Sunday, November 1, 2009

I will now delicately jerk out your imagination, severing fantasy's grip on your nerd-circuit. ..

In other words...
Futurama meets Mario Brothers.. what does that mean?? and what does that have to do with Halloween.

I'll get to that


Google the words cosplay and you will find nerds like to dress up..... and some scary examples, in fact, forget I suggested that.

am I officially a nerd?...
don't answer that, some things are best left unsaid.
I'll just cut to the pics

Super excited on our way to The Eagles club for a kiddie halloween party with Val

Leela doesn't pilot this ship.. we'll have to let Dr.Zoidberg drive

It was sooo hot. Wearing our hot costumes wasn't comfy.
but it was funny.
I put on my costume to walk up and realized that I couldn't see down in my costume- and would need to work on walking in it..."please don't fall ,please don't fall"
It was a little party with some other kids.
Rory was more interested in the playground than the hayride.
She chased all the little girls around determined to be friends..
I don't think many understood her Leela costume

Reminded me of this..."One-eye! One-eye! Stupid as a French guy! One-eye! One-eye! "
LOL.. no , they were all nice to her. .. but she did end up dragging Damien to the playground to play with her when no one else seemed interested.
We had some snacks and chatted -got attacked by spiderwebs that covered the picnic tables.
Our costumes went over pretty well, a few people got pictures of us... a few people needed explanations..
Nova didn't seem impressed with bender

They looked soo cute
I liked Seth's Zombie from Alcatraz costume, he won 5th place in the contest
We talked about how big Seth is- he just runs off and hangs out with his friends.I think those Preteen years snuck up on Val. aww.

Rory bobbed for plastic apples

Ri's Dr.Zoidberg costume is even more freaky from a distance
Yeah. we shaved his head all the way down for Halloween. He says he has already been teased.

Seth LOVED my Bender head.- whew.. maybe I will make him wear it next year that thing is exhausting.

We left with loads of goodies .. headed home to rest for a bit before getting ready to go to Lissy's

The ride there was probably the funniest ride .. Ri wore his costume and I held up my bender head as we passed people. LOL

Lissy dressed up as Amy Wong- and dressed Nico as Nibbler

He really likes his costume. Once he saw everyone in funny clothes ,he had figured it out- he seemed excited to dress up to... in fact. you could tell he was trying to keep his new eye on.
...and pose, OMG... when did he get big enough to pose?? The ham!
Lissy and Boo also printed labels to put on boxes to trick or treat with
How awesome is that?!

Nibbler and Bender may not get along on the show- but he thought my costume was Hilarious... or maybe frightening, or both.. but he giggled.
Libby had the house all decked out.
This was by far the spookiest decoration

..this is the money you could save by switching to geiko

Stef and Wes came and hung out in costume- I love Stephs costume
..I'm not quite sure what Wes was- half MJ.. half, something... lol it was cool tho..

Missy was Princess Peach
and her boys were Mario and Luigi

How cute is that ?!

Amy wasn't reaally in costume, but she did sort of look like a bat with the wrap
awwww baby belly
She had no plans of trick or treating with us... I doubt she would make it far in those boots.
She stayed and handed out candy with Aaron... who dressed goth and covered himself with latex injuries... a beat up goth kid?

Ri and I hung out in the front yard for a bit, harassing traffic and getting used to moving in our costumes.

Bender and Dr.Zoidberg got in a fight
and Zoidberg knocked off Bender's shiny metal ass.. OH noes!
My sides were falling down...

Rory looked too cute.. and told Missy " I am not really Leela, I am the FAKE Leela".. my kid, geez. She can be so cynical. Pretending is only pretend, silly adults.

Lissy and Boo even got dry ice to put in the cauldron and float their candy bowl on top of

How cool! the kids loved it.

So... If Lil Leela was stuck in a video game , who would help her out?
Mario and Luigi would. duh.

Mandy had a Snow White costume for herself, and a dwarf costume for babyD, but they couldn't come :( Her expressive little boy BabyD - or Papi -needed to stay back in the hospital for Halloween. sux. She was also trying to cram for a test and her facebook status leads me to believe they didn't have a great Halloween. Next year she has to come, we missed them.

We finally headed out for trick or treating-
Not really sure the best direction to head...
As long as I don't lead the way we should be ok-

LOL- no wonder Nicco thought I was soo funny. best Peekaboo hiding place. ever.

Walking next to Missy she even giggled at me..

My fabric covered pie plate feet added a mechanical sound to my walk.

Gary & Aunt Marla cruised next to us with the van open, hazzards on, in case we needed a ride. A few times we did.. tho, yeah, I wasn't all for Rory near a car without a carseat and I am a bit phobic of that myself.
I did let her ride that last block home- and that became the highlight of trick or treating to her

We sort of bounced from house to house. we didn't hit a lot of places. I swear hardly anyone gives out candy anymore.
A few people passed and recognized me as bender.
a few thought I was the tinman.
One guy recognized Ri/ dr. z.. while I was waiting for Missy. When he saw me he sent his buddy to get the camera, he nearly fell over when Ri turned the box around and he saw the planet express logo. lol

Nibbler! He looks even more like Nibbler with his biscuit smeared on his mouth
trying to figure out where we should go.. we didn't have a terrible lot of luck, and it was HOT.. and tiring.

Most people didn't know. they just knew we looked weiiiird.

Last house we stopped at,This guy was soo awesome. He had on a top hat , a full jacket with tails, and a pocket watch
He gave the kids candy, and the parents chips- and he stopped Boo to have a convo.. I am still not sure about what exactly.
...but he was worlds nicer and cooler than the grumpy man who basically threw golf balls at us...

that was pretty much it for trick or treating. We live in the middle of no where. I figured if we got anything we had won it big.

Do you expect more from me?
I guess you are waiting for the Futurama Planet Express group pic...
I didn't get one :(

Lissy did get Missy to take one though:

Missy got almost all the pics. I was severely slacking on that aspect. I really regret not getting a vid of us all in costume.

and also, I wish I got a better picture of the gorgeous moon
I never have luck with moon shots.

When we got back to Lissy's Duane(notthejj) was there hanging out. We all chatted a bit and hung out. We sort of vaguely talked about dropping the kids with mom and Amy and going to a bar costume contest or something- but we were hot and tired ,Mom and Amy seemed pretty wiped out, too.
Ri and I hung out for a little while, letting Rory expend some energy chasing their hyper dog, raiding their candy- and leaving the lights on (past curfew-ssshhhhh) trying to pawn off their mass quantity candy to any straggling trick or treaters.
- I actually put my costume on for a bit(minus the sweat drenched longsleeve shirt) and stood near the road holding a big pot of candy waving. LOL. It entertained Ri and Lissy, but it didn't do much to attract people..

They did get a bunch more kids, and gave them loads. being the last trick or treaters really pays off.
Rory LOVED getting to do both Trick or Treat AND hand out candy.

We had such a blast!! Sooo much fun .

Super tired and super sore when we got home....after a quick stop at the store where Ri had to explain his orange head doc costume a few times(that felt in front of his face is too HOT).

We fought over the shower. Rory begged for, of all things fries and a burger. We don't have any veggie burgers but we did make her fries.

I have cooked every healthy thing I could think of today - in hopes of matching the INSANE quantity of candy the child is gorging herself on.(no. I am not even trying to limit it- yet.)

ugh. and daylight savings time. I remembered- but I also feel like it is soo late and I haven't done half the things I should. off to do them.


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