Monday, November 9, 2009

Of social lives , social sites,relatives , birthdays , flashbulbs and flashbacks

american astronaut
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Mother freaking Facebook ,over a weekend of socialization brought to you by facebook.

I've been reallly busy too- loads and loads of pics-
I had lots I wanted to write about, until today when I have the opportunity to put words to it -
....I think I am spent.
Somewhere between taking the kid to the grocery store as a fairy

The hella packed local "everyone is having a yard sale party"
-in which we came home empty handed,unless you count a crying child

the daily cat bathing, he seem better one day- and then he needs a bath.

...then rushing to St.Auggy to meet with Ri's aunt who he hasn't seen in over a decade
They found each other on Facebook and started chatting.

We got YUMMY lunch at Nalu's and went to eat on the hill of the fort.
Soo good. Rory only ate a little before running around

Ri's Aunt Angie has a 2 yr old baby girl- she was a little shy at first , but she started playing with Rory

-"go ahead Rory, get filthy and tired"... the southern in me is coming out

Soooo cute! and I can see soo many similarities in them, I am now certain that Rory's hair is Ri's color- ( I think it is my frizzyfine texture unfortunately)
I don't think mine was ever that light, side by side with Amalie I could see that it is definitely the same color.

She was telling Ri to get back over here with the rest of us.-(he was off being a good citizen bringing a cell phone back we had found on the hill)

This is his Aunt's older daughter..

they are the cutest sisters

It was super nice meeting them- we talked about all sorts of things -topics where I usually don't find common ground with people- like , vegetarianism,parenting, and breastfeeding lol

I think Lissy took this pic- I love this pic

Lissy showed up for a bit- it was the nicest day ever, when she heard we were going to go walk around in St.Auggy she thought it sounded wonderful, she saw us on the hill and hung out for a little bit

Oh! and I got some new sun glasses at the surf station

Let me hold my chunky gorgeous nephew

She even got the great pic of my hair...

In fact... I haven't been taking many pictures with my camera lately..Most of this pics of that day either Lissy took or Ri's Aunt or cousin took
remind me to get back to that subject...

We headed downtown, I hoped to browse a few stores
We also planned to stop for ice cream.
We got gelatos from an awesome little shop- they were reaaaally good.
There was lots of chatting and catching up. .. and then sticky children.
as we headed back towards the car.
We stopped near the parking garage to let the kids play and chat some more..
her little girl Amalie was sooo cute thinking the clock tower was the moon- I got a little vid, but I haven't uploaded it..

Of course by the time we left they were inseparable.
One day we will have to go to the zoo together.

We had a great time.
My antisocial hermity mind did creep up on me at the end of the night a bit- especially feeling the pressure of tacking meeting new relatives Saturday, and the birthday party we were set to attend Sunday.

To be honest,I was sort of frustrated about it. I had told Christie I would try to go to Dakota's party Sunday-and Lissy said she would take us..
but Mel(Sis in law) called sorta last minute and told me I HAD to attend my nieces party-at the same time- and it was at the BBQ joint she manages across the street , and all Ri's fam would be there.
So I had to go.
Ri & I did pic up some cute gifts for both Dakota and Haley.Hopefully I will get to see Kota another time.
So. Me and Rory put on our shades
and walked to the restaurant.-
I also picked out cuter less creepy outfit, because Haley always tells me I look "creepy" if I wear anything near black ..
Ri's mom had me call and harass Sari a bit to make sure she was coming.
They were already on their way- Lily came in and ate soo soo much ,and I don't think she approved of having her picture taken while she did so

Nephew Jade is taller than Sari(sis in law) now.. Sari did not seem thrilled

it is not easy to take a pic of the action from my vantage point...

I could use a hand
I enlisted this boy as a volunteer ( I hope his parents don't mind me posting his pic)

I don't know what it is about little ones and my camera..
or , me letting kids borrow my camera...
but as shocked as everyone was that I would hand off my camera to a kid, kid got some awesome pics
...okay, so I was a little nervous

but I couldn't have caught this pic

I did get my camera to get this vid

and pin the tail on the donkey- I have this theory, that Haley was the only one big enough for the blindfold to actually work on.. because every other kid oddly nailed it.

Lilly tried to eat balloons.. Sari kept trying to plug her with the pacifier
Haley got a bunch of great gifts- she seemed happy :)
She liked the glitter pens we got her.

I can't believe she is 10, or that Dakota is 8. gah.
Not ready for that.

So.. Ri's mom decided she NEEDS a pic with her Grandbabies - for facebook.
She handed me her camera.
I struggled.
Her memory card was almost full, and getting all of them to look in time with the CRUEL EVIL curse of a digicam delay was horrendous...
I don't think I got a single good one..
While I was snapping away with her cam, I had handed my cam back to the kids- and these three little brothers took way better pics than I got.

One problem...
How on earth do I win my camera back?
It apparently requires begging, in the form of posing for a picture.

I did get some good ones of Jade and Lynn

- Ah, see the trick is to trip Eli(his lil bro) while taking the pic., I totally didn't trip his brother on purpose.

Aww cute.

Getting Rory to hug everyone and leave was a huge ordeal.
She did not want to leave.
Ri's mom and Jade escorted us home

Which was hilarious...and I think scared my neighbors.
Yes. we are walking the streets in the dark.It wasn't even 7pm tho.
Sari & RJ met up to make sure we were home alright too.
Really, it is a well lit neighborhood and it was only across the street-

but it was fun, and it probably did help Rory's not wanting to leave the party.

Ah. that was fun, but hooray.
It's over. Back to limiting my social activity to the interwebs..right?
not quite.
Seems like everyone and their grandmom is on Facebook.. I am finding people I haven't talked to since I was in elementary school!
One girl was in town and decided to pop in- it was soo cool and crazy.. I haven't talked to her since we were 13! Catching each other up on over a decades of life changing events made me feel soo old- especially while reminiscing about trouble we got into way back in what still feels like yesterday.
.. and I didn't take any pics.

I should go back to handing my camera to the kid

hmmm... maybe not.

I feel dizzy.

HOOZLE. I need to end this post..

Socialization is fun. but taxing. I think I will go in invisible mode for a few days. hide out in my coffee cup with my tv shows.

and all the flashbacks of the 90s I have had this month have me craving bad bad 90s music,too ....
-also-I finally got my indestructible phone.. I am off to go play with it-lets see how tough it actually is.

Oooo and Ri just brought home pumpkin pie flavored ice cream.
If I am not back for awhile.. send help...
no ,don't.
I'm not sharing.

I have stuff to do
....on facebook.



Anonymous said...

love the pics you got, and the video of the musical cute that haley won with aurora.

babyhellfire said...

LOL - yeah, I do think hold Rory may have actually gave her the advantage-
She was eager to sit down