Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peering past the tall grass for a new post

Get to the blog Angela!!!-
dayum. I started this blog HOURs-if not a day ago now.. and haven't typed a thing. -sigh-. I do that from time to time.

Saturday was a long freakin' day on no sleep. Rory and I did get a little nap in before we woke up and got ready to go to change the oil. We had vague plans of meeting up with Lissy while we where in St.Auggy, but she called to tell me she had caught the ick that the baby had had, and wouldn't be meeting us :( .
It took a long freaking time to change the oil, and they found the teeniest tinest leak in the waterpump(which they didn't have in stock and will have to order putting Ri back in town for three hours tomorrow for THAT).
We played in the playroom with Rory
I should've brought the laptop they had wifi.

Rory made due.. and suckered us into buying her cheetos.
We went window shopping a little- bought the few random house hold goods we needed. browsed a few St.Augustine stores I had never visited. (like the hobby lobby , a pet boutique). In big lots we found Rory a decent priced new stuffed LPS online toy thingy. Which she named Learna and introed to everyone all day.
We were looking for a place for lunch, and decided instead to bring lunch to Ri's coworker(since he had done it for him before) and order lunch(or dinnerish at that hour) at Nalu's.I met a dozen or more people that day.. His coworker at Nalus , and the ones at the surf station- Seemed like working there Ri has met every person in st.auggy!it was crazy.

We ran into Ri's cousin Hannah in the parkinglot.Somehow Rory immidatly recognized her, shouted her name and ran up to hug her- it was super cute.

Rory told us she wanted to be just like Hannah- Hannah even joined us at the picnic table for lunch.. She begged to one day babysit for us, and said she would teach Rory to swim, which we may have to take her up on.
I took vid after she left because Rory barefooting like Hannah was too cute, though if she starts asking to run around in her bathing suit everyday we might have trouble..."maybe .if we ever move back to st.augustine kid"

..it's super cute, you should watch it and comment. I have nothing better to do with my time than edit vids-post 'em and wait for comments...DO IT!

So we browsed around The Surf station before and after eating. ROry found a pink surf board(that we cannot afford!)lol. had no luck finding the summery long skirt/dress I have been wanting(everything is neon right now- ugh). We did buy some zinca sunblock spray in hopes that will work out better than the lotion for Rory.
We had a nice time just hanging out there,lol.
We headed back as it started to get dark.

Rory wasn't thrilled to be leaving town so early,but then fell asleep in the middle of fussing about it. i was so tired by then. I was probably talking Ri's ear off- lol.

On the way home Ri's mom called saying she had found a bag of littlepets with a playhouse for Rory, asking if we would stop by. Figuring it would wake her up a little we stopped in for just a second- Oh my! The treasure trove- Ri's mom had found Rory Little Pets from the original 2004 set that she had been wanting(she found an old LPS collector book with their pictures, we tried to collect similar new versions for her0 but these were the originals they no longer sell she wanted) - sigh, my child is a collector-she has done nothing but play with them since, we even made a video:
..includes some footage of my crazy hair, thinking I might have to devote a video to that.

Well. other than a whole lot of cleaning, I haven't been up to much.
we let Josh borrow our lawnmower despite the fact our grass is waist high.Luckily josh brought it back today-so, Hopefully this weekend we can find a break of clear sky and get Jade to mow it down, it is making me feel uncomfortable about what people are thinking.

Lissy was feeling better - but Bo was sick, so she came over with Nickolai last night(last night for you people, a few hours ago for me). Lots of cuddles with Mr.Cole and pics and vids. I will get to editing and uploading them tomorrow and hopefully have a babyfied next blogpost for ya.
Hopefully, this vid of Lissy's can hold you over until I get back:

Well, I feel like I am leaving a lot out but,I am going to go sleep for a few hours-


JnA said...

I'd rather not have my brain eaten.. so here I go:

Isn't it cute when little kids find their "idols" I remember my little cousin would change her name to Jade or April (depending which one of us was her favorite at the moment) it was adorable!

sandra said...

I looked :)

I love your hair, looking good! I love reading your blog entries, you're good!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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