Monday, October 22, 2007


Family Reunion-It was ok,same as usual REALLY nice to see most people(wondering who the hell others are LOL)..not much food without meat,and a bit stressful.
Even though my family seems to enjoy it, I'd like to wish away the karaoke-it is much too loud in that room.I dunno,I think I may need to learn to drink to enjoy karaoke.The desserts were good though.I think people liked my pie,they thought it was homemade -giggle-

Rory seemed to have fun she liked playing with the little boys in the dirt.When they little boy with the toy tractors left,she got really upset-evrn more upset when I told her she wasn't quite big enough to "jump up and get the ball" with the BIG boys playing football.She was interested in my Cuz's baby ,but didn't hang with their kids as much as I had expected.She was really tired most the time and would have rather spent time at grammy's house than there.She actually went to mom and told her she wanted to go to her house and color.

Afterwards, we hung out at moms until my bro brought us home.Libby came with us and played online for a while.She seemed unessicarily stressed.I hope she is alright.I am sad Ri couldn't go,Lucky bastard.

Ri wants to go to the zoo tomorrow-and here I am up at 4 am uploading pics...I am gonna be soo tired.

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