Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Visit the Reunion,baby Lily,and the museum

Oh dear.
I have like 75 pics to post ,much to tell- and I am SOO not in the mood to type it all out.
...but I have spent more hours than I would like to admit uploading these damn pics ,
So your getting a blog post!

Sunday was the huge family reunion. Ri woke up and took us, planning on leaving to go to work-with us, so I could be home to see Heidi and Katie.
Worked out better than my original plan of going with Mom because Maurice was there and (he and others were )really happy to see Ri.

Rory and Bianca-my cuz's daughter (both being tooo shy to really play together,despite both wanting to)

Missy and Malik the cheek.. He was tooo cute falling asleep between bites of food
Missy's oldest
Joe.Teaching Maurice the fine pleasures of ham and cookies

Binky- she cried because she thought everyone was laughing AT her.

Mandy and Derringer (PLEAsE forgive me if I slaughter all these names folks)
Laughing cause Mandys soda was possessed and sliding down the table at her

OMG- This kid. I can't believe it... when I walked up- My 2nd cuz Dwayne, (he lived with us awhile and when my youngest sis was a baby we called him "Not the JJ"-jj being my bro )-
Well "Not the JJ"- and his mom walk up,and she tells me- this grown ass boy is Dwaynes son.
I shook my head and didn't coprehend it at 1st.

OMG- I have pics of this boy at 2 yrs old!!!! He is all grown up 13 and tall as me. DUDE- how did that happen! Me and Missy joked remembering how HE used to be the original "baby so big he eats other babies"- i say it about her boys now :) Mitch's kids- tristan and Binky
..and Mitch's new Fiance . Mitch is out of state for work.

Maurice, taste testing cookies and ham.
My cousins are HILARIOUS! It was good fun

-- speaking of- THIS is Dwayne "not the JJ"
...and for that matter i don't think my bro JJ ever showed up!! stinker

Rory being shy.
Lissy and Amy-my sisters-...Bo in the background- and baby Nickolas in Lissy's belly

Rory FINALLY came out of her shell when my dad showed up looking like stereotyped character of a biker. (and sounding so much like Billy bob in sling blade I made him say "i like mustard on my biscuits" ) .LOL you hafta love him

Rory with My mom.Looking super cute with her short hair- I should have taken more pics of her, i liked her outfit.

Those cheeks! Missy's chunky boys are sooooo cute!
We ate and there was a surprising amount of veggie food. Mac& cheese,rolls, baked ziti mom brought for us, Lentil loaf Lissy made, and someone brought green chili cream corn.
Tons of relatives I barely knew. Ri said we ended up at just the right table with the relatives he actually knows and likes.lol
------ edditted to add MORE pics a cuz too

D & J
Moe &J
I love those 2 pics they capture Lil J :)

Tristan, I didn't any good pics of him. He is TOOO quiet-and growing too fast
Mandy & D and Missy's baby boy Malik- they must be photogenic - this is a great pic so I stole it from her -
but, I did have lots of the three of them more than anyone else :)

WAIT- edited once more to add pics from my sis :
Grammy,and Grampa the Grape

We left so Ri could get ready for work and we'd be home in case heidi and katie came over...
they never did...and I haven't heard from them. Sigh.
I should have went with mom after the reunion as planned.
I was kind of bummed about it.
RI came home and struggled to put a littlest pet shop game he found on the laptop- the next morning he FINALLY got it

At least Monday was Ri's day off- We needed to go grocery shopping,and wanted to go see Sari and Lily. So after exploring wally world and publix-and bribing the child with oreos- we stopped by Sari's(Ri's baby sis)- she'd just got off work.

Ri tested how hard it was to take a pic out of three people

I know you want to squish her cheeks- here is the pic of squishage

She has a super cute two dimple smile- we were trying to catch on film- with no luck


Sari is trying to figure out if her eyes will change more- if they will be blue or brown(Sari has brown eyes). I think it may still be early to tell.
Rory was a little bit rough for Lily.Way too excited

We came home to a LPS coloring book and Hannah Montana crayons on our doorstep from Val-Rory was in HEAVEN!

Ri made homemade pizza!
..and realized we should have bought more flour on our shopping trip

Unmeat lovers pizza : Tofurkey italian soysage, soypeperoni(smartlife) and soylami (yves deli slices) ;) - was surprisingly really good.seriously.

It is kind of nice to have the extra counter space the table gives us.
(yes there is still leftover pizza in my fridge. :) )

Today-Or, uh Tuesday(I guess it technically now Wednesday)
I Woke up super late in bed by myself. Ri had let me sleep in it was really nice.
He heard that The Cummer Museum in Jax was free on Tuesdays from 4 to 9pm.. so we decided to head that way.Free...but a long trip. Rory was NOT excited to go and leave her pets and video games.
(she did bring her coloring book and crayons tho and that helped)

(she/her seat is not sideways my camera was)

They had GREAT stuff for kids and all kinds of actives.
Rory REALLY loved it, more than expected.

This was probably her fav thing. Simple blocks...
I have looked online every xmas season for a set of simple blocks like this- and not found them. I will be looking again this year.

We headed out to the Garden trying to beat the sunset.

MOM! they are peeing!
"OH, are they peeing in the water, GROSS!"
"Silly MOM its JUSt a statue! "

Rory watching the St.Johns river bubble and looking for boats with dad

She told him to sit with her....
oh yeah, Rians 'stash - he is growing out for halloween, I dunno what he will be with it.besides funny looking.

Love this pic

walking in the grass barefoot with Daddy. They said it was cold.
She is QUEEN. A few people walked by and laughed at us for this pic.but I don't care and it is a cute pic :P

Inside the "children's museum"Minature museum.
She would only let me in far enough to take this pic.

She REALLY loved this and the collage part- with construction paper and scissors.She made her own cute art(tho she does that sort of art at home all the time) she was really proud to bring home her art. She was sooo well behaved in the museum even the regular adult part,we were really proud. We stopped in a quick trip to the store for flour and some strawberries for the ride home. ---can you believe Rory ate pretty much all of them?

She jammed on the way home to Damian Marley... telling me to hush because her song was on when this started

I think I will end on that - told ya I ain't in the mood for typin tonight. I have a load of vids to upload too... but not tonight


Flames said...

squishy baby cheeks! love them!

Jess said...

LOL - that was the longest post I've ever seen! no wonder I haven't seen u on Plurk in a while - too busy having a life ;)

Meredith said...

Your family looks awesome! I laughed at the Sling Blade reference. My dad loves that movie. He's been known to do the voice from time to time, usually something about taters.

Rory is just too cute!! And that pizza looks so freaking good. I'm so hungry right now!

North Carolina Mom said...

I love all the pictures. Whenever I see all the cool things you guys do with Rory I remember the advantages to having one child, it's so easy to pick up and go here and there.

Love the pictures of you guys together too, you look a lot alike.

The garden and museum pictures were great too.