there, they have tvs in the ceiling , they are the only place anywhere nearby experienced with pediatric dental surgery should she need it , and she does so well going back for her appointment on her own.

She has had little tiny plaque on her front teeth, they said they are keeping an eye on but don't want to do anything to right now. They said otherwise her teeth are perfect,and she did amazing and we don't need to come back again until her next cleaning- woohoo! She was happy they didn't "do any of the hurty stuff", but hated the "disgusting minty stuff"(fluoride)
She also asked the hygienist ,what the toothfairy does with baby teeth.(Since they are tooth experts) , she said they recycle them to new babies since they are baby teeth. Rory said it made sense,but didn't look entirely convinced. Though she did say "she is the best" about the hygenist.
The receptionist looked at Ri and whispered "is she always this verbal?"

I told Rory I was proud of her- she said "I am proud of me too"
We went to walmart and got a few random household items we needed...and still forgot dishwasher tabs - Rory picked out a hula hoop since her last one broke. We stopped by sonic and got the food& drinks I had been craving . Haven't had sonic in a good long time.

I was so so so tired when we got home I crashed hard on the couch. When I woke up there were two little girls playing on my floor.

RI had went and picked up his neice Haley

They played all afternoon. Rory kept her really busy. I think she had fun -even though they have a pretty large age gap. About the time Mel was coming over to pick her up her brothers showed up.LOL , that was pretty funny ,because it was in the middle of the girls playing hide & seek and Rory couldn't find Haley. So when Jade came in she told him all about it. Like,"OMG we lost Haley your mom is going to be soo mad when she gets here". Jade is obviously used to finding Haley and walked right to where she was .

Mel brought us a plethora of fried veggies and some coleslaw from the BBQ joint. Dinner was sort of rough with an overtired Rory. UGH- way too much fried food for a day.
After we ate she curled up on the couch with me and went right to sleep. Slept all night, I even had to wake HER up this morning. She must have really needed to catch up though- because after playing and being a wollory cuddle butt all day she is back asleep all to early now. Sigh.
At least Ri is off work again tomorrow...
Now, if only we could figure out what exactly we are going to do tomorrow to celebrate my birthday and fathers day.

The title is a nod to Amy. You have to say the sentence in a deep almost Georgia accent(glad she outgrew that accent she picked up from her babysitter)- .(Hail- hell though its more a matter of hell sounding like hail in that accent than vise versa) .

When she was around Rory's age it hailed and Lissy said to her "oh ! Amy you have to look you have never seen it hail!!" ..Amy's insulted yelling response that she had seen hail at grandma's house has been repeated many times when sharing cute things kids say, and I couldn't think of a title. lol.


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